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Adorable Woman - Part 4

By now mamima & mashi, who were way behind us, had also reached this side. As there were no steps at this edge of the pond it was difficult to get out of the water and go over to the bank. Minudi tried to scale the bank and I pushed her from behind. While I pushed her large butts I could feel the firmness and could see her crack and also her pussy through the gap between her thighs. As she scaled the bank with her legs spread, her pussy lips parted and I could see the pink tunnel through the bush. Next to go up were mamima & mashi and as I pushed them holding their butts, Minudi pulled them up holding their hands. Finally I got out of the water with Minudi helping me by pulling me up by holding my hands.

I found both mashi & mamima lying on their back on the grassy land and looked a bit tired. My cock had lost a bit of strength in water. But as I saw these two sexy women lying naked on the ground, it came back to full strength. Minudi was sitting by their side and was massaging mashi's legs and thighs. Mashi turned on her belly and Minudi massaged her butts. There were a few pieces of grass stuck on her butts & back and that looked very sexy. I could see mashi's butts were so soft that with little bit of pressure Minudi was creating dents on her skin.

As mashi sat up after the massage, she saw me and signalled me to come and sit by her side. As I sat down, the touch of the cold grass on my bare ass felt so nice. By this time, mamima also sat up and her shapely boobs, thin waist and curved bums looked wonderful. Minudi massaged her hips in the sitting position and she bent over exposing her butts.

In the mean time, mashi made me lie down on the ground and bending down kissed my erect shaft. She opened her mouth really wide and took a good part of my cock in her mouth. Her mouth gripped my thick cock rather tightly and her teeth hurt me slightly. As she moved her mouth up and down, I started feeling heavenly sensation. As Minudi & mamima noticed us they crawled close to us. I felt mashi's dangling boobs touching my thighs. I grabbed her boobs in my hands. As I pressed the two soft mounds hard mashi's mouth moved faster. Mamima bent over me and kissed me very sensually. She darted her tongue inside my mouth and tickled my nipples with her nails. Her body was over me. Her boobs pressed on my chest and her pubic bush was pressed on my belly. I saw Minudi knelt down behind mashi and her hand was in mashi's ass. I realised she had inserted her fingers in mashi's pussy.

With such great overtures from three women I went crazy and soon spurted out shots of warm liquid in mashi's mouth. As mashi withdrew her mouth, the shots hit her and mamima's breasts. As I lied down all exhausted, I watched the three women. Minudi inserted fingers of her other hand in mamima's pussy. Now she was fingering both of them and they moaned heavily. Within minutes both of them had strong climax. As mamima recovered, Minudi lied down on the ground and spread her legs. Mamima started sucking Minudi's pussy. Mashi bent down and sucked Minudi's nipple. I watched the sexual action between the three women with awe. Finally, Minudi had a very strong and long lasting orgasm.

Minudi recovered quickly and jumped into water. All of us followed. As we swam back side by side, Minudi told me about their child hood. She said she and ma swam a lot in the pond and spent long time lying down on the grassy land. I remembered ma's remark and wondered if she & ma did something like what they did today.

After the eventful bath the rest of the day was restful. I slept for long hours in the afternoon. After I woke up, ma & I went for a long walk. We both went barefoot and walked over long stretches of grassy land behind around the pond. As we walked in a leisurely manner, ma reminisced her happy childhood. Later I asked her about her teenage.

She said, as she grew up Minudi was her best friend. Minudi's mother was a living in maid and Minudi also stayed in the house. Minudi gathered a lot of worldly knowledge from her village friends and shared with ma. As they came to know the facts of life, the transition from a girl to a woman was free of any feeling of shame and embarrassment.

They were both curious about each other's body. So, from time to time, they undressed in private to see each other naked. They both realised their bodies were becoming beautiful day by day. They were also curious about other older women. Minudi's mother and grandma used to have bath together in the pond inside the enclosure. Ma & Minudi also used to bathe in the enclosure and had the pleasure of bathing naked. Their mothers had their bath at a different time and they had no opportunity to see their mothers naked. As their curiosity grew Minudi and ma changed their timing on holidays and joined their mothers in the enclosure.

