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Cousin Anita - Pt.2 - Ch. 2

I used my hands to pull her up in sitting position. With her feet's touching floor, I pushed her gently back and spread her legs. Kneeling on the floor between them, I placed my arms under her legs & lifted her knees so they are resting lightly over my shoulders. I looked at her pussy; I found the smell of her womanly aroma mixed with some lovely fragrance rising from her pussy very invigorating. "You have a very pretty cunt" I told her. "You like it? I am happy," she said.

Setting the position right I carefully spread the lips of her shining pussy. Anita raised her head, stared at me as I slowly lower my head, and extended my tongue to lightly lick around her inner lips.

At the first contact of my tongue Anita's hips lift off the bed almost as if hit by a bolt of lightning. "Uhh... ohhhhhh... oh god... I'm... I'm going to come," she moans. I lick up and down both sides of her pussy before gently circling the erect nub of her clit. "Ohhhh... ohhhh... what are you doing... what are you doing to me?" Anita wailed. I lightly pull her clitoris between my lips and suck on it gently. Anita begin to vigorously rub her pussy against my mouth... her hips rising several inches off the bed... "Unhhhhhhh... Unhhhhh... I'm... I'm Noooooooooo!!" Anita yelled as I continue sucking her clit into my mouth.

I raised my head up only for an instant, "Cum in my mouth, Anita. Let me taste you fully."

Her shouts continued as my head returned to her pussy she used both her hands to pull my head against her pussy... bouncing her ass several inches off the bed as she rode out her climax. "No more... no more... I can't stand any more," she pleaded as she used my hair to pull my mouth away from her drenched pussy.

Not giving any consideration to her shouts I reached for her g-spot moving my finger alongside of my tongue as I continued sucking on her lips and clit. Her whole body arched up off the bed, and she pushed my head into her wetness and she came with a massive shudder and a squirt driving my fingers as deep as they could go in her pussy with the combination groan/scream that came from her mouth. I could feel her pussy muscles clench and release on my fingers during the initial orgasm and then several 'aftershocks'. Her chest rises and falls rapidly as she strives to get her breathing under control. Raising her head slightly she looks down at me... my head lying against her thigh as I stare back into her eyes. "Come hear," she breathlessly pleads.

She pulled me up to her and whispered, "Naveen , come fuck me now."

"All good things come to those who wait." I replied gently pulling her over bed and positioning her properly.

We both looked at each as I positioned myself over her, my cock lying just against the opening of her warm, inviting pussy. I looked up at Anita's face, she was getting anxious. Not wanting to disappoint, with one strong stroke, I plunged deep inside Anita's steaming, wet pussy. I started pumping slowly, bringing myself out so that just the tip of my dick was inside her, and then plunging back, deep and hard inside her.

After few minutes of slow pumping, I paused, lowered my mouth slowly to her breasts, and began to lick and tug at her nipple. Anita drew in sharp breaths with each flick of my tongue against her hard nub of flesh, moaning and quietly whispering and began to slowly rock her hips... the stimulation of her clit rubbing against my pubic bone caused Anita to close her eyes from the intensity. Slowly I withdrew my erection as Anita used her hands to pull against my hips... trying to keep me firmly impaled in her tight pussy.

I resumed a regular rhythm of slowly sliding backward before steadily plunging back inside her. At the bottom of my stroke, with my cock firmly ensconced inside her, I would hold steady for a few seconds increasing my sucking of her nipples while Anita would rotate her hips up off the bed and ground her body against mine. Her breathing became more and more ragged... sensing that Anita was only seconds away from reaching her peak, I increased my speed. With each stroke her breathing became heaver and unsteady as she plunged closer and closer to her climax... "Unnhhhh... oh yes... Ahhh Ohhhhhhhhhh... so good Naveen yessss, aaah!." she intoned, as her climax rose slowly.

I wasn't able to make out clearly any word but was moving with her, suddenly she squeezed my back with her legs and grabbed my head and kissed me hard sealing my mouth.

She finished Cumming but I kept on fucking her until she told me to stop. Seeing her body writhe with convulsions, I waited for some time allowing her to cool down. After a while, as she relaxed I pulled out of her, and spun her around and then easily guided her until she was sitting on me. Gently rubbing her soft, naked body I whispered in her ear, " Did I do it right? Did you like it?"

