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Fun With Didi - Pt. 4

We reached at home. As I guessed mother was in the kitchen. We rested for five minutes. After Didi took her night-gown and headed to kitchen. While pulling curtain between Hall and kitchen she looked at me with smiling face and winked. She kept curtain slightly open from one side. I went near to curtain to get closer look. She was standing just five feet from door. Mother was preparing something on kitchen counter facing away from Didi and door. We had form perfect equal triangle with our position. Me standing on door behind curtain. Mother was standing around five to six feet away in the line of door and Didi was standing around five to six feet distance from both of us. If she raise her both hands in our direction it would form 60-degree angle. Mother was talking with didi about our purchasing.

Didi looked at me then turned her face to mother while talking with her. Then she started to pull her t-shirt above her head. Very slowly she remove her T-shirt revealing her newly purchased front clasp black bra. She immediately hooked her finger in skirt elastic and pulled it down her legs. Now Didi was standing there half-naked showing me her new Bra and panties.

Wow! What a sexy bra Didi had purchased and it was more suitable on her perfect shaped breast. My money was worth it. It wasn't like I never saw her before in the bra but this time I was seeing her more comfortably knowing that that show was for me. It was quite lacy type bra. Half bottom cup was made of plane cloths with flowery embroidery with holes on the centre of flowers and upper half cup was made of lacy transparent net. I could see half of her dark brown aureole. Her breast was so big and full that it was jutting out from all sides of bra cup.

I my eyes drifted down from Didi's flat belly to her sexy navel and then her new black colour panties. Especially my eyes were fixed on her cloth covered pussy lips. I could clearly see her pussy lips with her slit. It was so full and bulging out. Those panties were hugging her pussy lips tightly making perfectly V shape. I don't know how long I was observing my sister's half-naked body hungrily. Maybe it was just a minute or something but seems like one hour. As soon as I saw her I got hard on. It grew in my pant as I observed her. I was so excited and aroused that my legs started to shake lightly. Pre-cum started to drip from my cock head wetting my underwear.

All the time Didi was looking away from me. She must have feeling bit awkward showing herself to her little brother. As she looked at me from corner of her eyes I signalled her to turn over and show me backside. She slowly turned her back to me but keep her head toward mother. I observed her backside. Bra strap was perfectly fit on her slender back. And her panties were covering her full rounded buttock tightly. 'What a ass she had!' I was so hard looking at Didi's half nakedness. I thought what will happen if I see her fully naked. I would come on the spot then.

That was all it was. Didi turned and took her gown. She looked at me. I signalled her to unhook her bra and show me her naked breast. She just smiled and started to put her gown from head. I kept signalling her but she did not listen to me. I realised show was over. I moved from door. She put the gown gathered her cloths and came in the hall. After putting her cloths in the cupboard she went to the bathroom to freshen up.

I was so aroused and horny looking Didi's half-naked body that I had to masturbate immediately now. Once again I recalled my memory about what happen in the whole evening. Shopping around with Didi. Then going to sea face. Then sitting behind the rock. Fondling her breast and her intense orgasm. Then how she went to public toilet to change her panties etc. etc.

Suddenly I realised Didi's those wet panties must me still in the bag. I glanced in the kitchen and make sure mother was busy inside. Then Hurriedly I went to where all purchased bags were. I looked in the bag and found those wet blue panties along with her old back clasp bra. Also another new pair of panties and bra was there. I observed her new panties and bra for a while and then went to the toilet with her soiled panties and bra.

I closed the door of toilet unzipped my jeans and pulled down on my ankle along with my underwear. Then I opened Didi's wet panties and reversed inside out. I saw inside crotch of her panties was all wet and sticky with her cum juice. When I touched it with my finger still I could feel wetness. I put crotch of her panties on my nose and started to smell it. Slowly I started to jerk my cock with other hand. Strong aroma of Didi's juice makes me so hard that I was mad. I started to suck crotch of her wet panties.

Wow! Didi was testing well. I liked that test. It was kick you know. I was sucking pussy juice of my sister from her panties. I sucked, bit, and lapped the crotch of her panties taking as much as her juice. I thought how it feel if I drink this juice directly from her pussy. I couldn't hold back and my cock explodes. Jet after jet of my semen shoot in the air. I kept jerking my cock until I ejaculate last drop of semen. Then I pissed and zipped my jeans. I stuffed her panties and bra in my pocket and came out.

