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After Four Years - Ch 4

New Beginning

Next day morning I was lying on my bed head down. It was already time to get up. But I did not have courage to face my dad. I wanted to go to office to escape the embarrassment but how could I avoid my father? He would be in the living room watching morning news. I heard my door open but I still lay as I was. It was my mom.

She came and sat on the edge of the bed.

"Get up honey" she said moving her hand over my back. I felt assured like a baby.

"Today your dad has gone out for his morning walk earlier, may be he wants to avoid you."

Now I wanted to avoid him and he too wanted to avoid me. I got up from the bed and tried to kiss my mom. She gently pushed me back.

"Ummm you need to brush your teeth before you put anything in your mouth"

She was right. I quickly got up and rushed towards the bathroom. I relieved myself, brush my teeth, took a shower and came out in the living room. My mom had already arranged my breakfast and tea on the dining table.

"Wow it smells good ma what have you made for me?" I asked

"It's your usual omelette and bread but with butter may be that's why it smells good"

I walked towards the table where she was standing and put my arms around her. She also put her arms around my neck and rested her breast against me. We kissed passionately.

"Mom I heard everything yesterday"

"You little rascal you were spying on us"

"No ma I was standing there just in case dad beat you"

"So did you hear everything?"

"Yeah everything till you said 'payback time' "

She blushed as she poured some tea in my cup. I finished my breakfast and rushed to my office. That day in the office was very disturbing for me. I was not able to concentrate. I was waiting for 6pm. The watch never seemed to go forward. At last those long hours were over and I headed back to my home.

My mom opened the door for me. I went straight into my bedroom as wanted to avoid my dad who was watching TV in the living room. But how long I could avoid it? I had to face him at the dinner table. I kept my head down at the dinner table to avoid eye contact with my dad. My dad was also doing the same thing. I hastily finished my dinner and went in my bedroom. It was too early to sleep so I picked up a book and started reading it.

It was around 11 pm when my mom walked in and closed the door. I was surprised as she would normally come to me after mid night. She was also wearing some flowers in her hair. She walked straight into my arms. I pulled her towards me and kissed her.

"Ma you are early today?" I asked her.

"You did not hear what your father said afterwards"

"What did he say ma?"

"He said he won't mind our relationship and even encouraged me to sleep with you everyday" she said brushing her nose against my chest.

I was delighted on hearing this. Now I understood why he did not say anything to me and why he avoided contact with me. He had probably accepted the reality that he was not going to be cured. It was in his own interest that he let his wife sleep with me instead of somebody else. This would have humiliated as the word would have spread about his condition.

"Oh ma" I said and moved on top of her.

I kissed her gently. She was moving her fingers through my hair. She pulled me close to her and put her arms around my back. I was now resting on her soft body. Her breasts were pressing against my chest. I was feeling their softness. I moved my face over her breasts and started rubbing it against her breasts. She was now moaning with pleasure and excitement. I kissed her breasts over and over again.

"Uhh Rohan that's feeling so good" and she pressed my head against her breasts.

I was not wearing any T-shirt so when she pulled my shorts in a flash I was naked.

"Oh ma" I sighed.

"Let me see how my boy looks" she said.

For the first time since our first encounter we were in the bed with lights on. She pushed me away from her so that she could have a look at me. I was ashamed the way she was watching me. She moved her hands over my chest and my shoulders. My dick was fully erect but it was resting against her thighs.

"Rohan I want to see 'it'" she said.

I was ashamed and reluctantly moved away from her.

"Wow" she was stunned to see my fully erect dick.

"It is so red and thick" she said.

My dick is not long enough but I think it is certainly good across (thick).

I again moved on top of her as I was ashamed the way she was watching me.

"Hey Rohan don't be so ashamed. It's ok. It's just you and me."

"Ma please"

"It's ok Rohan look at me"

I looked in her eyes. She was looking lovingly towards me.

"Rohan don't be shy. Be my man."

"Oh ma I am your baby."

"Yes honey but now you are my man."

She then gently pulled me towards her and planted a soft kiss on my lips.

"You know Rohan you have made me a woman again. You make me feel wanted and loved. I would have become mad if this had not happened between us."

"Oh ma I love you. You are so sweet."

"I love you too honey."

"You know Rohan how frustrated I was for all these years?"

