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Adhoori Pyaas With Cousin

Characters :
Guy - Age - 18 Name - Manish
His Cousin Age - 23 Name - Ritika
Supporting Characters :
His Cousin Brother Age - 23 Name - Pratap
His Younger Cousin Age - 18 Name - Nidhi

The guy knows so much about his cousin as she is having affairs with so many guys at a time so he always think her a bad girl.. as she was the very sexy girl.. nice face.. amazing body with small boobs.. but he never got any chance of touching her... so always enjoys her sexy bychance exposure of her thighs & sexy cleavage...

Now Jumping To The Point Where The Story Happened..

That was the time of holi.. Manish was going to his nani's home for a holi celebration.. with him there was his another cousin Pratap who mainly lives in another village & also with him Ritika & Her younger sister Nidhi age 18 but still just like a innocent teen...
there was a only bus who goes to the village and that is in evening... when the bus reaches to the village that was dark & cloudy.. pratap's home is near to the bus station so he offers them to go to his home so that they can rest that night and then they can go to home next day morning..
they happily agreed as they were very tried... after taking the dinner they have to sleep at that point manish used the special mind and just after the dinner manish to the guest room and pretending as he is sleeping..
after some time ritika and her sister also comes to guest room and find him sleeping.. that was a double bed.. so without any hesitation they just taken the place besides him one by one..

so the bed situation is like this at that time





Ritika was in salwar kurta and manish is having and west and lungi on at that time..........

Time : 11.30 PM

but manish was not sleeping... so after waiting for long one hour.. he opens his eyes.. and then he react with this manner...

first he put his hands on ritika's boobs and showed like he is sleeping... as he was a healthy guy ritika feels his hands quickly on her boobs.. so he slowly moved her hands on her naval... by that manish got his power boosted as he knows already that ritika is not famous in ppls as a good character girl.. and his cock raised very quickly... so he came closer to ritika and filler her in arms with the sleepy mood... she again shifted his hands and his body..
then after waiting few more mintues... ritika turned her back towards him... he slowly put his mouth on her back.. as the kurta was very open from the back side.. so he can touch the back of ritika by his lips.. he slowly kissed her back.. and then gently opened the zip of his kurta.. so that he can see the white bra strap coz the room is having very gentle lights on... this time ritika not gave any reaction as he got the green signal.. he start kissing her back..
then again ritika turned and pushed him away.. manish was feeling very horny at that time and he was totally not in control.. so he just held his cock and turn away...

so he turned again.. and slowly put his right hand on ritika's boobs... this time she din't gave any reaction... so he slowly tried to enter the hands in the kurta & find that the zip is still open in behind so the neck was very loose and he can easily put his hands in it.. now his hands were on her boobs.. so he start pressing her boobs slowly slowly... & with that he get his face closer to ritika and found that she was breathking heavily..
then he get her left boob out and put his hands on the naked boob & start feeling the hardness of small boobs, she had not have big boobs as she was 23 that time, the boobs very tight and the tits very hard.. finally he gathered all his courage and put his lips on his boobs and start sucking .. he got the feeling the brown tits area were having small hairs.. that made him mad .. so start following the blue films act he seen in his life....
he was slowly biting on boobs and sucking the the tits very madly.. finally he found her very hot.. so he slide the shoulder of his kurt and now the kurta were out from the hands and it was hanging only on her waist.. he lift his bra and got both boobs in his hands.. for the next thirty minutes he was continuously sucking her boobs.. one by one.. while sucking one he was pressing the other one... then he reaches on top...
and start kissing her all over... she was not reacting on his kisses still that was so sweet he sucked all the juice of her juicy lips.....

and suddenly she again pushed him away.. he was a bit shocked and scared..

after 10 more minutes when he found no reaction his hands again start moving... this time he was targetting the lower part.. the salwar was having a "desi nara" & he found it very tight.. when he tried to open it ritika start protesting.. after some tries he entered his hands in the salwar and what he got is .. a pussy very wet pussy.. which is having small hairs which was the indication that the pussy is habitual of shaving and lacking the shave for the last few days..
the pussy is having lots of juice in to.. as when his hands goes at the pussy it was wet at a quick second.. she had the orgasm already.. the pussy was oozing with the cumm.. and then ritika pull his hands out.. and turned her back again.. first manish enjoy the smell of her husky cumm and then touch the cumm to his tongue.. it was salty but neverthless it was very tasty too...

