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Confessions of a Brother Fucker - Pt. 5

I gasped when I saw the massive swelling that could be seen caused by his erection he was having below his underwear. I said, "Wow. That looks really big and hot."

He did not respond. He just caught me and spun me around and made me face the mirror and then went back to his fantasy. Whatever it was. I was ready and hot any way.

He kissed me again and again on my neck and shoulders and caressed my naked back through the open flaps of my Kurta. He said, "Lift your hairs and hold them up with both your hands. I want to kiss the back of your neck."

I did that. He kissed me on the back of my neck and while he was doing that, he slowly slipped his hands to my front and started to trace the contours of my breasts.

He was starting to caress my breasts. I tried to bring my hands down. He ordered, "Hands up. I want them there. I will control you."

Saying that he cupped each of my boobs with his palms and said, "They have become smoother, bigger and creamer, with my prescription."

I hummed with pleasure, "Hmmmm."

He said, "After I leave I want you to continue with this treatment. I want your boobs smoother, bigger and creamier."

I could see his hands playing with my boobs and enjoying them. My excitement was making my legs tremble and I hoped that soon he would run out of his steely reserve and take off my clothes and ravish me in a hurry. I could feel my pussy juices welling up in my folds and nearly streaming down my thighs.

Mintu said, "Move your hands. I want your hands above your head, so that I can kiss ad eat your boobs. As much as I like."

As I moved my hands down, he pulled my Kurta down my hands and flung it away. I raised my hands and held my hairs up looking prettier and more vulnerable. In that position, my nipples were pointing up and the boobs were open and vulnerable. I stood looking squarely into the mirror.

His hands now had a free playground. All over my flanks, my stomach and my neck. His kisses were hot and landing in a rather deliberate manner on my neck and my eyes and my face while his hands caressed every part of my naked body.

I asked him "Why don't you set your cock free?"

Between kisses, he mumbled, "Lat me enjoy you. Bitch."

I took the matter one step further and whimpered, "Let me enjoy too!!! I want to kiss you and caress you too. Let us face each other and look at ourselves side ways."

I added, "I want you to see what you look like in your passion."

Mintu slowly changed his position and we faced each other.

I wrapped my arms around Mintu's torso and gave him a tight hug and kissed him lightly on his Adam's apple, while he kissed me on my head through my hairs. His love became more urgent and he was becoming rougher. He was lifting me off the floor and kissing me all over.

I returned is passion kiss for kiss and my urgency matched his. Yet, he controlled his desire to take me right there and then.

Mintu suddenly slowed down and stopped. I feared that he had ejaculated already. But, no!!! HE hadn't. He whispered, "Let me take off your Lungee, and make you completely naked."

He looked down. I stood still trembling with anticipation as he slowly and deliberately fished out the string that is tied at the waist to hold the Lungee in place. And pulled the bow. The Lungee loosened at my waist. He then pulled the folded tie in the Lunge end opened out its folds. I could feel the cool ai enter and caress my thighs.

He said, "I am dropping it!"

And he did.

"What are you doing?" escaped my lips and my hands moved involuntarily moved to cover my wet and dripping bald pussy. As if he had never seen me naked. That was the woman in me.

He suggested, "Take my cock out. And feel it!!"

I was literally shaking with desire. Yet, I made it appear that I was reluctant to feel his cock. He gently held my wrists ad placed my hand on his bulge. It was warm and pulsating. I whimpered, "Please. Don't make me feel that cock. Please."

He understood that I was being a hussy. He lifted both his hands and grabbed both my tits and lightly squeezed them both and warned, "You want to be beaten before you take my cock out?? Would you like to b tied to that chair with your legs wide open and fucked mercilessly??"

"No, no. Please!!?? I am so ashamed. I am not a hussy."

Mintu gave one stronger squeeze to my tits. I squealed with slight pain and shook my head and let him know my feeble protests.

He caught my right hand and lifted the elastic band of his underwear and placed my hand on his erect cock inside his shorts.

He now got stern ad ordered, "Take that off now!!!"

He let his right hand off and caught m by a bunch of my hairs and gave one tug and said, "Take that undie off. I want you to caress that cock."

I knew he understood that I was play acting. And that if he wanted to, he could actually tie me to the bed eagle spread and fuck me as much as he wanted.

I did not wait any more. I did not want him o change his plans for fucking me. Seemingly reluctantly,, making weeping noises, I lowered my other hand and pulled his undie down and let his cock free.

