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Adorable Woman - Part 10

Later on, this became our favourite entertainment. Whenever he met any attractive woman, he would tell me about her at bedtime. He allowed his imagination to run wild and gave me a detailed description. This worked as an aphrodisiac for both of us and our appetite for sex was ignited. He came out with his hidden attraction for some of the women we knew for years, like wives of his friends, my friends, etc.

As he was running out of his stock, I told him that he never mentioned about any relative of ours. After initial denial, he started opening up. He talked about some of his aunts and cousins. As I kept on pushing him for more, one day he admitted his deep attraction for my mother. That night I visualised my mother, whom I saw naked a number of times and described her nudity to your dad. He was terribly excited and almost forced me.

At this stage, I realised if he fancies a woman, whom I have seen naked and I describe her nudity to him, the thrill for both of us would be great. One day when we were drinking together with all our clothes taken off, I asked him how he liked Minu. His reaction was great and I told him if he wanted to know how she looked in the nude. He was surprised that I had seen Minu nude. I told him I had very closely seen her naked a number of times as we bathed together. When I started describing Minu's body inch by inch, his excitement showed immediately in his rising manhood. Before I could finish the description of her breasts, he pushed me on the floor and entered me. That night I had one of the most memorable experiences. After the first round, he urged me to tell more about Minu and I told him all the exciting things she & I did together. As I finished, his manhood was hard again and he made love to me for the second time. After a long time, we made love twice.

After that night, I thought I must try to let him see other naked woman in real life. After a month or so, my mother came to stay with us for a couple of weeks. During her stay, I massaged her everyday before bath. One Sunday, when you were not at home, I asked your dad if he wanted to see his mother in law naked. He was pretty scandalised at the idea. But as I insisted that he should open his mind, he admitted that he would be too delighted.

As I took my mother to the bedroom for massage, I kept the door ajar by an inch or so. I had told your dad about this and he carefully positioned him outside the door. That day, I undressed her in stages and he could see her naked backside unfolding – first the back, then the legs, thighs and finally the butts. After I turned her over on her back, I also undressed on the pretext of clothes getting spoilt with oil. I repeated a similar show for the front, this time with much slower exposure. I deliberately kept him waiting by guarding my mother's nudity by my body. When I exposed her breasts, I massaged her after making her sit up letting your dad see her gorgeous breasts. Unlike other days, I massaged her breasts for quite some time and her nipples became erect. Finally, before I finished I let him see my mother's pubic area.

To increase his excitement, I told my mother to rub oil on my butts and she did so for a while. As she massaged me, we both stood in front of the mirror giving your dad a chance to see our naked bodies from front and back. After my mother went to the bathroom, I went out of the bedroom and found your dad standing outside the door with his manhood fully exposed. He almost pounced upon me and we made love on the floor just outside the door. He later told me he got the biggest thrill to see my mother's salt & pepper hair in the armpits and pubic area. He was so eager to repeat the experience that during my mother's stay he came home at lunchtime several times in weekdays.

After this, I thought I must let him have sex with another woman. Apart from his pleasure, I was more interested in getting a relief from my nagging guilt feeling from having sex with the professor. My real desire was to see him having sex with another woman. But I couldn't think of any woman, who would be willing to have sex with him, that too in my presence. Suddenly the thought of Minu came to my mind. I was very sure both of them would be willing in their hearts. So, during our next visit to our village, I suggested that your dad should come there for a week.

Before your dad came, I told Minu that I told your dad about her and the exciting things we did together. I also told her that he was in all praise about her sexy figure. Minu was a bit embarrassed, but I could feel that she was secretly delighted. When your dad came, I used Minu a lot for doing his personal chores. This way, I made them feel easy with each other and often three of us chatted together. I could easily feel the undercurrent of desire between them. One day, I told your dad if he would like to have a massage from Minu. He was too embarrassed to say yes, but didn't say no too. I called Minu and asked her to give me a massage. As your dad was going out of the room, I told him to stay back. I told him he was my husband and Minu was very close to me; there was nothing to feel embarrassed about.

