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A Real Live Doner

I sumi, 27, working as a computer engineer in a multi national. I am a tall beautiful girl, married with a engineer, Gopu ,32,,in another firm, in the same city. We had been together since 5 years. When my sis in law has passed MBA she, lilly, has also came here and has got a job . She is also staying with us. She is a good girl but looks are not so good.Bit short and dark as her brother but with a loving mind. We were happy to with her . with in a year she got engaged with a boy Sunil, from konkani community.

The boy was pure white and tall with muscular. It is told that he was a Mr college once. Initially her family was not happy for this marriage ,but later it was done in a temple here. First night was here as per rule .Soon they have moved to their own flat ,about 10 Km away. was slightly jealous in her for getting a handsome man far better than me ,the so called beauty. .

since Lilly was within ten Km they used to come to us almost daily for their dinner. With in two months she has got pregnant and has stopped coming due to her vomiting and weakness. So It was our turn to go to then . NU hus Gopu was in service ,so has to move to other states almost once in a month. In those days I have stayed with her for help. \r\n From the day lili\'s pregnancy was informed my family has started asking me bout my turn. Infact we had many checkups and has not found any problem in me. except some low count in Gopu.

He ha taken medicines and has recovered . Bur nothing has happened. He infact was not active in bed. I have to induce him for a fuck. Even a lady like me is not inducing for sex was a real problem. Even if i stand in front with out clothes he may sit quite.. Hid dick also will not show any change. With much sucking I have to make it active ,and then he doed all as usual. .In a checkup a doctor told me to try for a iup if possible. She was of openion that in some cased it is better to have artificial methods. I was much worried .But after lili\'s case the problem has increased\r\n During one stay with lily I was asked by Sunil about the problem. He was having a good friend ,who in a specialist in these cases.

I was requested to go with him to meet him. I have done that . The doctor was supported for artificial donner than the try. He told me that he can get the best donor for mr. On return I was off mood. Sunil tried to pacify me. I told him that the unknown donor is not possible. Then he told me that why for we are there. I shall help you in any way, if you like. In the car itself I simply hugged him ,and he has stopped the car and did so again. I told him to leave me in my house. After going there he has come in and I have offered a cup of tea. I have closed the front door and came in a short dress. I was not sure what was his help. But I have decided to have him as my donner. I came and sat neat him.

He was simply looking to my boobs . I slowly has opened it and in seconds he has taken it in his mouth. Then I was his for about an hour. I thought of my husband .had he been here he would have taken an hour to heat up .Then i have to suck his bloody pdick for hours. But just by seeing he has got mad. He has licked me all over and sucked my breast. He has fucked me four times. \r\n He told me that he was liking me since my first visit. It was his wish to have a fuck with me even with force. But now he was happy. He told me that he is a man with much sex feeling. he has done many and has already told Lily about it. She was much mad on him and has permitted him to have any number of girls but with out troubling her. Su he does not feel any guilt for this . We could continue this happy relation for one month only .By then i was pregnant. All the family was happy .

and I am happy to have a good donor,who is available at my call. \r\nDuring my omit period my elder sister has come and stayed with me. She has two boys who are in school. But since mother is with her she has decided to come. It was after six months I had to be admitted in a hospital. for two days. But After that Sunil has told me one day that he had a good day with my sister. He has prazed her as the best one even in her age 38. .Ofcouese I felt bit bad then, but later I was happy for her . It was a rare chance to have a man like Firoz Khan( the late hindi actor) in once life. I was now ready to share him with her. Let me have his son and then I can also have him with out any jealousy!!
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