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Dad Out Of Town

It was the summer of '90, I was 17. I was a typical horny teenager at thetime, and had always this craving to see my mom naked. Well I finally gotmy chance one night. We had a pool at our house, my dad was out of town onbusiness for at least 3 months and I could just tell that my mom wasgettingquite horny over the ordeal. Anyway I remember one night it was darkoutside, say about ninish or so. I was sitting on the deck next to thepool. I happened to turn around and notice the bathroom light in my mom anddad's bedroom go on.

I thought to myself "this could be the chance". So Ikept watching obviously. I would describe my mom as about 5'7" short blondehair, blue eyes, and decent tits, I'd say about c cup. Anyway I keptwatching her hoping she would come in front of the window (there was alevolor blind there, but I could see through the slits).Sure enough there she came, I noticed her taking off her top and saw herforthe first time in a bra. She had always made sure I never saw her anywhereclose to naked, best I ever saw was her in a bathing suit. She did howeveralways wear shirts without a bra on, and on several occasions I would catcha glimpse of her tits when she bent over.

God how I just wanted to suck onher breasts. Anyway I watched her undress, the window was small so I couldonly see her breasts. I quickly jumped in the pool when I could finally seeher tits, and jacked off like I never had before, I came within 45 seconds.Later that same evening when I came inside, I noticed her sitting on thecouch, she greeted me and asked me if I would rub her neck for her. I said"sure", I always like rubbing her neck because I loved rubbing her brastraps and trying to move them. Of course she never knew this, but I alwayshad a motive.

Anyway I began rubbing her neck and she did her usual "gothatfeels good" type thing, and as always I got an erection just from hearingher say that. Then she asked me "Can you rub my legs now?", I thought"cool", and we went into her bedroom where she could lay down on herstomachand let me rub them for her. I started on her legs and slowly worked my wayup really close to her crack. Of course she thought nothing of this becauseI had always done it that way. Then she said "Rub my butt for me...", thiswas the first time she had ever said that and she was obviously gettingturned on or something. I began rubbing her butt, and she was giving out alight moaning. I kept caressing her cheeks, and moved my way down inbetween her legs, and started rubbing there, acting like I didn't knowwhereI was going.

I then began rubbing right around her asshole and down gentlyinto her pussy, as soon as I hit her pussy she let a controlled moan andthen said "Don't' rub me there honey, I have a weakness there." Of course Iignored her and kept rubbing, she then began to rock back and forth and Imoved her shorts and panties to the side and started rubbing her clit, shewas now bucking uncontrollably. She started screaming " Oh yeah rightthere,don't stop, rub your mom's cunt you little horny pervert." eventually shecame and I felt the wetness, I then unleashed my rock hard cock from mypants and started stroking it, she then grabbed my cock, the first timeever, and said "NO!!!!" feeling totally embarrassed now I put my limp asscock back in my pants and just stared at her. She said "We don't ever wantthis to happen again, and no one must ever know of this!!!" She had anangrylook on her face, so I simply walked away...Over the next few days nothing was said and we acted as it had neverhappened.

Then one evening about 9:30 PM, I came into the kitchen andnoticed her bent over the dishwasher loading it with dishes. She had on anightie with no bra of course and her panties were showing from behind asshe bent over. I positioned myself on her side to get a view of her breastsand I think she knew because she kinda smiled at me and said "what are youlooking at?? What a 45 year old woman turn you on?" I acted as though Ididn't hear her and walked away. Moments later downstairs in the basementshewas putting clothes in the dryer bent over again. This time her nightie wasriding really high and her panties were completely showing. I had hadenoughand I put my hand on her ass and started rubbing it moving to her pussy andkept rubbing. She then said "OK, it's obvious you cant keep your hands offyour mother, so go ahead and put your young cock in my ass!"

I was totallystunned when she said that, but had no problem obliging her. I stuck myhardcock into her ass and started humping away, she must of been able to tellwhen I was close to orgasm because she said "I want you to cum in my mouth,I want to taste your cum!!" she turned around and I shot my cum all overherface mostly in her mouth. she then said "your cum tastes good, I want youtofuck me as much as you want until your father comes home again." From thenon we showered together, slept together, and continuously fucked at least 3times a day. We even had rendezvous with her best friend who was kindachunky but had really huge tits, the highlight of that being metitty-fuckingher friend and then coming all over my moms breasts and face. And then weeven fucked my aunt who ate pussy for the first time of her life. Thoseadventures will be sent to you later!!!! ;-)
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