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Confessions of a Brother Fucker - Pt. 4

I quickly took the shampoo, and applied it on his unruly hairs and washed his hairs. Then I started to apply soap over his body. As I did that, I could see that the cold water had cooled his ardor and his cock was now down from full attention to an easy look. I left his crotch for the last and applied soap on his legs and in his butt crack. And washed the soap away.

Finally, I reached the favorite part of his body. His crotch. I knelt in front of him and applied soap under his crotch and then on his balls, one by one. Finally, I applied soap n his cock from outside. And then pulled his foreskin back completely and applied soap on his ridge.

I hissed and said, "Aaoooow. That is very nice. Ssssss.'

Seeing tha the liked it, I did that several times. His cock started rising to the occasion.

I washed his cock under the flowing water and then, without any ado, I kissed his cock and sucked the tip into my mouth. I let my tongue swirl his cock tip, with his foreskin pulled back. He bent backwards and grunted with pleasure. He caressed my head from above my shower cap. I went on sucking that dick and with my right hand started to masturbate his cock by moving his foreskin forward and back quickly while the cock was inside my mouth.

His cock became hard again, notwithstanding the cold water.

I could make out, he would not take too long to come. And his balls were swollen. I realized that his balls were perhaps full of semen.

He pulled back and pulled me up and kissed me on the mouth.

When he stopped kissing me, he said, "That semen has to go inside your hot pussy. Not in your mouth. Atleast now."

His naughtiness normally never ends that soon. Not so expectedly, he decided that my slit was filled with pussy juices and had to be cleaned for' feminine hygiene". He hoisted m onto the bathroom basin slab and made me squat on top of it and he used his palms to stream some water onto my slit. With his other hand he spread my slit apart and started to clean the juices out, with his tongue!!!! All the way from start of the folds of flesh just below my navel till my anus.

I pleaded to be let go, "Pleeeease don't do tht. That is toooooo good. Aaaaaah. Stop. Stop. Pleeeeease."

I had to hold onto the taps on the wash basin, so as to ensure that the pleasure did not make me fall over.

When he was through with his latest bout of naughtiness, I climbed down and we decided that he has had a long bath (in so far as my Mother was concerned and it was time to emerge from the room.)

He took the towel down and said, "You first dry me up and then I will wipe you dry!!"

I took the towel on my hands and walked behind him ad in a surge of affection for him, I hugged him from behind. As I was hugging him and laying my turned face on his bare wet back shoulder, my hand stayed on to his now flaccid cock.

I toyed with it and my other hand started to cup his balls. He said, "What are you upto now??"

"Shhhhhh. . . .," I said and continued playing with his cock. I held his foreskin and pulled it back all the way and then teasingly I pulled it back over his cock tip. He protested and again said, "What are you upto?????"

"Just keep quiet. Will you. I have taken over your cock and it belongs to me. I will play with it as long as I like. Okay?"

Soon I was nearly shagging him and his cock was getting to slowly rise and get hard.

He then pleaded, "Khuku. As an elder brother I am requesting you that I want to keep that enormous amount of semen reserved for your cunt. Why are you hell bent on making me come before that?"

I realized, he meant it. Besides my cunt needed that nourishment.

I stopped and kissed him on his back and proceeded to wipe him dry. II walked around and dried his cock and balls as well.

Then it was his turn to dry me. He took all the time to softly wipe my boobs one by one and then wiped my back and my crack from behind me. Then he squatted in front of me and made me stand with slightly parted legs and he wiped my legs from bottom down till my crotch.

Finally he came to my pussy. He was extra soft with my pussy ands left is nearly damp.

He kissed me several times and finally kissed me on my pussy and we walked out of the bathroom.

He proceeded to get into a fresh underwear ad then slipped into a pair of Bengali pajama and Kurta, while I had to look for my clothes strewn all over the room ad slip into them.

Then I proceeded to the dresser and quickly set my hairs right and whispered t him that he should take another ten minutes before he emerged from the room. "I better go out and bitch like hell to Ma. I must complain that you took far too long and I had to needlessly wait for you t call for your clothes. Now that you have asked for your clothes, I have passed them in and come out of the bedroom"

He nodded and I came out the room and went about my plan with my Mother.

After ten minutes Mintu emerged from the room and had small talk with my Mother. While I went about planning how to get to be in the room with Mintu. And get mercilessly fucked and fucked and fucked.