On the first day, they were waiting expectantly for their mothers to undress. But to their great disappointment, their moms had their bath with sari and petticoat on. The younger ones also had to avoid undressing. They wondered if their moms were avoiding undressing in their presence or they didn't undress at all at the time of bath. Next day, their moms were late in coming to the pond. They came only when the younger ones had almost finished their bath. They waited for the daughters to leave before they got into water. Now they were sure their moms were embarrassed to undress in presence of their daughters.

Ma & Minudi discussed among themselves and hit upon a plan. Next day, they went to the pond and undressed fully. They didn't take their bath for a long time and chatted sitting on the steps. As they heard their mothers' footsteps, they jumped into the water and stood in neck deep water. After the mothers walked in and sat on the steps they emerged out of water displaying their naked young bodies to their moms. Seeing their daughters stark naked both mothers gasped. The daughters ignored them and waited for their reaction.

Grandma said, "You girls are shameless. How could you bathe naked when your mothers are here?" ("Tomader dekhchhi lojja shorom kichhu nei. Nijder mayderer samne nangto hoye snan korchho?")

Ma replied, "Why should we be ashamed of being naked when you two are also women? Besides, it's so inconvenient to have bath with clothes on." ("Tomra dujeneo to meye. Tomader samne nangto hote lojja korbe keno? Ta chhara, jama kapor pore snan kora boddo osubidhe.")

As grandma had no answer, Minudi's ma told grandma, "Didi, since the girls are already naked, there is no point in being ashamed any more. Let's undress and take our bath the way we have it everyday. Let me also scrub the girls clean." ("Didi, meye duto jokhon nangto hoyei gechhe, ar lojja peye ki hobe? Cholo amrao jama kapor khule rojkar moto snan kori. Ami meye dutoke bhalo kore ghoshe poriskar kore dei.")

The young girls were delighted as grandma relented. Now they had the pleasure of watching their mothers naked. They watched their mother's naked bodies closely and later exchanged notes.

They found lots of similarity and differences. Their breasts were bigger and a bit sagged. Nipples were significantly large. The bellies were not flat and slightly curved. The butts were a lot heavier and very nicely curved. They realised as they would grow in age, their bodies would also be more & more heavy. They wondered if their breasts would also sag. In their heart of hearts they knew sagging was inevitable.

As they grew, the girls started feeling sexual urge. They instinctively learnt how to pleasure themselves. They also realised this was not the ultimate and waited for their dream men to arrive. Minudi got married when ma was in college. As she went off to her husband's place, ma became lonely. Minudi did visit from time to time and shared with ma her exciting experience.

A few months later, ma also got married. Within a year I was born and she got lost in the vortex of life. Her only break was when she came to the village during holidays. Minudi, by that time had lost her husband and had replaced her mom as the living in maid. Ma enjoyed her holidays in the company of Minudi and other childhood friends.

At this stage, remembering the experience at the pond, I asked ma if women could give sexual pleasure to each other.

Ma kept silent for a while and said, "You saw something today?"

As I nodded, she said, "Then you already know the answer is yes. When I let these three women loose on you, I knew you would come to know new facts of life apart from physical enjoyment."

I became more curious and asked her if she had any such experience.

She disappointed me by saying, "I will tell you when the time is right."

By now we were back to the house and were sitting together with nobody around. I was having a strong hard on and ma noticed it.

She pointed to the bulge in my trousers and asked, "What has made you horny?"

"Shall I tell you the truth?"

"Yes, of course. Never hide anything from ma."

"Ma, when I was with the three naked women in the pond, all along I was imagining your naked body. After seeing your naked back under water, I am dying to see you fully naked."

Ma placed her arm on my back and moving her hand lovingly said, "I fully understand your attraction for me. I also feel elated to realise that even at the age of thirty seven I am attractive to an young man. But both you and I need to have self restraint, at least at present. A day will come when the time would be right for both of us to know each other physically with balanced emotion."

After the very exciting bath at the pond I was expecting more from these exciting women. I was still a virgin and wondered if I would have the ultimate pleasure from one of them. I was disappointed as nothing much happened after that day. After a couple of days, mashi & mamima left.

My grandma was a very pretty lady. She was married at a very young age and ma, her first child, was born a year later.
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