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Cousin Anita - Pt.1 - Ch. 2

In the morning when I woke up I still had a very painful erection that was showing no signs of dissipating. I simply just want to lie on the bed and masturbate, but decided against it and quickly taking a shower dressed up for the meeting. As I was about to leave room the phone rang. It was Anita.

"Naveen?" I heard her as I picked it.

"Hi!" I said.

"How's it going, how were your meeting yesterday?"

"They were fine I hope to finalize it today.” I replied.

“I just called to remind you that you are having dinner with us today so we will pick you at 7 to night.”

"See you later on this evening then." I said.

As I was about to hang up she added, "Black girls are very attractive but be careful this area has high AIDS risk so no fooling around”.

"Ok...you know I am not into all this” I replied.

Anita laughed adding, "Well.....I don’t know that but all I know these African girls can seduce you fast specially Indian men."

"I'll see you later on this evening and we can discuss it then." I said before hanging up.

"I hope so." Anita replied before she hung up.

Throughout rest of the day even though I was busy in meeting and visiting factory, I felt impatient. To me the evening was too far away. I had hard on a number of times during the day as I visualized Anita’s magnificent body. Finally, the long awaited evening arrived.

Ravi & Anita arrived just after 7 to pick me. As Anita got out of car I was awe struck at her beauty. She was wearing a blue sari with golden print and a very low cut blouse. Half of her back was bare. Her sari was tied rather low, well below her lovely belly button. She wore a diamond pendant and a sleek watch. As I approached her the aroma of her perfume enamored me.

I was meeting after a long gap of may be 7/8 years. He had gained lot of weight, and partially bald. It was hard for me to recognize him. As we exchanged pleasantries I could make out that Ravi had surely made lot of money but had aged very fast. I was about his age but he looked at least 10 years older to me.

We went to restaurant, which had a band playing. It was a very nice place, Ravi & I ordered scotch and to my surprise Ravi ordered wine for Anita. We continued talking mostly about India and relatives and life in Nairobi. Most of talking was done by be and Anita with Ravi throwing in gibberish or two. I found Ravi was a heavy drinker & he continued drinking one drink after another while we chatted on about a lot of things.

As the time passed the place got very wild and crowded; every body was drinking and dancing. Sitting on our table I start looking at all the young's black chicks in their skimpy sexy cloths and was getting really horny. I wanted to dance but was afraid to propose to Anita.

As we ordered a fresh round of drinks Ravi asked me “Do you enjoy dancing”.

I replied, “Yes”.

"Why don't you dance with Anita?" he asked me.

”Me no, better you dance with her.” I replied.

Ravi said. "I don’t enjoy dancing, Anita loves it, & you also so better give her company."

I looked towards Anita, she nodded with a smile on her face and we went to the dance floor. The place was packed; having suitably immersed ourselves into the crowd we began to move to the music. She followed my lead. She had beautiful rhythm and she was really moving to the music. Since the floor was packed it was hard not to keep from bumping into those around. We found ourselves uncontrollably bumping into each other. I didn't mind.

I looked towards our table; Ravi was not looking at us and seemed to be enjoying his drinks as I was enjoying dancing with his wife.

We danced for almost half an hour or so and then Anita decided to return to table. “"We must get back" she said.

I was enjoying closeness with her and was disappointed but followed her back to table.

As we joined Ravi back on table we found that he was still drinking. Anita tried to stop him from drinking but he was drinking like a fish. At about 10.30 Ravi had had enough and before we could order dinner he slouched on his chair putting his head on the table and went into deep sleep. His snoring caught on snickering glances from others around and Anita was really embarrassed. We decided to call it a day without dinner but problem was to carry Ravi back home.

I requested couple of waiters to help me almost carry Ravi to car as Anita asked the valet to bring the car.

We sat in the car, Ravi sleeping on the back seat, Anita driving with me sitting next to her. The drive from restaurant to their house was a long one but I enjoyed every moment of her company. She was quite embarrassed and was cursing Ravi for spoiling the evening.

To pacify her I said "Anita, "Don't worry about anything. It's fine, some times it happens."

Anita had a firm look at her face and instead of replying she increased pressure on accelerator maneuvered a sharp turn.

