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Cousin Anita - Pt.1 - Ch. 3

I whispered into Anita's ears "Are you loving it?”

Anita breathed on my face as she looked at me in the eye and said, "I don't know, just don't know, it’s never happened before. I just felt like it, I'm still wandering about what's happening. I just can't resist you, can’t resist you............." Saying this she embraced me and kissed me offering her mouth in total surrender and we kissed each other. Her firm breasts flattened against my chest.

Anita was looking restless and sighing, breaking the kiss I moved down to her boobs. Her lustful bosoms were in full swing inviting me to eat and chew her erected nipples, and I did not miss a single minute and took her right nipple into my mouth and started sucking it heavily. Her lust made her shout and she started whispering in my ears.. “oh Naveen .. suck it with all your strength.. I am enjoying uhhhhh ahhhhh mmmmm” and so on and it made me more horny and my hands picked more speed to bring her to peak of lust and pleasure. I moved my hands from her boobs to her flat belly and then slipped it into her panty.

Her panties were completely soaked. I pushed them down till her knees and then using my feets pushed them further down. She eased her legs to slip them out. My hand came back to where her erected clit was desperately waiting for my finger to touch and rub. As I touched her clit with my finger I felt the heat of her pussy on my hand. I ran my finger along her slit and thrust it into her wet pussy. She was caught by surprise and reacted with a sharp intake of breath followed by an explosive "Aah!" I covered her mouth with my lips and started moving my finger in and out of her pussy while simultaneously plunging my tongue in her mouth. I tortured her with my fingers my rythmic tongue action made her scream AAAAaaagggg AAAAaaagggg and her body was moving in all directions I continued relentlessly as she groaned in excitement and let out a deep moan as she came.

Pulling my fingers out I looked over her. Her eyes were closed and she had a dreamy look on her face. I picked the pillow lying by side and pushed it under her hips. As I was pushing the pillow she opened her eyes and looked at me questing.

"You'll just be getting rid of the tension." I said and patting on her face slipped down on her left side.

I looked at her legs and my eyes drifted up seeing all of her shapely parts and the small very closely trimmed hair, which circled the center of her passion and every mans desire.

I slowly run my hands up the sides of her long smooth legs until they reached the top of her thighs. I waited for few seconds and then moved further up the inner part of her thighs. She opened them wide, immediately for me, spreading them wide so I might enter between them. I paused again to look at her face and saw her looking at me with a picture of lust, desire and pleasure.

I also couldn't wait any longer. It was time for me to taste this stunningly beautiful woman that I had wanted to fuck for almost 20 years. I had never been this excited in my life but I wanted to go slow. I wanted this experience to last forever. I wanted to make it special and I wanted us both to enjoy it

I moved and sat between her knees holding them open. I look at her magnificent clean pussy and those opened thighs as I move down pressing her legs opened even wider now.

I spread her lips with my fingers and gently touched my tongue to her clitoris. A cry escaped her lips. I looked up and she had a expressions of surprise written all over her face. I enjoyed her expressions for a moment and this time as I bent down her hands moved on the back of my head and gently applied pressure. The lips of her pussy were sticking out at me now and I could now see all of her pink insides as I spread the lips wider for my mouth and tongue to enjoy. I ran my tongue up between the thick lips of her pussy and into the hot interior. I let my tongue dart in and out very quickly a few times and every time I did she arch up off the bed.

I stopped and backed off. I didn’t want her to explode so soon again – not just yet. I wanted to prolong her climax. I wanted to give Anita utmost sexual satisfaction of her life. I wanted her to just remember me for the rest of her life, no matter how far we lived.

Leaving her pussy I looked up at her, from behind her mountainous boobs. She tapped her clit, "Oh that's nice." She gasped. Gazing steadfastly at me, as I licked her juice from my fingertip. "Come fuck me now, I can not wait." Her voice had desire, urgency and love as again she spread her privacy to my view, offering her pussy on arched hips only inches from my face.

"Soon baby", I told her as I look directly into her waiting pussy. I slow circled her hole with my finger and pushed in very slowly and started slowly finger fucking her. Slippery fluid dribbled out and wetted my hand. Applying little pressure I tried & succeeded in adding another finger and after few fuck motion added third finger.