She hoarsely responded. "That was incredible!" and positioned the tip my dick at the entrance to her pussy.

The now slippery tip was just barely inside her hot tunnel; she looked up at me with twinkles in her eyes. Without breaking eye contact, she released her grip on my hard cock and instead took my hands in hers. Leaning forward, she pinned my hands beside my shoulders on the bed.... then, with her face just inches away from mine. She plunged her body down on my cock whispering, "Time for you to enjoy."

My cock was half way up her pussy when she stopped and for first time smiled naughtily at me said "You want more," I nodded, "then come on, move."

"Aaaaaaaah" she screamed as I thrust my cock up and into her pussy. Her pussy squelched audibly as she lowered her ass to my body. I could feel her soft buttocks warm and wet against my full balls.

She bent down, licked my neck, and nibbled on my ears causing even more twitches and throbs inside me. I sat up half way, faced the massive, lust-inducing boobs and took one sensitive nipple in my mouth and started licking and sucking her.

"Bite me, use your teeth...ahh, like that, yesssss, like that," she groaned as her hips and ass moving round and round and back and forth.

Anita pulled her boob from my mouth. "Work on this one for me," she said and grabbed the other boob and fed it to me!

As I sucked on her boobs, she began to slam her pussy down onto my cock. She raised up slowly until only the head of my cock was still inside her pussy, then she would free-fall driving my cock against the back of her pussy. The bed shook as her hips pistoned up and down, driving my cock in and out of her pussy.

While continuing to ride my throbbing cock, she screamed at the top of her lungs, "Suck the boobs, suck them hard."

She rose up a bit pulled her boob from my mouth and grabbed my head with her hands and put my face between her boobs, then used her hands to push them around my face. I felt the cum building, especially when the entire length of my cock was all the way in her pussy and my face buried in her boobs! The bed shook as I pumped and pumped, up and down rising up with my hips.

I felt Anita's juices flowing all around the length of my cock now buried deeply in her pussy racked with spasms! She stopped moving with her hips just raised slightly and I went thrusting, arching upward, driving my cock deep in her pussy. I grabbed her butt and began pounding my cock in and out and in and out.

The bed heaved and bounced as the sloshing sound of my cock boring deep inside her hot, wet pussy could be heard clearly. This got me going even more and in short time I was ready to unload.

"Uhhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhh! Aaarrgghhhh!" I bellowed as my cock throbbed. The first tremendous, thick, hot load of steaming cum blasted from my pulsing cock! The next jolt of cum shot from my cock like a cannon! Blast after blast, seemingly unending columns of thick cock juice gushed into Anita's now over-flowing pussy! She bounced so high off my lap at one point that my cock popped out of her pussy, but Anita quickly grabbed it and popped it back into her pussy. Her anticipation of yet more eruptions prompted her to wiggle her lovely ass down hard against me, trying to capture every inch of me as we both continued to cum together.

I didn't know how long we lay like that... her body draped lightly over mine... the tip of my now limp cock nestled just inside her. Almost simultaneously we both began to stir slightly... our senses slowly returning... and I moved her hair from her face with my hand and looked into her face.

"I never dreamed." She whispered.


"I could enjoy like this." She whispered back.

"So!" I said, pulling to side a little. "You did enjoy it."

"Yes," she said simply. " How about you?"

"It was realization of a long cherished fantasy." I replied and could see face of surprise on her face.

"Did you have any idea this was going to happen?" She asked with surprise written all over her face.

"No (I lied), but I had dreamt of it since my childhood."

Anita's eyes started becoming moist and I could see a small tear slide down her cheek. She gave me a soft kiss on the lips and pulling over headed off for the bathroom.

I lay there for a few more minutes thinking about my new relation with my cousin as the sounds of the shower running interrupted my thoughts. Getting up, I walked over to the open bathroom door. Anita was standing in bathtub with her back to door under the shower soaping her chest and legs and was joyfully singing and humming a Hindi song (Ghar aaya mera pardeshi).

I silently stepped behind her in the bathtub and moved my hands on her sexy ass. She almost jumped feeling my hand across her ass. As she looked over her shoulder, I moved my hands over her boobs, cupping them from behind. I heard a sigh escape her lips as she leaned forward and placed her hands on the wall to help hold her up. The water had drenched us completely now and the feeling of the water running over our bodies was adding some extra bit of excitement.
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