I gasped and again said, weepily said, "Wow. Your cock is very big and fat. I cant take this in me. My pussy will burst apart. It will kill me!!!"

Mintu ordered, "Sit down and pull that undie off. You will be fucked with this cock only. You better kiss it and suck it to put some of your spit on it to make it smoother!!"

"No. Please. I am good girl. I have never been fucked before. Please."

He pulled me by my hair and made me sit. I pulled his undie down completely and helped him step out of it.

His cock was really big now. Certainly bigger and fatter than I last remembered.

He held his cock near my mouth and said, "Open your mouth and suck it!!"

I shook my head and pleaded, "No. Please. This is dirty. This is cock. You piss from this. Please."

Soon, (since I actually wanted to suck his cock) I opened my mouth and slowly took the tip of his cock in to my mouth and started to suck it softly.

"Like a lollipop, bitch. Suck it!!!"

For the next few minutes I sucked and took out his pre-cum and got the taste of his real and urgent sex.

"Cup my balls in your palm and see how much semen I have in them for your pussy tonight."

I cupped his warm balls ad looked up. He said, "How many fucks!!!"

I answered, "Atleast six girls can be filled up with this much of semen."

He then pulled e up ad made me stand up ad then asked, "Is it fatter and bigger than before or not?"

I smiled, since my horseplay was over and he was asking me seriously and said, "It is really fatter. I have to check it inside me to see if it is better!!"

"My prescription works."

He said, "Actually fucking every day is way better. I will fuck you every day and night. Bitch"

While I was saying this he lifted me by my waist and slowly slid hid hard cock between my legs and then lowered me. I stood on tip toes for the cock to be placed sliding over my wet slit.

I could see myself, looking as if I was being fucked, with his cock disappearing between my legs in the mirror from the side.

He gave me some very slow slides of hs cock in and out of the slit. I hissed and said, "Take me to the bad. Lay me."

He simply lifted me up and carried me to the bed and placed me there. He then told me, "No naughtiness. I what I want to do. No acting funny okay??"

I kept quiet t see what unfolded next. He quickly picked up the bottle of Nivea cream and climbed onto the bed and then poured out some quantity n his palm. He rubbed his palms together and slowly climbed to sit astride my stomach, kneeling.

His cock was strong and erect waving between my boobs. His balls were touching my stomach.

He said, "Tomaar maeeyey cream diiye maalish korbow." ("I will now give you a boob oil massage."

All I could say was a bashful, "Eeeeesh."

He slowly applied the deep cream all over my swollen and large bobs and then started rubbing the cream into the organ in soft slow and circular motions.

It was pleasurable. I only squealed with small whoops of appreciation.

Pretty soon he came t5o applying more cream on my areola and then applied cream o my nipples, pinching them between two fingers and pulling them up. I loved it. It was exciting me more and more.

I pleaded, "Let me caress your cock, please."

He did not answer. I knew what that meant, that I could go ahead.

As the boob massage proceeded, I played with his cock, pulling the foreskin back and forth in slow erratic movements and hissing with pleasure, "Sssssss."

I could see he was enjoying both, messaging my boobs and my playing with his cock. Several times he, stopped massaging my boobs and softly cried out, "Aaaaaah. I love it."

I suggested to him, "Fuck my boobs. Let me hold my boobs closer to each other. And you fuck them."

I left hic cock alone and caught my boobs with both my hands and held his cock between them, and whispered, "Fuck them. They are naughty. They deserve to be fucked."

He slid forward and masturbated his cock with my boobs. Each time the cock came near my mouth, he suggested, "Open the mouth and let the cock go in."

But, suddenly he stopped and said, "Stop. Let me fuck your mouth properly."

Saying that he got off from his perch and stood next to me and raised my shoulders up with two pillows and let my head hang back.

Once that position was taken, he climbed the bed again and knelt near my head, with his cock ready to enter my mouth.

He took some cream onto his finger tips and then said, "Catch my cock and take it into your mouth. I will fuck that mouth of your."

As I caught his cock and took it into my mouth, he leant over and started to apply cream on my pussy lips from all around it.

He was being a deft masseur. The bastard knew my G spot!!! I almost screamed (and controlled it, else my Mother may hear and come rushing over) "Aaaaaah.Aaaaawww. Oooooooh."

He pushed his cock deeper into my mouth and I got muffled.
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