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Adorable Woman - Part 5

Minudi left me wild with excitement. As the evening approached I grew impatient. Finally, grandma called me to give her oil massage. As I entered her room, she asked me to bolt the door. She asked me to lay a large mat made of cane strips (sitol pati) on her bed. She took off her blouse, loosened her petticoat & sari and lied down on her belly on the mat. I had a glimpse of her hairy armpits and her large boobs under the sari. Her back was bare and I started rubbing oil on her neck and shoulder. As I massaged her back, she asked me to increase the pressure. As I pressed her back hard, she made light sound indicating comfort. I moved her arms and placed them on the sides of her head. After massaging her arms I rubbed oil in her armpits. She showed a bit of uneasiness, but didn't stop me. The soft pits with dense hair felt very nice.

I asked her, "Do you feel pain in your waist? Shall I rub oil there?"

As she said yes, I lowered her sari and petticoat by a couple of inches and massaged her waist. From the sound she made I was sure she was feeling relief from pain. I continued and she said my massage was very good. I lowered her clothes further down and now the top of her butts was out in the open. Her movements showed a bit of uneasiness but as I massaged her well, she made pleasant sound. I was rather excited to see her naked skin and the feeling of softness felt great as I rubbed oil.

At this stage, I remembered Minudi's tips and told her, "Grandma, with your clothes on I can't give you a proper massage. Oil is spoiling your clothes and at the same time I can't give you enough comfort." ("Dida, tomar sari ar petticoat er jonyo ami tomake bhalo kore malish korteui parchhina. Tomar kapor chopor tel lege nongra hochhe kintu ami tomake thik kore aram dite parchhina.")

Grandma said, "On other days Minu takes off all my clothes. As she is pretty shameless she also gets naked on the plea of her sari getting spoilt. But you are a man my child. I can't get naked in front of you." ("Onyodin Minu to amar sob jama kapor khule malish kore. Ar Minur to laj lojja bolte kichhu nei, se nijeo to sari te tel lagbe bole nangto hoye jay. Kintu tumi to dadu ekjon purush manush. Tomar samne ami nangto hote parbona.")

I told her relief to her pain was much more important than her modesty and she should take it as a medical need. As she didn't protest, I placed my hand under her belly and untied her sari and petticoat string. Making her lift the waist a little, I pulled down her petticoat & sari below her knees. Wow, what a lovely sight it was! Her huge naked butts and lovely thighs enamoured me. I lovingly started fondling her butts and thighs and massaged her with best of my skill. There was no doubt I was doing a great job as she said she loved it.

I pressed the soft flesh of her butts like dough and stroked the soft mass with my closed fists. I spread her legs and massaged her thighs from knee upward. As I moved up close to the parting of the butt cheeks, I spread her thighs further. I was delighted to see dense and thick hair through the gap between her thighs. I was intrigued to see the streaks of grey in the tuft. I moved my hands as close as possible and touched the hair. I took a bit of courage and parted her butt cheeks and the flesh parted easily. Now I could see the puckered brown skin of her crack with some hair around it. I pored some oil in her crack and massaged inside with my fingers. She made a 'ooohooo' kind of a sound.

At this stage, grandma said she didn't want my clothes to get spoilt with oil and asked me to take them off. I took off my vest and pyjama and was left with only my brief.

She asked me, "Have you taken off all your clothes my child? Otherwise, your mom will be angry to find them dirty with oil." ("Sob jama kapor khulechho to dadu? Jama kapor tele nongra hoyechhe dekle kintu tomar ma khub rag korbe.")

I said a weak yes. I was not ready to take off my brief and expose my hard on.

As I was sure she was no longer uneasy, I started massaging the two sides of her back from the underarm down to the waist. I could feel the softness of her boobs, which felt lovely. I squeezed the sides of her breasts and now she started moaning. By now I was having a raging hard on and was desperate to see this gorgeous woman in full nude.

As I asked her to turn over on her back, she was rather resistant, "How much more I can expose my naked body?" ("Amake ar kotota nangto korbe?")

"If you don't turn over, then the massage is over." I said. ("Jodi chit hoye na jao, tahole malish ekhanei sesh.")

Now she relented and turned over mumbling words like. "Oh My god, how much shameless could I be?" ("Laj lojja bolte ar kichhu baki roilona.")

