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Fucked My Cousin Girlfriend

This is the true story took place when I was in SYBCOM (Today I am of 22years) and one of my far cousin who is not a direct cousin of mine. Her name is Ishna she is really hot chick of 18 years at that time when we met in one of the marriage. She is fare with huge pair of Boobs and nice butt to fuck. I wasn’t knowing that she is my far cousin and so I was starring at her boobs all through the marriage. Whenever she used to bend to give some sweets I used to look at her deep cleavage it was damn hot like big pair of mango hanging on the tree. Her figure was somewhat 37-29-38.

She was looking very hot on that day with backless sharara. Her back was very open I was feeling like touching it. She noticed it that I am interested in her and she also started responding to it. After few looks she came near me and sat besides me touching her thighs to mine. Then her dad came and introduced her to me, then we exchanged our phone numbers. Here the real story started.

She ranged on my cell and asked about my college. Then suddenly other day she came there and we had lot of chat. She asked me do you have girl friend I responded no, just in joke she said but I am available. I understood her intentions of liking towards me. She was wearing mini-skirt and singlet. I could easily see her curves of the boobs and her nipples. I was almost starring at those pairs. I felt like smashing them. She asked me to drop her to her house on my motor bike. She sat beside me and caught tightly from behind her boobs were pressing at my back. Again after reaching home she called me and proposed me. I too said yes to her and the golden days started.

I was getting an erg to fuck her as soon as possible. Next day we meet on the sea face. As she came in front of me. I gave her a nice hug by pressing her boobs on my chest. But she too responded in the same manner by pressing more towards me. It was nice I didn’t felt like living her, but we had too. It was an public place. Then we walked a little and sat in one of the corner of charni road beach. We chatted a little, and while talking I kissed on her lips. We were sitting really very close to each other. Firstly she hesitated and pushed me back, but I forced her a little then she too started responding. As no one was there we continued kissing for next 15min muhhhhhh…muhhshhh……and I started to take my hand near her boobs. But suddenly she got a call on her cell from her house and we had to leave. Then we couldn’t meet for next two days, the next day when we meet she was dieing to meet me. I meet her again by hugging each other and pressing her boobs on my chest and slowly I put my hand on her butt and pressed a little. She looked at me and gave a naughty smile and kissed on my chicks.

Then we went for the movie. It was the last row and she was wearing a short t-shirt and jeans and holding my hand. My elbow was touching her left boobs and I too pressing it a little bit. It was dark and the scene was Nana Patekar fucking Manisha Koirala from Agnisakshi. I started becoming more hot and put my hand on her shoulder a took my face more near to her and kissed on her lips for few minutes she too responded but separated after as the interval came. After interval was over again I put my hand on her shoulder and pressed her left boob with my hand she tried to remove my hand but couldn’t do much. Then I took her hand in my hand and kept on my lund and started to press it hard on it. She too liked catching it and started becoming hot. Slowly she unzipped my zip and put her hand inside my underwear. And Started moving hand slowly on my lund. I felt like cuming on. I too put my left hand inside her t-shirt slowly and started to press her boobs from above her bra. She started moaning ahaaaahhhaah……….aaaaahahahaahahhah zor se maat daabaoo (in a low voice). I tried to put my hand inside he bra but it was tight I couldn’t do it. So she just moved ahead and removed her bra-clip from back. That made her boobs free from bra. Then I could put my hand inside her bra and took her nipples in my fingers. They were really big like grapes. I started to pinch it ahahah….aahah…and she too started pinching my lund and took my balls in her hand. The movie was coming to end so we made it fast and sat quietly. The movie ended and a took her to her place. While living I gave her a kiss and had a small press of her boobs.