The rest of the journey was uneventful and we reached their house. It was nice bungalow with sprawling lawns. The doors were controlled with remote. Once she parked the car I tried to wake Ravi up but he was sleeping like a dead man.

Anita asked me to help her to carry Ravi. We both put our arms below Ravi’s shoulders and took him in and put him to bed.

"I am sorry Naveen you have to stay here tonight.” Anita said as she moved to cupboard and took out Ravi’s night suit.

“I better go to hotel” I replied as she stood with night suit in hand.

“This is not India, it is not safe to travel alone at this time of night” and she thrusted the night suit in my hand and pulling by hand lead me to adjacent guest room.

Showing me the room Anita left. I watched her leave; she looked like most men's ideal woman

I went to the bathroom to wash and change. I knew that I wouldn't find dozing off very easy. The dance and presence of Anita under the same room had made me feel alive and awake. After washing I strolled back into the bedroom and decided to watch TV.

I switched the TV & flipped through the channels but could not find any thing of interest. I knew that sleep would be impossible if I didn't satisfy my need. And as I recognized that I decided to masturbate.

Smile came on my face as my brain took in Anita's image lying in bed next to me in her black bra showing a large amount of cleavage, maybe the top half of her wonderful breasts, maybe even a nipple. My cock got a definite twinge in it and jumped. I moaned as my hand start playing with my cock.

The door opened breaking my dream and Anita came in, moving in slow motion. "Naveen." I heard Anita’s distant voice. She had changed her clothes and was now wearing a short silk robe, cinched tight around her waist.

I tried to focus, my eyes seeing doubles as she looked down at me.

"Naveen are you ok?"

"Yes, trying to sleep." I got up trying to hide my errection with the pillow.

She came near the bed and said, “I know you're hungry, I'm going to make us some dinner."

"Certainly not Anita, snacks in restaurant were pretty heavy. It is too late better you take rest now.” I replied as I covered my errection fully with the pillow.

“I want you to be as comfortable, if you feel need of a late night drink or anything else I can arrange?” She asked

“Good, I will love that if not a big hassle?” I replied.

"Good," she said and closed the door, leaving me alone. It was then that I thought if she had seen me with an erection. I got up from bed and adjusting my errection sat back on the bed.

She returned a while later carrying two wonderful crystal glasses and a bottle of Chivas.
She sat on the couch next to me, poured the drinks and handed me a glass. She then poured herself and placed the bottle on the table and we clinked our glasses together.

As we sat there drinking Anita finally spoke "Naveen I am sorry about tonight."

“He drinks like that every day.” I asked her.

“Yes.” She replied, “It is increasing with time.”

“Don’t worry, every thing will be Ok, I will talk to Ravi Tomorrow.” I replied trying my best to sound convincing.

“It will be of no help, some things never change.” “Do you think I have not tried, Ravi has time only for his drinks, African whores and his business.” Her eyes were streaming with tears as she gulped down her drink in one shot.

This was a shock for me I looked at her questioningly unable to speak a word. I had been planning to take my sexual exploits to another level tonight with my fantasy lady and now here I was trying to comfort, my fantasy lady, but seeming to go nowhere with it.

“Don’t spoil your time with my problems, lets leave it.” Sobbing she got up.

"You can trust me Anita" saying I pulled her back to couch and brush tears away from her cheeks.

"With all the stress and everything recently, I am into this marriage only for the children.” She said as she so she buried her face in my chest and sobbed uncontrolled.

Instinctively I tried to comfort her, pulling hairs from around her face and smoothing it back on her head. I decided that I wasn't going to try to say anything more at the moment, I figured it was just better for her to sob it out. "It'll be ok," I whisper, holding her delicately. "Things'll be ok." "It's not your fault."

As her sobbing subsided, she looked up at me and said, "Naveen I have worked hard but Ravi do not give me the attention that a wife deserves.” “He just loves his drinks and young girls.”

“Can I ask you something?"

"Sure," She replied.

“You have no relationship with him.” I asked looking deep into her eyes.

"No, once in a while when drunk and no other place to go he forces me to suck his cock and cum in my mouth.” Saying she poured yet another drink for her and gulped in one shot again.

“I had a good image of Ravi in my mind, it looks he is a sick man.” I said.

“Let's not talk about him now.
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