"I can understand ma"

"You can't understand it beta(son) the agony through which I have gone"

"I know mom"

I was now moving my fingers through her hair and planting a few soft kisses on her lips and on her forehead. She had closed her eyes and was just enjoying being loved.

"It feels soooo good when you love me like this Rohan"

"I love you ma"

"Your dad never loved me like this. He was interested only in the hole between my legs"

"No mom my dad is not that insensitive"

"I am his wife honey and I have slept under him for twenty years"

"Then I am sorry ma you did not have a good time with him"

"Yes only some times when I was wild I needed him otherwise it was he who would just insert his dick and have his way" she said in a low voice.

"But he is not that bad ma" I tried to defend my dad.

"I know honey but he was too clumsy in the bed. He never made me feel loved. I always used to feel used by him like a sex slave. So disgusting"

"It's ok ma it's all over now. You have me."

"Yes honey" she sighed.

I then pressed myself against her breast and started to kiss them. She began moaning with pleasure. My dick was hard like a steel bar and aching to go inside her.

"Rohan remove my sari"


"Your dad already know everything so what's the point in keeping it on"

I slowly removed her sari like a kid unwrap his gift. She was now in her blouse and petticoat. Her breasts were moving up and down with her every breath. She put her hands behind her back and slowly unhooked her blouse. I helped her remove it. This exposed her bra which was desperately trying to hold her huge breasts. I put my hand around her back and started to unhook her bra. My hands were trembling and my body was shaking. After struggling for a while I gave up the attempt to unhook her bra. She giggled and unhooked and removed it in a flash.

"Next time I won't do it for you" she said as she giggled.

I was dumbfounded when I saw her voluptuous breasts. They were much bigger than what I have imagined. Her tits were brown and quite big.

"What are you looking at Rohan? Don't you want to suck them?" She asked lovingly.

"Wow ma you are so gorgeous" I said.

She then pulled me towards her. I buried my face against her exposed breasts and started rubbing it against it. She was moaning with pleasure. I then started sucking her breast. I was moving my tongue over her nipples teasing her. She was arching her back and moaning with pleasure. After some time she pulled my head towards her.

"Rohan love me Rohan" she whispered in my ear.

She then slowly slid her hands between my and her belly to reach out to the strings of her petticoat. As she was uniting her strings her hands were touching my dick and I was feeling a sweet tingling sensation. After she had untied the strings she lifted her bottom slightly and slid her petticoat down up to her thighs.

"Remove it honey" she said lovingly.

I quickly removed it. Her beautiful thighs were now exposed to me. She was wearing a black panty which was looking very sexy because of her fair thighs. I lowered my face between her thighs and started kissing softly on inside of her thighs. She started to moan loudly as I reached near her pussy.

"Aggghhhh Rohan Ssshhhh Aaaaahhh"

I then reached over her panty. I placed a kiss on her pussy over her panty.

"Ssssshhhh Aaaaahhhhh" she moaned

I kept on kissing softly as she moaned. My nose was filled with the musky aroma coming out of her pubic area. I slowly increased the frequency of my kisses. She was now moaning with pleasure. I then started rubbing my nose and cheeks against her pussy and kissing her pussy loudly. The rubbing and the sound of smooching made her crazy.

"Aggghhh O my God Ssssshhh Aaahhhhhggghhh ssssshhhh aaaaahhhh"

"Rohaaaan come inside me Rohan Ssssshhhh aghhhh"

She pulled my hair and brought my face near her.

"Do it honey do it. I can't wait"

She was raising her waist again and again and pressing her pussy against my dick. My hands automatically moved to reach her panty. I slowly removed it from her body. Her thick black pubic hairs were hiding her pussy. I slowly moved my fingers through them occasionally caressing her pussy lips. She would moan with pleasure whenever I touched her pussy. For the first time after months since our first encounter my mom was lying totally naked under me. I lay myself on top of her. I wanted to feel the nakedness of her body. I had placed my hands over her shoulders from behind her back. My chest was resting against her breasts. Our bellies were pressing against each other and my thighs were resting on her thighs. My dick was resting in her pubic hair aching to go home.

"Come inside honey" she said with a lust filled voice.

She pushed me away a little to free my dick which was sandwiched between our pubic region.
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