Initially, I took off my petticoat, blouse & bra and had only my sari on. I took the massage sitting on a stool and Minu massaged my legs, arms and back. Now I exposed my thighs and as Minu massaged me I gradually lifted my sari. I completely exposed my thighs and just kept only my crotch covered. I exposed my belly and gradually lowered the sari so much that the top of my bush was clearly seen. I was watching your dad's reaction and was delighted to see a clear tent in his pyjama, which he had no means to hide. I enjoyed his embarrassment as Minu couldn't help looking at his tent frequently with a naughty smile in her face.

Finally I dropped the sari from my breasts and with Minu's massage the nipples turned erect. I stood up and turning my back to your dad took off my sari exposing my butts. As Minu massaged my butts, I made it provocative by bending down and parting my legs. Minu now massaged inside my crack and I was sure your dad could see my asshole and the tuft between my thighs. After allowing him to watch for quite sometime, I turned back exposing my frontal nudity. As Minu was massaging my thigh joints, I took some oil in my hand and rubbed my crotch. At the end of the massage, which was meant for exciting your dad, I felt quite excited my self.

Though seeing me naked wasn't anything new for your dad, but I was sure he got a strong kick from watching me in the nude and being massaged by another woman, that too a sexy one like Minu. Now I asked Minu to give a massage to him. Both of them were apparently embarrassed, but didn't say no. I didn't put on any clothes and continued there as an observer. Your dad took off his kurta & vest and sat down on the stool. As Minu massaged his arms, neck, back and the chest a silence prevailed. After the top part of his body was massaged well, I asked him to drop his pyjama bottom. As he reluctantly exposed his lower part only with his brief on, I gave him a towel to cover his waist and asked him to take off his brief.

He, I was sure, had a mixed feeling of embarrassment & horniness and very carefully covered his waist and dropped his brief. But his strong erection was so prominent through the India type towel that Minu had a fest for her eyes. Carefree as she was, she had shed off her embarrassment and was actively looking forward to some fun. She made him lie down on his front and started massaging his legs. His towel was covering his thighs and I pushed it up to expose almost the entire thigh. As Minu's hands went further up and was very close to his butts, she hesitated to proceed further. At this stage, I took over and put my hands under the towel. He initially thought Minu was touching his butts and squirmed, but cooled down as he realised it was my hand. I massaged his butts & the asshole for a while and then asked him to turn over.

As he lied on his back, his raging hard through the thin fabric hardly left anything to imagination. Munu now started massaging his chest. I joined in and started tickling his tiny nipples. Minu also started fiddling with one nipple when I was busy on another. As the nipples became quite hard, minu started giggling and I also joined her. But by now he started moaning lightly and Minu moved away her hand. As Minu's hands were on his belly, I untied the knot on the towel and pushed it down exposing his midriff up to his pubes. Minu generously poured oil on the hair and slowly moved her hand. I pushed the towel down to the base of his manhood and tucked the sides in his thigh joints & lower part under his crotch creating an apology for a cover for his shaft & the balls. I joined Minu and two of us massaged his legs and the thighs. I finally put my hand under the towel and fondly massaged his manhood. By this time, I felt too horny.

At this stage, I asked Minu if she thought my husband had a good sized cock. Now Minu played naughty and said, how could she comment as I was keeping it under a wrap. My husband said he didn't appreciate the idea of displaying his cock to another woman, who was fully clothed. As I strongly supported him, Munu acted coy. I then said, Minu had massaged us both and in reciprocation we should massage her. Your dad was so delighted at this idea that he hurriedly stood up and the towel, which was his last cover, fell off. Both Minu & I burst out in laughter, but as Minu watched his huge manhood her jaw dropped.

Your dad had by now shed his embarrassment and asked Minu to wear the towel & lie down. Minu had no blouse or undergarment anyway and turning her back towards your dad, she removed the sari from her top. She untied her sari and wrapping the towel at her waist dropped the sari. She lied down on her front and your dad enthusiastically started massaging her back. His hands hesitantly tended to move towards the sides and touch the bulges created by Minu's breasts.
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