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Adorable Woman - Part 9

After a while she asked, "You must be getting a kick by touching my hair. I am also feeling really nice at your touch. But I wonder how long you can keep control over your passion. It's better that you stop now."

I also knew I had to stop and before I did that I took a chance and said, "Will you let me soap your butts ma?" (Ma, amake tomar pacchay saban makhate debe?")

"I don't know, how much indulgence I can give you," she said with exasperation but turned round to offer her butts to me.

As I touched the ample mass, I hands trembled and I was enamoured at the softness of the flesh and silky smoothness of her skin. My hands moved around the crack between her butt cheeks but I controlled my temptation to touch inside. I lovingly soaped the butts for a long time and revelled under a magic spell.

Ma broke the spell, as she took the soap from me and said, "Let me soap you now."

She started in a very casual way and soaped my chest, neck & shoulders, arms, legs & thighs, back etc. Her touch wasn't anything special and my only concern was to how to avoid touching her with my erect cock. When she was soaping my chest, my cock was less than an inch away from her belly. When she bent down to soap my legs & thighs, it was almost touching her nose. By then our eyes got used to the darkness and I was sure ma could see at least the profile of my shaft.

As she finished soaping my feet and ankles, I thought soaping was over. She stood up and said, "I haven't given you a bath for ages. Now that I got a chance I might as well clean you up properly. Raise your arms. Let me clean up your armpit. It must be pretty dirty with sweat."

("Ami je koto bochor toke snan koraini ke jane. Aj jokhon sujog peyechhi, toke bhalo kore safai kore debo. Dekhi, hat duto opore tol. Bogol ta ghoshe poriskar kere dei. Gham jome nischoi nongra hoye achhe.")

She rubbed my armpits hard. After she finished and rinsed the soap away, she put her nose in the armpit to check if all the smell was washed away.

After she was satisfied with the armpits she asked me to spread my legs so that she could clean my thigh joints. ("Dekhi pa duto phank kor, urur gora gulo porishkar kore dei.")

As she soaped my inner thighs, her hands brushed my balls. She didn't appear to be bothered. After a while, she put her hand through the gap between the thighs and soaped my balls. She even went behind the balls and soaped the stretch behind the balls up to the asshole. Wow, what a sensation it was!

She appeared to be obsessed with cleanliness and without caring about the sensitivity of those hidden areas said, "These places are so hairy, just like your father's. You must clean up like this everyday. Now turn around and bend down with your legs spread."

("Ei jayga gulo te ki beshi lom, thik tor babar moto. Roj eirokom kore porishkar korbi. Ekhon pechhon pher ar pa phank kore samne jhuke danra.")

I didn't understand why she was asking me to do like this. I only realised, she was treating me like a child and ignored my sensitivity from her touch. As I followed her order, she shocked me by putting her hand in my asshole. As she soaped my asshole and even poked her finger in it, I got hell of a kick. I controlled a scream that was about to come out of my mouth. At the same time, it was an embarrassment too.

After I recovered from the initial shock, I said, "What are you doing? You are even touching my asshole!"

("E ki korchho? Tumi je amar pachhar phanke hat dichchho!")

"So what? I have to do whatever is needed to clean you up" was her casual reply.

("Tate ki hoyechhe? Toke porishkar korar jonyo ja dorkar seta to kortei hobe.

After she was done with my ass hole, she turned me around and started soaping my underbelly. Soon her hand was in my dense pubic hair and closeness of her hand to my manhood was too sensual for me. I was now pining for her hand to touch my manhood, which was throbbing in excitement. This time my expectation was not belied and her hand moved on to the base of my cock. Now her hand became much more loving and she very slowly traversed the length of my shaft. She moved her hand up & down a number of times and I felt as if it would explode. She opened the foreskin and soaped inside the fold. The cock throbbed in her hand.

As I was getting desperate to be jerked off, she said, "This one is trembling in excitement. Are you really so excited with my nudity?"

I said in an emotional voice, "Yes, my dream is to see and feel your nudity. Though I can't see you clearly, I am excited to death, as your naked body is so close to me. Touching your body and being touched by you made me ecstatic."

