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Adorable Woman - Part 7

Later in the day, Minudi said I should go for a swim with her in the canal behind our house. She said swimming in the canal was very much different from swimming in the pond and I must experience that. Ma said she would like to come. But Minudi dissuaded her saying that the current in the canal is too strong for her. From their exchange of glances I felt it was not the real reason for ma not coming.

The canal was behind our house. It came through the populated area of the village and later passed through a deep jungle, which was about a half a mile away from our house. Minudi carried our clothes, towel soap etc. in a bag and she & I walked down towards the canal.

As we were at the bank of the canal Minudi said, "If you want to swim naked, we have to go deep inside the forest." ("Jodi nangto hoye santar katte chao tahole jongoler bhetorer dike jete hobe.")

I wanted to see the jungle any way. Besides, swimming naked with Minudi was an attraction. So I opted to walk through the jungle. As we walked inside the jungle, the environment changed dramatically. It was completely deserted and the tall trees made the area a bit dark. There was frequent chirping of the birds and it was very appealing to me. After walking for more than a mile, we came to a spot where the bank had a convenient slope. Minudi said this was a convenient spot for swimming. We walked down along the slope and she kept the bag on a huge boulder. She took out the soap and towels and we were ready for a swim.

Minudi stood at the edge of the water and placing her arm on my back said, "I hope you have understood why I brought you here and why I prevented your ma from coming with us."

As I nodded, she smiled and said, "After the fun we had in the pond, I was hoping for more. But your aunts shied away from real action, possibly because you were a virgin. Since they didn't take any initiative, I had to hold my guns. After all I am only a maid. But when Sonamashi went for a swim, I was sure she seduced you to fuck her. I guess she spent a night with you too. Now that I know you had the taste of first fuck, I want to have my share before you leave."

("Sedin pukure oto phurti korar pore bhebechhilam je aro onek kichhu hobe. Kintu tomar mami ar mashi asol kajta korte giye pichhiye gelo; bodh hoy tumi kokhono chodoni bole tomay diye chdate sonkoch korchhilo. Ora jokhon kichu korlona, amio dome gelam. Jotoi hok amito tomader jhi. Kintu Sonamashi jokhon tomar songe santar katte gelo, ami bujhlam tomake diye nischoy chudiyechhe. Mone hoy ekta rato tomar ghore katiyechhe. Jokhon bujhlam je tomar prothom choda hoye gechhe, bhablam ami keno amar moja ta chhari.")

As she was saying this, she had already took off my vest and her arms around my naked back was creating a stir in my mind. As we had walked for quite some time in the sun, both of us were perspiring. Her ebony coloured skin, moist with perspiration, looked and felt exotic. I had seen her naked twice earlier, but now I was too eager to see her nudity again. She was now pulling at my shorts and within seconds, she made me stark naked. She finally peeled off the sari, her only covering.

She took all our discarded clothes in her hand and walked back to the boulder. Keeping the clothes on the boulder, she came back with the soap in her hand. As she walked elegantly her youthful body amazed me. it was hard to imagine she was almost the same age of ma. As she walked away from me her curvaceous butts swayed rhythmically and I just loved it. As she walked back, her ample breasts bounced a bit and the large hairy triangle under her taut belly looked awfully exciting. My cock became ramrod straight and as she came close I virtually jumped on her. She received me with wide arms and we started kissing.

Her lips were so very thick and the inside of her mouth was so warm and wet, that the kiss turned out to be the most exciting one for me. We lied down on the ground and then rolled down into water. After the kiss ended, we sat up with our bodies under water from waist downward. As the water flew over our groins, it felt wonderful.

Minudi watched my cock standing erect under transparent water and greedily gripping it said, "Your cock is really delicious." ("Tomar banda ta sotyi kheye felte ichchhe kore")

She now asked me, "Do you jerk off regularly?" ("Tumi ki niyomito banda khencho?")

I said, "I usually do, but now I am getting a chance to ejaculate inside a pussy." ("Hayn, khinchi, kintu ekhon guder bhetore phelar sujog pachchhi.")

"You fucked your grandma day before, right? How many times did you fuck her?" ("Tumi porshu ratre didake chudechho, tai na? Kobar chudechho?')

"Twice, but ejaculated thrice." ("Dubar, kintu phelechhi tin bar")

"After that you haven't jerked off at all?" ("Tar por thekhe ar pheloni?")

