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Adorable Woman - Part 8

My enigmatic ma (July 1965)

All through the vacation, whenever I had sex ma's nude image came to my imagination. Even after I had the good fortune of having full physical pleasure from three very exotic women, I nursed an unfulfilled desire. I craved for ma. I wasn't sure if I wanted to make love to her. But primary desire was to see and feel her naked body.

On the day before we left, ma & I spent the whole afternoon in packing. Ma selected a lot of books from my grandpa's library and also many curios, which were gathering dust in that lonely house. We had to pack all those in packing boxes and it was a strenuous & time taking job. Ma was wearing a long chemise of my grandma and had no undergarments. Though I was engrossed in packing, I got distracted from time to time as I could see the profile of ma's naked body through the thin cotton fabric of her chemise. As & when she squatted on the floor, she lifted the chemise well above her knees and I was enamoured to see her lovely legs with light curly hair and part of her smooth & soft thighs.

The packing continued for a very long time, from the afternoon till late night. We took small breaks for tea and dinner. By the time we finished, it was past midnight and grandma & Minudi were fast asleep. As we sat down on the floor, I watched ma very closely. Apart from her legs & part of her thighs, I could see her long armpit hair through the folds of her underarms. The shape of her boobs & the nipples as also her butts were clearly seen as the thin fabric was stuck to her skin wet with perspiration. This gave me hell of a turn on and my cock started getting erect. Ma noticed the bulge and smiled.

"What's that for?" she pointed to the bulge and asked.

"That's caused by you." I answered boldly.

"You are getting naughtier by the day" she remarked but never tried to cover her body.

After a while she said, "If you are not too tired, we can go for a night walk."

I was delighted at the idea of getting out in fresh air. Ma took two towels & a piece of soap with her and said we should have a wash at the pond before we go for the walk. It was pitch dark outside as it was a new moon. It took us a couple of minutes to get used to the darkness. We reached the pond and walked down to the water. As we dipped our feet in cool water, we felt very nice.

I didn't feel like leaving the water and asked ma, "How about taking a bath in the pond?" ("Pukure snan korle kemom hoy?")

"That's a damn good idea, but we haven't brought change of clothes" ("Khub bhalo hoy, kintu amra to snan kore porbar kapor anini.")

"Is that an issue ma? It's so dark out here, it's no problem getting down into the water naked. No one is going to come here at this hour and even if someone comes, we can't be seen naked." ("Eta kono kotha holo? Ekhane eto ondhokar, nangto hoye pukure nebe jaoya kono byapar noy. Eto ratre ekhane keu asbena ar eleo amader nangto dekhte pabena.")

Now she agreed and turning her back to me pulled off her chemise. Though she was only a foot or so away, it was so dark I could not see her naked body. I could only visualise the profile of her naked backside. I was thrilled & excited as I realised that she was stark naked and the naked skin of her butts was very close to me. As she turned to her side to throw her chemise on the steps, I could see the hazy profile of her naked body from the side. I just couldn't believe my eyes as I saw the outline of her ample breasts with large nipples, the curve of her hips & belly and a blurred image of her pubic hair projecting out of her crotch. I was unable to believe that I was so close to watching my ma fully in the nude. She avoided looking at me till she went down in the water. Once she was in the water, I fully undressed with my erect cock in display. I stood naked facing her and was sure ma could at least see the profile of my cock. I wondered if she liked it. I got down into the water and the cool water on my naked body felt awesome. I stood close to ma and felt excited at the feeling of proximity of our naked bodies.

Ma now said, "Are you now happy that your mother is naked and standing so close to you?"

As I said I was thrilled, she said, "You have to be happy for the time being with whatever you saw of my naked body. Time is not yet right for you to fully enjoy your mother's nudity."

I was a little disappointed but kept quiet.

She continued with a pause, "I am really happy that you enjoyed your adulthood in so many ways. I initiated this but you got much more than what I expected. The younger women stopped half way, because they were not prepared to take your virginity. I was a bit disappointed as it's rather difficult to get such women without any inhibitions at all Even carefree & daring Minu also hesitated initially. You were lucky as Sonamashi unexpectedly came into the scene."

