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Cousin Anita - Pt.4

I laid down next to her, we both trying to catch up with our breaths. We must have lied there for about 15/20 minutes with no moments. After we had regained our breath Anita said, "Oh Naveen it was wonderful. I have not been fucked so hard for a long time," I kissed her as she spoke very softly and said, "It's 9:30, I am feeling hungry." I rolled off as she got up and went into the bathroom. I could hear the water running. When she returned she had a wet washcloth in her hand and she proceeded to wash my dick with it. She never said a word but when she was done, she dropped the washcloth to the floor, pulled up the covers over me, gave me a naughty little smile, and left me alone.

I was very tired so stayed on bed. I do not know when but I dozed off only to wake hearing Anita shouting from kitchen down. I quickly move to bathroom and after a quick shower joined Anita down in the kitchen.

She had not bothered to wear any clothes and was placing a tray in refrigerator. Seeing me, walk in she gave a pleasant smile and asked. "Would you like a glass of wine before we have dinner?"

"Oh yes I would love one" I responded as I watch her naked beautiful body.

She took a bottle of wine out and poured us both a glass, as she was pouring wine I walked near to her and moving my hands over her body commented "I want to tell you how beautiful you look in your birthday suit."

"Thank you Naveen... you also look good in your birthday suit" She responded with a tiny quiver in her voice.

My eyes quickly turned to her boobs and ass, the objects of my fascination. I reach out to touched them and whispered in her ear "They're great.."

Keeping the glasses on table, she lifted her boobs in her hands and said, "Naveen, can you tell me difference between my and your wife's boobs".

I do not need to take them in my hand to tell immediately, that they were much bigger. Still moving closer to her I lifted each of her boobs in my hands and squeezed them playing with her nipples said "Yours are much bigger aur tumhari choochiyan to dekhne mein zyada achchhi hain (and your nipples have better look than my wife)." Hearing this Anita blushed a little and leaned into me a bit reaching down lightly stroked me and asked "meri choot bhi Ritu (my wife) se zyadaa achchhi hai ki nahi (Is my pussy also better than your wife)."

"Tumahari jayada acchi our tight hai (Your's is better and tight)"

Anita showed sigh of liking what I said and actually leaned into me a bit and reached down and lightly stroked me. I immediately grew an erection

Feeling my cock grow Anita pushed me and said, "We have got to slow down Naveen we have a long night ahead of us."

As we parted, she handed me glass of wine and said "Make yourself comfortable while I fix dinner." I offered to help but Anita insisted on doing it all herself. I went to the living room and sat on the sofa so we could talk while she prepared the meal in the kitchen.

Sitting on the sofa, I could see Anita as she worked in the kitchen. Anita would come into the living room from time to time to fill my wine glass.

The combination of the Nude Anita and wine was making my head feel funny. So when Anita came to refill my glass I told her "You will get me drunk and than miss all action in night."

Anita quickly took my half filled glass and replied, "No way, tonight you can not think of sleeping." Just than the bell on the timer in the kitchen oven rang and Anita left me temporarily breaking the mood.

Anita set out plates on table as I joined her back in kitchen. The food smelt delicious and every dish looked wonderful. We both ate and took every opportunity touch the other's leg from under the table.

As we finished eating, I complimented her for wonderful dinner. "You really are a great cook Anita, thank you for such a wonderful meal."

Anita replied, "My pleasure. Let's go into the living room where we'll be more comfortable."

As we shifted to living room Anita asked, "What kind of music do you like Naveen?"

"Whatever you would like to hear," I replied.

Anita put a CD into her system and pressed the start button. Slow sensual music poured from the fine acoustical speakers. As Anita came back, I asked her, "Would you like to dance?"

Anita replied, "That sounds like fun, dancing nude"

Anita led me into the open space in front of the sofa. I softly pulled Anita against my body, looking into her beautiful eyes as we moved to the slow rhythm of the music.

Anita felt my hard erection softly rubbing against her pussy as we danced. She put her arms around my neck, and pulled our two bodies tighter together and slowly ground her pussy hard against my raging hard-on and said, "That feels so good rubbing against me."

Moaning softly, I rubbed my stiff cock back and forth against her stomach, desperately trying to relieve some of the building tension.