As I said no, she said, "That means, you would now ejaculate very early. If that be so, I better don't start fucking straightway. I take long to come, and you may ejaculate before that. I must get heated up." ("Tar mane, tomar ekhon khub taratari pore jabe. Tai jodi hoy, tahole prothomei na choda bhalo. Amar hote onek somoy lage ar tar agei tomar pore jabe. Amake onekta gorom hoye nite hobe.")

Saying this, she lied down on her back and spread her thighs wide, exposing her huge hairy pussy under clear water. She took my hand and placed it in her pussy. I searched through the thick & curly hair and found her swollen pussy lips, I inserted my finger inside and found her thick clit. After I played with it for some time, she removed my hand and turned over. She rested on her knees and raised her butts exposing the bottom of her cunt. Her hair covered lips were now exposed and I put my thumb & index finger inside. I held her fleshy clit and twisted it hard.

While she started moaning, she mumbled, "Take your finger inside, further inside,"

"Go as far as you can" she kept on saying and move her pelvis towards me. She lifted her knees and now rested on her hands and feet giving me more access.

As I ventured in and hit a wall, I moved my finger around and suddenly she screamed, "Just there, exactly there"

By now I felt something under my finger and rubbed the place. Now she screamed so loud that her voice echoed. After a while she urged back to go back to her clit and I followed. For quite some time she made me alternate between the two places and from the sound she made it looked as if she was under a continuous orgasm.

As quite some time passed like this, she said, "Now fuck me." ("Ebar amake chodo").

I pushed my cock through her pussy lips, which were very much swollen. I pushed my cock in & out and found the tunnel so slippery that my shaft tended to slip out after every stroke. Minudi was already abnormally excited and within a very short time started screaming at the top of her voice. To my great surprise, when I was far from ejaculation, she had a volcanic orgasm, at the end of which she simply fell flat on her belly, splashing a lot of water.

As she lied like a fainted person, I watched her huge ebony coloured body and admired her curvaceous hips and shapely thighs. I was amazed to see her not so trim waist with no flab, which opened out to ample butts giving her a clear hour glass shape. She didn't take too long to recover.

As she sat up, she embraced me and kissed me all over her my face and said, "Oh my dear young man, you have given me the best fuck of my life." ("O amar khoka babu, emon choda amake jibone keu chodeni.")

As she was praising my fuck, I realised it was entirely her credit that she got such a fantastic pleasure from my fingering. A couple of days ago, I was reading a book on female anatomy from my grandpa's library. I now remembered having read about g spot, the secret point of pleasure in female genital. I realised she had made me hit her g spot.

She held me like a child in her breast and I sucked her nipples hard. The nipples were really large, about half an inch in diameter and nearly an inch long, and felt lovely in my mouth. She revelled in my sucking and lovingly fondled my cock, moving her fingers in feather touch from base to the tip. She moved her fingers on the balls and then to the hairy stretch behind.

She continued to move her finger in my ass hole and suddenly inserted her finger deep in my ass hole. It was such a strong sensation that I shuddered and a sharp scream emerged from my mouth. Now she made me stand up in front of her with my ass directly in front of her mouth and parting my butt cheeks started licking my ass hole, initially slowly and then very fast. She pressed my ass hole with her fingers and then inserted her tongue inside. The tongue went deep inside and moved like a snake making me wild in excitement.

As she disengaged her mouth, we waded down in the canal water. Holding my face in her hands she kissed me on my lips. As I noticed earlier too, her kiss was very different and far more sensual than all other women. She pressed her wide open lips on mine and sucked hard and darted her tongue with lots of saliva. At the same time she moved her boobs on my chest, creating a tingling sensation by her nipples. Her crotch pressed on mine and our pubic hair was enmeshed together.

She made me lie down on my in the shallow water and lavishly soaped me from my toe to neck making my backside totally slippery. She placed her whole naked body on my backside and slide up & down. I realised she had made her front slippery with soap too. She placed her boobs on my thighs and slipped up to the top of my back. As she reached the extreme point, she relaxed her body and it slipped all the way down. The feel of her boobs and pubic hair was awfully sensational.

She now turned me around and soaped my front. She made her boobs slippery with soap and placed it on my chest with her thighs on my sides and slipped down to my pubic hair. She pushed her body further down and her boobs went past my cock, which got bent and slipped through her cleavage.
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