Sucking and slurping sounds emanated as three of my fingers fucked her pussy. She was sweating and I felt her arch and begin to rock and hump her pussy trying to join with my strokes. I knew it was time to stop, so pulling my fingers out I kissed all over thighs giving her time to calm down a little. She whispered, "Don’t tortutre come fuck me now."

I let her calm down a little moved before down again. This time instead of fingers I again moved my tongue but along the edges of her pussy lips. Her hands came back on my head as her pussy elevates up towards my mouth and I let my tongue dive deep into her body now. Anita's fingers clutched at the hair on my head as she arched up under my mouth. Her moans were expressing the pleasing I was giving her. I then spread her pussy lips as far apart as I could and covered it with my mouth as I fucked her with my tongue, darting it in and out slowly and then faster and faster. As she began to writhe beneath me and her legs began to flinch I knew she was close to coming. I slipped two fingers inside her and stroking her g-spot brought her to I think it was her best climax. She screamed in delight as she clamped her thighs around my head and bucked hard against my face, shuddering in the throes of ecstasy. I feel her juices leaking out as the wave of your orgasm comes down from its crescendo.

Slowly I pull my fingers out and see more of your juices spill out from between your lips as they lay open.

My face was smeared in her juices when she finally released her grip on me and I came up gasping for air but smiling all the same.

“Oh Naveen, Ravi never did that for me” she said with gratefulness.

“Well that’s just for starters Anita” I told her “Next I intend to screw your brains out.”

“Yes please, I can’t wait” she replied as I looked into her eyes and we both smiled.

"Fuck me" she whispered again as I was still not making any move as I wanted to cherish every moment.

I bent down once again and kissing the inside of your thighs move up leaving behind a trail of kisses. As I reached up I brush her nipples using my still wet fingers making them wet and hard with her juices.

She had surprise written all over her face. I now knew all this is new for her, her dumb husband is just a plain fucker. "I hope that relaxed you and all your tensions have vanished?"

Barely able to speak she just moaned "Yessssss".

Taking my hard cock in hand I rub the head of it against her left nipple, rubbing it all around then moving over to the right and treating it the same. Standing up more, it is now in line with your pretty mouth.

Slowly she moves up to my cock and trace her tongue around the head, flicking across the tip, and my cock grew and was solid as rock.

"No Anita, I don’t want you to do it. This you do with your husband.” Saying as I slide back I can see a puzzled look on her face but she move and lie on her back adjusting to give me perfect position in between her knees.

I easily spread her legs open wide and find her pussy is still wet as I run my fingers up and down your slit. I held my cock and rub it up and down her slick lips teasing her by just slightly dipping it inside then pulling it back and rubbing it up against her clit.

She raise her hips up, trying to get me to sink in. Respecting her feelings I slowly push in, sliding inch by inch ever so slowly.

She shake her head side to side and moan as she gets what she was wanting so badly. As I get my full length inside of her, bending down I kiss and suck her neck then I pull back until just the tip is still inside of her before working it back and forth, using shallow, teasing strokes.

She wrapped her legs, pulling me tighter and deeper wanting me to go fast. Now was the time to accelerate her enjoyment. With one great thrust I sink deep inside of her then move back, starting a deep steady in and out action. I hold my steady pace as I she start bucking your hips upward to meet each driving thrust.

I could feel her tight muscles pulling at me, milking my cock as I slowly moved in and out in a deliberate rhythm that was guaranteed to prolong the act. I felt Anita shudder several times before she asked me to fuck her harder and faster. I willingly obliged though I knew that at this new tempo I would not last long in her very long.

I tried to hold back and make this incredible situation last as long as possible, but I could not contain myself, and it was my turn to pump in a frenzy, until I could feel the unmistakable feeling of the start of an orgasm. As I started to pump my seed into her, her eyes suddenly opened wide, and she gasped out as she came again. I feel my cum beginning to boil in my balls, ready for release so start driving my cock into her deeper and faster as our bodies crash together.

We kissed for what seem like eternity though it was only a few minutes and then I pulled up and looked down at that gloriously beautiful body, and marveled at how lovely a woman's skin really can be.
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