Mean time Didi had finished from bathroom and she must have remembered about her wet panties. Since she was thinking to clean those she looked in the bag but couldn't find it. When I came from toilet she asked me,

"Sonu! I cannot find my old panties and bra in the bag"

I didn't say anything just smiled looking at her.

"Why are you laughing? What's so funny Sonu?

"Why you want those when you got new ones, Didi?

"Did you take that Sonu?



"I wanted to keep those as a gift from you"

"But those were dirty Sonu"

"I make it clean already Didi".

"How" she asked surprisingly.

"I'll tell you later no"

Since mother entered in the hall she couldn't asked me anything further.

Next Sunday morning I asked Didi if she wanted to go to a movie early that afternoon.

"Which one?" Didi asked.

"Anyone you want," I replied.

"I don't know which one I would like" she said.

"How about the one at that new Theatre other side of town?" I asked.

"Ok! I don't mind," she replied.

Actually watching movie was not the reason I had asked Didi. I had further plans what was to happen in the theatre or after the movie. Since last couple of days I had fondled her breasts several times and even suck her breast. I wanted to explore her more And that was what I was planning, possibly in the darkness of theatre or may be after in the ......

When she was getting ready for movie I asked her to wear skirt specially. She just smiled and agreed. Since it was cold season we both wear jacket.

I purposely choose that Theatre as it was bit outside city and movie which was featuring there was bit old. I knew there won't be much public in the theatre. We got ticket and entered the movie theatre as the movie trailer was already playing, so the theatre was dark.

Once I got used to with darkness I realised there weren't many people in the theatre. I spotted one corner and guided Didi to there. There was no one around us and most of public was couples sitting all corners. We sat down and began to watch the movie. I was, however, planning on getting my hands on Didi's breast or if she didn't resist then in her skirt.

I waited for half an hour and then slid down a little in my seat to get comfortable. Sangita Didi was sitting on my right side. I slid my right hand down to her thigh. I rubbed it over her skirt, feeling her leg. She let me. She just sat there as I felt her leg. I started to pull up her skirt so that I could put my hand on the inside bare flesh of her leg.

Didi didn't stop me but leaned closer to me and whispered,

"be careful Sonu! Somebody might see us."

"Nobody can see us, Didi," I whispered back.

"Light from screen is enough to see everything," she said again.

"Put your jacket in your lap Didi," I asked her.

Didi waited for a while and removed her jacket put it in her lap so that it hid my hand and arm. My hand moved up and down the inside of her thigh.

Again she murmured,

"Somebody's going to see us," but did nothing to stop me.

"Nobody can, I'll be careful," I said.

I started to move my hand up and down Didi's inner thighs now. Every time I would come up I slide more and more near her panties. It was a very awkward position for my arm and I knew that I would not reach up to her pussy in that position. I leaned against her and whispered,

"slide down little bit Didi".

"Why?" she asked.

"I want reach your...." I couldn't utter further.

She understood and very slowly slide her body down. I kept my hand steady on her inner thighs and as she slide down automatically crotch of her panties touched back of my hand. Then I moved my hand up and place my hand full of her panty covered pussy.
That was first time I touched my sister's pussy. She was hot there. I started to move my finger up and down Didi's pussy lips. After some time she started to get wet there.

Didi leaned and whispered, "I'm getting wet. Stop that"

But I ignored her and kept feeling her pussy.

She whispered again, "Please Sonu! My panties and skirt would be mess if you keep continues"

I realised that. Certainly I didn't want anybody notice that wet spot on back of her skirt when we'll go out. So I removed my hand from her pussy and just kept on her inner thigh caressing there. In the interval of movie we went out to have some popcorn and Pepsi. I whispered in her ear,

"Didi! You go to the toilet and remove your panties."

"Why?" she asked surprisingly.

"Then it won't get wet"

"And what about skirt? She asked mischievously.

"Simple Didi! While you sit just raise it from backside," I winked at her.

"youuu! You have solution for every thing ha Sonu..!" saying that she blushed.
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