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Becoming My Mother's Man

I am 23 and she is 43. But she does not look like 43.

She looks much younger, by face she looks like in her early thirties. have average looking face. Average boobs, but enough for a male for enjoyment. Good height, 5 feet 7 inches, yes she is tall and just 2 inches shorter than me. But what makes her very attractive is lower part of her body. even after giving birth to a child, her abdomen is flat. she has heavy butts and to support that she has heavy highs as well. Her butts jiggle when she walks. Even after having average face and breast she steals the sight of a man. Her beautiful heavy milky thighs hide between them most valuable asset of her. Yes, that asset makes me mad for her, her cunt.


My father and mother fell in love in college and got married. By the time she is 20, she conceived and gave birth to me. Fifteen year went good after marriage but then my father detected with cancer. After a prolong disease of 4-5 year, he expired. I was 21. He left with tumbling financial conditions because of her prolong disease and a young wife. For the last 10 years of his life, he was struggling for a life, forget about his sex life. He left a sex starved young wife for the world. Fortunately, his young son was ready to go to world. I got job soon and became the MAN of the house.


Soon after his demise, I started thinking of how to get her. Fortunately, I didn’t need to try too hard. One day after shopping for some home groceries and vegetable, me and mom was returning from market. It was already rainy. But while returning we got stuck in storm. It was impossible to ride so parked my bike on the road side and took the shelter of a tree. The storm got stormier than. There was nobody around and nobody was expected. The rain water was chilly cold. It was lightening as well, so mom came close to me. and hugged me tight to save herself from rain and thundering noise. I responded with a hug as well. My left hand was on her upper back and right on her lower back. But soon right hand slipped to her left butt. The softness of her butt now made me understand that I am in fortunate situation. I grabbed her left butt slightly. Waited for her reaction. She did not react. Then I lowered my left hand slowly down and grabbed her right butt as well and waiting for her reaction, she didn’t reacted this time as well.

Then I made my grip on her butts firmer and pulled her butt toward me. She reacted by pushing her lower abdomen towards me and stiffing her butt muscles. Then I think she realised my erection in my pant. She separated a bit and saw down towards my cock. She saw my erection and with surprise then look at my face. Without giving any expression she changed her face position from right to left and get back to her position to hug me. Then I started to fondle them. To my surprise she let me do that. All this took 15 mins. The lightning and storm subsidized then. We took it as an opportunity to go back home. It was still raining with cold wind. She sat back on bike grabbing me firmly with her boobs resting on my back. I can feel her warmness in this cold weather.

Reaching home, we were fully drenched with water oozing from both of us, and we both were shivering. It was 8 PM already. She entered inside the home and brought towels for both of us. Then we both went to our room and changed. I was still having erection.

After changing we took coffee and took our dinner. After dinner we both sitting on drawing room sofa and were still feeling cold. She realized the grim situation of getting me cold, she brought some warm mustard and started massage me on my head, neck and chest. I felt as if she is enjoying applying oil on my chest. Then my back. I got some respite from cold. For caring I asked her as well for massage and started with her hand. It was really fun doing that then I started on her foot. I was sitting on floor near sofa and she lied on sofa. Little upper and upper and she closed her eyes and let me go upper.

I reached to her fleshy milky thighs whom I didn’t witness until now. I got a firm erection. With some courage I reached to her vagina lips and started massaging them. What will happen in night was decided by now? It was a matter how it will happen. I stripped her naked in the drawing room and took her to bed and enjoyed her. She screamed, moaned and cried and gave me her ultimate love for life. I sucked her all over until 5 in the morning and we had sexual intercourse in her bedroom multiple times. Then I slept.


By 7 AM, I got up, mom was doing her house chores. I didn’t have courage to face her, and after some time I realised nor did she. She was avoiding me. She get out to another room when I enter the room. Leave the meals on dining table for me to eat without attending me eating which she usually do. Talking minimum just yes or no. This went on for 4-5 days. But then my lust for her cunt started overpowering me. I started planning to enjoy her again. Her body curves started grabbing my attention again.

She even caught me staring her butts one day. That night I was not able to sleep because of my sexual urge for her. At about 11 PM, one hour after we both went our room to sleep, I went to her room. she was sleeping on her left side. I kissed her on her cheek. She opens her eyes and saw my smiling face. She tried to get up nervously and asked me what I want. I remained silent. She understood what I want. she said, “go to you room, it late in night”. I said I want to sleep here. She again lied and took the bed sheet on her face to avoid my sight. I lied on her right side. For few mins I gather courage to touch her. She has exposed from her back. Finally, I touched her on her back. below her blouse. She shivered.

Then I started touching her all over her back then her stomach. Then holding her upper right hand I pulled her toward me. Before she could say a word I put my lips over her lips and controlled her legs but putting my right leg over her legs. Her left hand was in grip of my right hand over her head and I was sucking her lips. She was not resisting but was cooperating. After few mins she melted and was ready for sex again. I removed her sari and all her clothes, spread her legs, sat between them and started sucking her pussy lips. She started moaning loudly. That night we enjoyed another satisfying intercourse till morning.


Our sexual life started after that night. We were now set for a new exciting life. after 3-4 day I requested her to wear her wedding dress AT night. I decorated the room with flower and candles and sent. She enter the room with pallu on her head in her wedding dress, with a glass of milk that we both drunk and finished. That night I fucked her without removing her clothes in standing position. I just removed her panty. opened her blouse from front so that her boobs hang free. Her hand was on bed, her left leg was on floor and right leg was on bed. To give me easy access to her vagina. I fucked her in that position. It was not her favourite position but she was happy because I was happy.

With every push of my penis in her pussy while fucking, she screamed for her mummy. After first session we hugged & kissed each other and walked in the house with hand in hand. I was naked and she was in wedding dress with blouse opened from front. Her nipples were clearly exposed. After the two session we collapsed on bed for sleeping. In the morning we got up kissing each other and had another intercourse. I went to office after that. In the night that day on my request she wore her all the wedding jewelry but no clothes. She was looking a fairy that day. I fucked her in same standing position but in drawing room that night. Taking the support of sofa. Then we had hugs and kisses. I mauled with her butts when we were having smooch.


After that night we both had a feeling as if we were married to each other. She used to live happy at home. Her beauty bloomed since she was happy and satisfied with new life. It was only after 2 months that I got an information that I have to go to Singapore for an official assignment. I tried my best and got the approval to take my mother along with me to Singapore. We had the stay in a luxury hotel on 22nd floor. The room was big with floor to ceiling glass wall for outside. It was my honeymoon with mom. Seeing the entirely new place and luxury room she became extremely happy. It was really different then what she saw in her life. New people, new place, new city far away from her home. Reaching at hotel we had sex as usual but in new bed which was more enjoying. We had shower together and I requested her to remain naked in the room.

She hesitated but when I convince her that its safe she shed her clothes. I was really wonderful to see her naked moving around when the full sunlight fall inside the room. She discover new herself inside. Two days after, we went to market and bought clothes for her. A very low waist skin tight jeans. Short skirt as well. A string to tie near her belly button. High heel boots. Tube top and strapless top. She was behaving like she discovered heaven. Our daily schedule was like we get early in the morning naked then we have intercourse, then we bath together in shower and enjoy each other body there.

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