Time : 2.00 AM

Time was running out very quickly & manish was still very hard.. this time he open the window a bit and some lights start coming in to the room.. now he can see clearly his cousin ritika.. she had her back on.. and the kurta was open from behind.. and he found the bra hook was open already.. & he wondered coz he hadn't opened the bra hook it means that was ritika who made his way easy..
its time to react again.. he slowly turned her again and the boobs were still popping out from the kurta.. he again sucked her boobs gently with that his was moving in the lower part of her salwar.. and he slowly slide her salwar up to her thighs.. he found that ritika having very sexy milky thights.. he felt all the softness of her thighs.. coz he can't see so much as the lights were dim..
finally he came on top of ritika and start rubbing his cock on her pussy with the salwar on... he was doing that very gently as nidhi was sleeping just next to ritika.. but thanks she slept like he sold all her horses.. ...

then he just move down and hold his cock in his hands as he wanted to cumm out very quickly he was jerking very gently.. suddenly she hold ritika's hands on his cock.. that was very hard.. ritika not tried to move her hands away.. few mintues passed ritika's hands were on his cock.. and manish hold her hands and gave the cock properly in her palms and start jerking by holding her hands.. after few moments he moved his hands out and ritika start jerking her cock gently..
after few minutes very sexy jerking by the soft hands he found that he is about to discharge but before he can control the cumm was shooted on her stomach and her hands... he found very guilty and clean her hands with his lungi.... he was satisfied at that time as he knows he can't fuck her on the same night coz nidhi can awake anytime..

Time : 4.00 AM

he was still not able to sleep as the cock again moving his head up & down.. he still found ritika in loose dress so he move his fingers again in salwar this time before ritika protest the hands were in her salwar properly he slowly start fingering her pussy and came close to ritika again.. for the first time ritika react very hot and she held manish in her arms.. and start scratching his back.. this time she not tried to bring his hands out and finally she got the great orgasm with lots of cumm start dripping from her pussy..
her breathings were very heavy at that time as they know moaning can disturb nidhi so they were tried to control their nerves.. again he tasted the cumm of his pussy and sucked her lips this time she was supporting like a crazy.. she was enjoying the lips sucking then again she found manish's cock in her hands.. this time she were already willing to stroke it and manish got another cumm shoot in her hands..
after the whole things ended.. manish tried to close her bra but he was unsuccessfull to ritika closed her bra and then manish zipped her kurta and they turned their back to each other after one more deep kiss..

Time : 8.30 AM

when manish opened his eyes he found no one in the bed as they were out side enjoying the tea.. now he was feeling guilty and unable to match up with the eyes of ritika.. but he found ritika very light and as normal as she were..
then they moved to the destination where they had to go..
two or three days manish found that most of the times while joking etc ritika fall on him .. and she always tried to touch him so much...
but they never got the beautiful time they had on that night..

After Few Days :

so after holi they returned to their city as they lived in the same city.. so many days passed so manish wrote a letter with the regrets of that night.. and in the end she mentioned he wants to have sex with ritika.. he gave the letter to ritika and returned to his home.. after few days he got the phone call from ritika but they both found themselves not able to talk about that but that was clear that ritika also had the great time on that night and she was willing to have sex with him.

Waiting .... Waiting .............. & Waiting...
so many days have been passed in waiting of each others reaction.. he got the news that ritika is going to marry with her b.f... he was very depressed but still he attended her marriage very happily...

The Current Condition:

Ritika is now happily married and mother of two sweet kids.. manish is still waiting for his chance ... by the way 3 years passed they never seen each others face...
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