"To divert your sexual attraction from me, I exposed you to sexually attractive women and you enjoyed best of sexual pleasure. I am surprised you are still so attracted to me. I am flattered that at my age I hold so much attraction to a young stud like you. At the same time, I realise I have pushed you to the end point of your self control. As you are unable to hold back you passion any more, let me give you some relief."

Saying this, she started fondling my cock; very lovingly she moved her fingers over it like a feather. As my manhood throbbed in excitement, she started opening & closing my foreskin, initially slowly and then fast. I breathed heavily and moaned.

"Can I feel your breasts, ma?" I asked and she placed my both hands on her breasts. I simply fondled her gorgeous mounds and sensation out of the softness was awesome. I rested my head on her mounds and could her hear heart beat. Both my body & mind was filled with love for her.

Very soon I started discharging and the shots hit her body. The discharge continued for quite some time and finally stopped when she squeezed the last drop out from my flaccid cock. I continued to rest my head on her breasts and enjoyed heavenly bliss.

After we cleaned up and dried ourselves, we walked back home naked. After we entered home, we went to ma's room. We didn't switch on the light and ma pampered me with talc and cologne. She sprayed perfume all over her body including her breasts, armpit, bellybutton and crotch. She even sprayed on her butts. Her aroma was really enchanting. She pulled on a chemise and I put on my shorts.

After switching on the light, she asked if I would like to sleep with her. As I said yes, she wasn't sleepy at all and would like to read a book for some time. I told her I wasn't sleepy too and suggested why don't we chat till sleep catches on. She agreed and switching off the light, we lied down side by side.

I asked her, "Did you ever make love before you got married."

"No dear, I did get close to a guy in my college days. We liked each other a lot but never got to the stage of saying 'I love you'. In any case, in those days physical relationship between unmarried men & women was almost non-existent. In rural areas and in large joint families, there were cases of sex between cousins, between next door neighbours, between brother & sister's best friend etc. But those were purely clandestine and short lived. For me such things never happened."

"So, dad is the only guy you made love to" I said.

She kept silent for a while and then said. "The answer is no. Your dad is the only man I loved and sex with him can be termed making love. But I have experienced sex otherwise, but not with someone I loved."

While I wondered if I should probe more, she continued, "After marriage, we had a blissful sex life. We were both virgins, when we got married. After we got over the initial difficulty we immensely enjoyed sex. I had learnt about a lot of exotic things verbally from Minu and tried to put those in practice. Normally an Indian woman never takes initiative to please her husband, at least not in the early stage of marriage. But I was an exception and your dad welcomed it. He was very willing & co-operative and our enjoyment was great. Both of us were innovative too and experimented a lot. As a result, for first few years we never got bored with sex. But in between I faced a major problem.

As you know, I got married before I got my bachelor's degree. But with your dad's encouragement & support, I finished the final examination and even got a first class. A couple of years after you were born, your dad & I both wanted that I do my masters. But joining college wasn't possible and I had to enrol as a private student. While I studied on my own, I needed guidance and your dad got hold of a reputed professor. He agreed to give me tuition and I visited his house twice a week. This man in his mid forties was not only a brilliant teacher but also a magnetic personality. Within a short time he completely captivated me with his profound knowledge, amazing brain power and magnetic personality.

He taught me alone and most of the days, his wife was away. One day, after studies he held me back and we chatted for some time. He suddenly started praising me for an excellent combination of beauty & brain. I was so surprised at his praise that I couldn't even protest. He then started praising my eyes and holding my face in his hands looked deeply in my eyes. He kissed me on my lips. I was under such a magic spell that I parted my lips to accommodate the advances of his tongue. As the kiss continued, he completely undressed me. I was completely mesmerized and didn't even feel ashamed to be completely nude. I floated in a wave of pleasure as he caressed my nudity. When it eventually reached the peak I allowed him to have sex with me without any resistance. I must admit it was a fantastic erotic experience for me. But as soon as I regained my senses, I had a tremendous regret. I felt as if I was forced upon and rage filled my heart.

After I came back home, I had a terrible feeling of shame & guilt. I wanted to confess to your dad, but couldn't. Next day when I went for tuition, I made a resolve to resist him. But eventually when he again made an attempt to have sex with me, my resistance was too weak.
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