As she turned over, she tried to cover her front by pulling up the petticoat. I removed her petticoat and covered her lower belly & crotch with her sari. Her boobs were now fully exposed and even in lying position the large mounds looked lovely. She now noticed I was still wearing my brief. I was both horny at the same time embarrassed with my strong hard on.

She said, "Oh, you are still wearing that brief. You want your old grandma to be shame less, but not ready to get naked yourself. Looks like you have a nice strong thing hidden there and you don't want to show it to your grandma." ("Tumi ekhono jangiya pore achho? Tumi tomar didake kono laj lojja rakhte dilena, ar nije nangto hote raji nao. Okhane to dekhchhi ekta sundor shokto jinish lukono royechhe, jeta tumi didake dekhate chaona.")

Without giving her any chance to push me further, I started rubbing oil on her belly. I slowly moved my hands up and touched her huge boobs. I rubbed oil in her cleavage and the inner sides of her boobs. By now I could see her nipples slowly getting erect. The nipples were large as such and as they grew bigger I was very excited. By now they were nearly half inch long and quarter of an inch thick. The golden brown nipples stood erect on light brown large aureoles. I was now more aggressive and started massaging the two soft mounds. She reacted sharply with heavy moaning. I felt very excited as the soft breasts melted in my hands. As I twisted the nipples, grandma's moaning became stronger.

She said, trying to control her excitement, "I don't think you should do this to your own grandma."

I ignored her protest and carried on. Her whole body was showing signs of pleasure and her sari got somewhat displaced. She was now almost naked, except her crotch and I could see the fringe of her pubic bush. Her belly was nicely curved and had a nice crease along the fringe of the pubic bush. That looked awfully exciting to me. Now I removed her sari and her lovely salt & pepper pubic bush came in full view. As I watched her in full nude, I realised how correct Minudi was about the beauty of her body. Her waist, belly & hips were most attractive. The curves, coupled with slight creases on the skin and the salt & pepper pubic hair looked awfully sexy. Even the light stretch marks on her belly looked sexy. Her pubic hair was not as abundant as mashi's, but still there was plenty of it, long & curly. The most exciting bit was grey hair in equal proportion as black.

I was desperate to feel her rich pubic hair and poured some oil on and around it. As I put my fingers into the lush bush, she tried to resist.

She said in a husky voice, "My child, you have put this widow's body in fire. No man touched me for more than five years and this wretched body still needs the loving touch of a man. Today your hands gave me a lot pleasure. But you are my own grandchild and I can't go beyond a limit with you. If you touch me there, I won't be able to control my self. So, please my child, don't touch me there."

While she said this she sat up and held me in her arms. My naked hairy chest touched her boobs and a shiver ran down my spine. She kissed me on my forehead and cheeks with her wet lips. I returned her kiss on her lips and pressed her body tightly on mine. Her body was still shaking and parting her lips she passionately took my tongue in. The kiss ended all her resistance and our tongues warmly played with each other. As the kiss ended, she stood up and asked me to join her in the bathroom. I realised the inhibitions of her orthodox mind was trying to win over her lust and obediently followed her. She didn't bother to put on any clothes and walked naked through the lonely corridor to the bathroom. As she walked gracefully, her tall naked body looked so very youthful. It was hard to imagine she was well past fifty years.

As we entered the bathroom, she said, "So long you have taken very good care of me. Now let me give you a nice bath. But you have to take off that brief. Since you have made your grandma naked, it's only fair that you get naked too." ("Tumi etokshon amar onek jotno korechho. Eso, ami ebar tomay jotno kore snan koriye dei. Kintu ebar tomar jangiyata khule phelte hobe. Tumi tomar didake nangto korechho, ebar tomar uchit nangto hoye jaoa.")

I knew I couldn't avoid stripping any more and pulled my brief down to my heels, letting my erect cock to spring up. While stepping out of the brief I told her we should soap each other. But she didn't respond and I found her looking at my cock with wide eyes.

She said in an excited voice, "Wow! I could never imagine your thing is so big. It's so very thick also. How wonderful!" ("O ma, amito bhabtei parini tomar jinishta eto boro. Ar ki mota! Ah, Darun!")

She sounded like a young girl pleased with a new toy. She excitedly came close to me and held the cock with two hands. She lovingly moved her fingers over it and opened the foreskin exposing the pink head, which was very much wet. She knelt down and kissed it and closely watched it moving her fingers over the swollen veins. She held my balls and lovingly pressed them. She ran her fingers through the pubic hair and putting her hand behind the balls felt the hairy stretch behind.
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