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Cousin’s Help

Hi i am 21 male from Pakistan {Karachi}. You all know about me but I tell you some thing about myself. I am 5′10″ feet tall with well built body and fair color. I have been exercising when i was 17. I didn’t masturbate like the guys used to do at that age that’s why i look better in figure. Now I tell you my experience. It happened to me a month age.

One fine day I was talking to my cousin she is very close to me and I used to share many things with her. I told her that I am reading stories and it is the best adult free site in the world and she asked me to let her read few stories I take some print outs and let her read them she likes that stuff and I can see the pleasure in her eyes. I must tell you about my cousin she was very beautiful young lady at the age of 18 she looks great with extra fair complexion and a beautiful figure which a guy could dream of. Well she was feeling a bit horny at that moment coz I could see that she was breathing very hard and was looking at me more than on the pages I gave her my heartbeat got increased at that moment I was also very horny at that time but later I controlled my self and lay down on the bed and close my eyes to control my emotions after about 30seconds I feel a warm breath on my face I could notice that my cousin is going to kiss me but I didn’t want any thing with my cousin so I opened my eyes and she kissed me on my check and at that incident I moved away from her and she was looking at me in a horny way she asked me to have sex with her but I refused to do that kind of stuff with her and told her that I cant have it with you and she couldn’t understand for some time and was desperate to have sex with me but then I said her that I love her and marry her and she leaves the way for me. I came back home and talked to her on phone after two days and she talked gently to me and invited me home and told me that there is no one home except one of her friend.

Her friends name was Saima and she was also very good looking I must say that she was better than my cousin she got some big boobs and a round ass which is clearly visible when she used to wear tight shalwar kameez she looks very sexy with sizes 38 -22 -38 . I have many things in my mind that what will happen today? And when I reached there both the girls were sitting in there bed room and were talking to each other they saw me and welcomed me with a great smile. I went inside and sit with them on the bed they were chatting about here and there after some time I was relaxed and thought that there is nothing serious but my cousin called me out and said that my friend Saima wanted to have sex with you and I hope you wont disappoint her like me. I told her that I wont disappoint her .She gave me a smile and we both went inside she leave me in the room and call Saima out I dont know what she told her but they came back after few seconds.

Saima was looking at me continuously and was smiling I also returned her smiles and my cousin went away in the kitchen and left me and Saima alone she was sitting on the bed and I moved close to her and sit right next to her side by side both of us were loosing control and she kissed me on my lips I responded her back we began to kiss hard our tongues tingled with each others we kissed each other for at least one minute then she talked to me that I just wanted to have sex with you because I love you and I wanted to loose my virginity with your great lund I agreed with her and pulled of her kameez she pulled of my shirt and jeans I kissed her on her neck and slowly came down towards her breast I removed her bra with my teeth and then she turned her back on me to remove her bra from behind I opened her bra pins and removed it completely I kissed on her back and she turned around her big boobs with pink nipples were facing me and asking me to suck them so I did I suck the mand her nipples got harder like a rock I kissed her on her belly and she shivers like a fish out of water then I slowly removed her shalwar and viewed her black panties which looks beautiful on her white and hairless legs man she was gorgeous she looks more beautiful when she is naked I pulled down her panties and she moan a little ahhhhh aaahhh then I lay on the bed and she layed on me and kissed me she tasted good after that she kissed me on my chest and I was feeling like I was in heaven she removed my underwear and looked at my dick which was growing to its original size she began to lick it and soon it reached the size of 10 inches.

I pulled her up told her that it is time to fuck now she readily agreed I take a pillow and put it under her ass and began ti lick her pussy she was moaning in a very loud voice aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhaaaahhah and she cum in no time her pussy was all wet and she spread her allowing me to enter her my dick was still rock hard and I touched my cock with her pussy lips which were in contact with each other that means she was a virgin I rubbed my cock with her pussy and tried to enter her with a push and she told me” ZARA ARAM SAY DALO BOHAT DARD HO RAHA HAI” then I again pushed in but slowly my dick’s cap was in her pussy and I keep on pushing with more power her face was all red and she was feeling extreme pain then I take my cock out and applied some cream of my cousin on my dick and on her pussy then I entered my cock in her pussy again and gave her some slow jerks after about ten strokes her pussy was all ripped apart now she was feeling pleasure “APNA PURA LUN MERE ANDER DALDO BOHAT MAZA A RAHA HAI THORA OR ZOOR SAI OR ZOOR SAI” she told me that she is going to cum and please be fast when I last on I become so krazy and move fast she was moaning in a very loud voice aaaahhhhhhh …..pleaseeeeee…. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaahhaaaahhah and she cum in no time her pussy was all wet. I didn’t care and incerse my speed fast and fast she again moaning told me to cum inside me I want to tast your cum inside so I did and I filled her pussy with my thick cum and she also cum during fucking she cum three time and I only one we lay there in the same position until my cousin came in and saw both of us naked then me and Saima went in the wash room and wash our selves and when we come back I am socked to see my cousin complete naked she said to me please fuck me if you don’t fuck me then I show you move to you sister and I ones again socked and said that which movie she open tv and all my and Saima fucking start I said ok if you give me this then I fucked you she promised me and we three start again. Then we three go to bathroom to take a shower I fucked these again in the bath tub in doggy position which I like most. We all came.
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