She breathed, then parted her lips and pushed her tongue into my mouth. I kissed her back with quaking lips and a spinning head. For a few minutes we made out, both of us with our eyes screwed tightly shut and tongues massaging back and forth. Her hands ran through my hair with a quiet desperation while my slid down her bare back to the twin globes of her ass, cupping it, squeezing it, and then I inserted my hand between the crack and my fingers found her vagina. She parted her legs for easier access and continued our kiss, although the intensity of her flicking tongue magnified ten-fold once my hand started caressing her wet opening. As my index finger made contact with her clitoris. "Oh shit" she gasped around my tongue, arched her back, and rotated her hips on the hand stuffed between her thighs, moaning into my mouth as our tongues toyed playfully.

Soon Anita's tongue slipped from between my lips and left a trail of saliva as it travelled along my cheek and down the neck, lightly nipping with her teeth, kissing and sucking softly on my flesh.

"Finger me," she groaned turning with her back in front of me.

"How many?"

"Two," she panted, and then moving her head side ways thrusted her tongue back into my mouth and we resumed our lustful kissing.

My middle and index fingers probed at her fleshy opening, eased between her slippery lips and then thrust deep inside, right up to the knuckles. It was warm in there – soft and smooth – and she became nice and slushy as my fingers fucked in and out of her pussy.

Anita's tongue sucked harder and tiny gasps of pleasure vibrated through her mouth. Her lips began to tremble as her hips rotated against my hand, urging to jam my fingers into her faster and harder, to make her cum.

My free hand drifted up her stomach, cupped her breasts, and pinched her nipples as she moaned harder in my mouth. Her pussy was leaking like a faulty tap, the sticky, sweet-smelling juice was running out from her tender opening, coating my thrusting fingers and snaking down her thighs. I could hear my fingers sloshing around as they jerked in and out of her.

All of a sudden, she slammed her body against mine and began to shudder violently; Anita was cumming in my arms, the wild bucking of her hips caused her ass to rub all over my cock, giving me plenty of pleasure as I did likewise to her. I slowed my fingers down and they slipped around in her sloppy pussy at a gentle pace. The muscles inside clenched at my fingers each time they slid out to the fingertips and upon complete reinsertion her pussy would loosen.

"Why don't you take me into the bedroom," she whimpered.

I led her into the bedroom upstairs, unable to remove my gaze from her sexy eyes for a single second. As we entered, Anita pushed me a side and tucked her hair back behind her ears and her smile returned to being sexy and confident. Dropping to her knees she took my cock in her hand and it was close to her face and I could feel her warm breath.

Lowering her gaze, she leaned forward and kissed my cock, then her tongue slipped out and began to lick all over until every square inch of the cock had been treated to the sensation of her tongue.

"Oh, fucking hell!" I groaned.

"Maaja aa raha hai?"(Did that feel good?) she asked, and without wasting any time wrapped her hand around my cock lowered her face to the tip, her lips stretching open as my rigid flesh eased into her warm mouth. With one hand, she held the base of the cock and the other slid around to my ass, plying and squeezing the cheeks.

I ran my hands through her hair as she sucked on slowly, her cheeks hollowing out as the suction increased. Her lips tightened around the shaft and her mouth bobbed up and down. It was an amazing sight to say the least. A small shudder passed through me as I looked down at her: eyes closed, pink lips stretched around my aching cock, and her milky-white cheeks flushing crimson as she sucked me off.

"Oh Anita," I groaned as the pace increased. Her head was a blur of motion and the ever-increasing suction of her mouth were making me dizzy with pleasure. Finally, much to my relief, she came up for air and her pink tongue darted out as her laboured breathing bathed the head.

She glanced up and offered a kinky smile as her tongue swirled around the tip of saliva soaked cock, licking it, as if it was a tasty lollipop. My legs were shaking with pleasure of cock worship by a lady who knew how to use her mouth.

"Anita stop now." I ordered.

Removing her tongue with a frown, she said, "It is time I pay you back for the love and pleasure you have given me." Saying she in one fluid motion engulfed the cock and sucked earnestly producing obscene juicy sounds.

It was becoming extremely difficult to remaining upright. The joints in my knees constantly threatened to buckle as she slurped harder on my cock, and the pleasure almost tripled when her hand slipped from the base and massaged the balls underneath the cock.

I knew if she continued like this for couple of minutes more I will cum but I wanted to cum only in her pussy so to stop her I shouted "Anita I'm going to cum in your mouth if you don't stop.
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