I fantasized that Mintu would have so much semen in his balls that it would start to drip out of my cunt hole, and I would feel it dripping down my thighs while I walked!!!

As the evening progressed my Father returned from work and had his quota of small talk with Mintu. The talk came down to what plans Mintu had of getting a job for himself. Mintu said, "I have some campus offers coming up. I expect I will get one of them."

As the evening wore n, MIntu asked my Mother, "Pishee, ayee dushtoo meye taa kee korbay akhon?? MBA koray akhon baadi boshay thakbay nakee? ("Aunt. What will this naughty girl do after having completed her MBA? Sit at home and twiddle her thumbs?")

My Mother replied, "Who will give her a job? Once you get a job, you get her a job. Then the two of you, the brother and sister can stay in the same place and work. Then I will look for a god groom for her and get her married."

My heart raced at this proposal of staying with Mintu. But I protested, "Ma. Aaamee biye tiye aakhon korbo naa. Aaar amee Minru's shathey thaktey parbo naa. Aaatow jalaye naa??" ("Mom I have no marriage plans at the moment. And I can't stand staying with Mintu. He really bugs me.")

My brother joined in to the conversation and soon dinner was served.

As dinner was proceeding, I played my move and announced, "Ma, I will sit on the roof with Mintu for while and chat with him. And then may be we will continue the chat in his room."

My Mother replied, "I don't know what you guys do?? Once you hate his face. Then you must chat with him all night!!"

My Dad spoke knowingly, "They are so close in age. Leave them be."

As dinner finished, Mintu went to his room to brush his teeth and I went into my bedroom and changed into a wrap around lunge (like a wrap around long skirt) and a short loose Kurta (Indian top). It had gold colored metal buttons in the back and a deep plunging neck line. Not the best as night wear, but certainly good for teasing a boy friend. I gathered my hairs with a large plastic clip. I knew that Mintu liked to be tantalized and love tantalizing me when he stripped me naked. Also, he liked my hairs free while fucking. Under Mintu's strict instructions, I did not wear my bra or panty. I rubbed in significant amounts of Avon Cream perfumes into my boobs, arm pit and crotch.

Then as I emerged, I suggested to Mintu in front of all the family, "Are you coming up to chat or will you leave me alone and let me catch some sleep?"

He got up and walked bye me and pulled a bunch of my hairs as he walked up the stairs. I yelped "Aoooooooch. What is this??? You can't do this Mintu? Ma??? Please tell him not to bother me!!"

I too walked up the stairs.

Mintu did not waste time and said, "Khuku. I want you to fetch the Nivea Cream bottle and your lipstick and come back quickly."

I walked down the steps and went into my bedroom and picked these up and also picked up my light shawl. I hid these items under my shawl and walked up telling my Mother, "It is slightly windy upstairs."

We stood side by side at the edge of the roof and looked out at the light up Calcutta and the sparse clouds and just enjoyed the peace and calm and the now dying noise of traffic about 200 meters away.

Once in a while Mintu slipped his arm around my waist and drew me closer. I would respond to it once in a while by lowering my hand and patting his now half erect dick.

As it cam closer to 11 PM, the servants retired and there was total peace.

Mintu then said, "I am leaving tomorrow. We have only one night to make love. And then I am gone. I want to talk to you seriously tonight before we go into my room and we make love till we collapse. And I can get to sleep the night in your naked arms nestling my face in between your lovely breasts."

I understood that he was serious. I brushed my lips over his chin and said, "Yes go ahead."

For nearly five minutes, he kept quiet. I was getting worried, that he might inform that he was loosing interest in me and my sex.

He said, "Khuku. You are my sister. I am your brother. Yet I am in love with you. I don't know about you. But I am."

I was startled and I responded what I truly felt for him, "I too am deeply in love with you. I know that making love with ones brother is taboo. But, I can't live without you."

"Is it because I satisfy your sexual needs? Is it because you love getting fucked that you are saying so? Or is that a measured and valued statement you are making?" Mintu asked.

"No. Whether you fuck me or not. Whether you agree to marry me or not. I am not marrying any on else. I love you and my view will remain so," I added.

Mintu remained quiet for a while and then spoke, "Khuku. We can't get married the conventional way. But we can live with each other. In the same city and find ways and means of living with each other."

He slowly embraced me.
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