I was surprised at ma's intimate knowledge of every thing that went on, but was really shocked to realise that even Sonadi's secret sojourn to my room was known to her. Later, I realised she kept a vigil on me through Minudi.

"I am really happy that you pleased my mother, who has been missing sex for years."

"Now that I am not going to be there, who is going to take care of grandma?" I asked.

She kept mum for a while and then said, "My child, women can take care of themselves. You already know that. I have instructed Minu to take care of her by making the evening massage more exotic. Minu is hungry herself and is always on the look out for partners. She would be the happiest to find her employer as the partner."

I sincerely hoped Minudi keeps grandma happy.

I asked ma, "You didn't tell me if you had the taste of pleasure from women."

"You are still very naïve, my dear. I told you Minu & I was very close. You have also seen her in action with other women. Why can't you put two & two together?"

"I did guess that ma and that's why I asked you to be sure. But you avoided the answer. Were you too embarrassed?"

"I wouldn't say I was embarrassed. But I wasn't sure if you would take it in right spirit. You know, every woman has some lesbian feelings in her, at least at the back of her mind. A man, who is straight, doesn't appreciate the nudity in another man. But women are very different; she enjoys the beauty of other nude women, though always not from a sexual angle. Lesbian relationship is mostly generated out of love & admiration from each other and rarely out of pure lust. I wasn't sure if you would appreciate this. I had the apprehension you might misunderstand this relationship as perversion."

She continued after a pause, "Minu developed lesbian tendencies after she lost her husband. Later after my marriage, when I spent a holiday at the village, Minu & I saw each other naked after a long time. Both our bodies had matured into full womanhood and we really appreciated each other's nudity. Minu was a real beauty at that time (she still is) and I felt attracted to her. I felt like touching her, but wasn't sure how she would take it. So, I restrained my self, but the urge in me came out whenever we had bath together. Minu used to soap my naked body and her touch on my naked body was too sensual for me.

One day, while soaping me Minu asked me if I still masturbate, like we did in our early teens. I said, after marriage I hardly did, but now that I was away from my husband I did at times finger myself to pleasure. Minu sadly said, she had to masturbate very regularly after her husband died. Then she told me, much better pleasure could be had if one woman fingers the other and it could be a lot more than fingering. She hesitantly asked me if I would like to taste that pleasure. I was most delighted to accept her proposal. She by that time was soaping my breasts and started tickling my nipples. This ignited a wild fire in my body and we jumped into the water. Under water she & I enjoyed enormous pleasure.

Though she inducted me into this, when I went back home, I had forgotten about it. Making love to your dad was such a pleasure for me that I never missed Minu as a sex partner. Next time when I visited the village, Minu had a secret boy friend and every night she slipped out of the house to make love to her boyfriend. So, lesbian sex became a forgotten memory."

While she narrated the story, I imagined these two gorgeous women making love and felt most excited.

I asked her, "Wasn't there any other occasion later?"

But by that time, she was busy taking dips in the water and never answered my question. I wasn't sure if she missed the question or her silence was deliberate.

As she moved up the stairs and was soaping herself in the dark, I tried to see her profile as closely as possible. I couldn't see much as she had her back turned towards me. As she soaped her arms, I felt greedy and asked her if I could soap her back. I was expecting a stern no from her, but she said a sweet 'sure' and handed over the soap to me. My hands shook in excitement as I touched her wet skin. The very realisation that I was touching my own dear ma's naked body fascinated me. As I moved my hands along her naked back, my excitement mounted. I pushed my hands under her arms and she accommodated me by lifting her arms sideways with her hands resting on her waist.

As I touched her underarm and felt the lovely softness under the wet hair, I was unable to control myself and slowly slid my hands down touching the bulges of her boobs at the sides of her back. I was enamoured at the softness of the bulges, and was eager to move my hands towards the front. Before I dared doing so, ma dropped her arms signalling me to retreat.

As I went back and my hands reached the small of her back, I was tempted to touch her butts. I slowly slid my hands down and was awed at the softness under the silky smooth skin. As my hands moved down further, I could feel the roundness of the curve. At this stage ma said, "This is enough dear.
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