Then we met, for few days we pressed each other kissed and licked each other on clothes. Few days passed and she asked me to teach her guitar. So I said that lets go on a long drive and at that time itself I will teach you to play guitar. So next day we met in the morning and went on long drive to lonavala at 8am. She was wearing red colour singlet and a short jeans. She was looking daam hottt. I kissed her on lips when we met and opened my car door for her. I was well prepared to fuck her today with all condoms and strawberry juice for getting my lund licked by her. We chatted a while and then I she came more near to me I holded her from shoulder and pressed her beside me I kissed her on her chicks, her shoulder while driving. Then she asked that she want to drive the car but told that she dont know. So I asked her ok baba sit on my lap and I will teach you driving. So I stopped on the side of the road and took my sit little bit back and made her sit on my lap. As she sat my lund started getting erected by touching my rod against her huge butts. As she was driving we went on one of the silent road there was no car on besides and most cars were going at high speed.

I caught her on her stomach and started to kiss her back and slowly put my hand on her boobs from behind. I pressed them a while put my hand inside her singlet and pressed on them. She started moaning aahhh…. ahh.. plss abhi maat karro mai thok dungi gadi pls maat karoo. And slowly she took it on the side of the road. I said ok baba lets stop here. And it was a nice spot. No one was there it was silent I took the chance and said chal I will teach you guitar so we sat on the back sit. I asked her to sit in lap then only I can teach you to play. She agreed and for some time I made her play and started kissing her on her neck, her chicks, her face. She too started becoming hot and started to respond to my kisses. I slowly removed her singlet first and know she was in her bra and shorts. I caught her and made her sleep on the back sit. And slept over her kissing her on her boobs above her bra. Then slowly I removed that too and could see her bare big boobs in front of me. I become more wild seeing it and started kissing and pinching her boobs wildly. She started making sounds of aahaha….pllssssszzz zaraaaaa dheraaaa kaarrooo naaa….. plzzz. I removed my shirt and unzipped my trouser and went for 69 position by wildly removing her shorts while pressing her butt and licking it. She took my lund in her mouth and licked my cumm so well and I loaded it in her mouth. First she said dont plz but since I know that she will like it I forced her for first. And surely she liked it. She asked me for more. I too finger fucked her for some time and she started pouring her love juice. I licked her all as she was making a noice like ssssshhhhshs…sshshs fuck me fuck me hard… plzzzz… I got to now that she is ready for getting fucked

So I gave condom in her hand and asked her to put it on my lund and she did it very sweetly by licking and pressing it. Then I asked her to sit in 64 position that like keeping her chut on my lund by facing each other in a sitting position. I pressed her chut on my lund and it was hard to get in. So I made her sleep and then I slept on her and gave her a small push at first but it hurted her as she was Virgin. Then slowly slowly I increased my speed and banged her hard. She started shouting basss…. plssss zara dhera karu bohoot dard ho raha haiiiii plzzzz… aahhaaaahhh….. Blood started poring out of her pussy as it was virgin. I became more wild and soon she also started enjoying it and came in same movements like me. As she was tooo hot to get fucked I came in the condom and rested on her body and kept my lund inside her’s chut.

After sometime I again started kissing her huge boobs and kissing and folding with each other. Then I asked her can I fuck your ass hole, she first said no. I know it pains a lott. Then again I started pressing her butts her big big boobs and licking her chut and then promised her that her ass will not pain and she will enjoy the most. She agreed to it. I asked her to sit in my lap and slowly I put my lund in her ass hole she screamed a little but I pinched on her nipples and put my two fingers in her chut, she started enjoying it and in that enjoyment she forgot that I am fucking her ass hole. Slowly slowly I increased my speed and banged her tight ass for next 15 minutes. After that first I came in her ass hole and she too came and then we relaxed in same position for next half hour. Then we wore clothes and returned back to mumbai. In return journey she kept on fondling with my lund like a gear. She even took it in mouth and sucked in between. Then we returned home at night. I dropped her at her place and came home.

After that day I fucked her many times in car, in her house when nobody is at her place and many other places. People at our place got to know that we are going around thats why they explained us about our cousin relationship. And today she is staying with her parents in America as her father is shifted know.
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