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The Debauchery of a Young Housewife - Pt. 16

"Unngh um yes, but what is she doing here", replied Asha. At that moment, the girl opposite, chose to uncross and cross her legs, giving them a good look at her smooth thighs and a glimpse of her dark-coloured panties. "Did you see that madam, her skirt is so short", said Mr. Sharma. "She has come here to ask Mr. Ahmed for a role in some of the movies he is financing", he added. “She is clearly wearing no bra", said Asha, now feeling excited herself. "Yes, madam, she has small ones, not like you, hehehe", said the greasy old Mr. Sharma. “ummmhh, aah", Asha replied gaspingly. Mr. Sharma was by now freely feeling Asha's bare shoulder and pressing her closer to himself. He had grown bolder and brought his hand down to feel her breasts from the side of her thin blouse. His hand, could not be seen by the woman opposite, as it was covered by Asha's saree. He was pressing her breast from the sides, as he continued to whisper to her. "I bet she is going to bed with Mr. Ahmed for a role, casting couch, you know madam", Mr. Sharma said, while feeling Asha's breast and her clean-shaven armpit. Asha was gasping with short breaths now, all this talk had excited her as well as the fondling she was receiving. Mr. Sharma was a fat old man, but somehow with his sexy talk and persistent fondling of her since the last three days, he was lowering Asha's resistance towards him.

"ummm, aahh, you mean S***** is going to be uunnggh uuumm fucked uummm by Mr. Ahmed for a role", said Asha, now moaning softly into Mr. Sharma's ears, being excited by this talk and naming the starlet. "Hain madam, Mr. Ahmed usse chooddenge, barabar choodeengee", replied Mr. Sharma, now switching to hindi, feeling excited by the fact that he had succeeded in wearing down the resistance of his reserved boss. Hearing him use hindi to refer to fucking, Asha felt herself getting wet. Mr. Sharma pressed on, "Madam, us din jab maine aapko phone kara, app kaounsi picture deekh rahin thien, usme bhi tau choodaiee ho rahi thii, main nain samja aapka force ho raha hai", whispered Mr. Sharma nibbling Asha's ears now. At this juncture Mr. Ahmed's secretary walked in and the sexy starlet S**** got up and followed him out of the room. Now they were alone again in the room. Mr. Sharma took full advantage of this and freely squeezed Asha's breast, rubbing his thumb in circles over her stubby erect nipple over her thin blouse and said, “Bolo na madam, who kaun si film thii". "aaaiiee oohhhhhhhh, Mr. Shharmmaaaaaaa", moaned Asha a little louder now, as Mr. Sharma was pinching her nipple. "Who uunnggh uummmm blue film tthhii aaiieeeeee", said Asha, lying about it. "Madam, par usme thau hindi mein cheekh rahe thei aur hindi mein bol rahe thai", Said Mr. Sharma, now placing Asha's hand on the bulge of his pants. "uunnh Sharmmaa, oohhh yeh kya kaaarr uunngh rrahheeeeeee hhoooo, oouuii kkooi ddeekkhhh lleh ggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cchodd ddddoouu mmuujjhhee", moaned Asha softly, as her hand took firm grip of this greasy man's prick, as he continued kneading her breast. "arre saali, tunhee heei tau mera lund jor se pakad rakha hai, aur bol thi hai ki choddun", replied Mr. Sharma, pleased with the firm grip this sexy bitch had on his prick, realising that she would be an easy lay now, as he had succeeded in seducing her, wearing down all her resistance.

Just then, in walked Mr. Ahmed, with S**** clinging to him. Mr. Sharma and Asha quickly let go of each other and stood up in obvious embarrassment. Both Mr. Ahmed and the starlet saw what was happening, but Mr. Ahmed ignored all this as he took in the beauty of Mrs. Sinha and spoke to her. "I am sorry, Mrs. Sinha, but I have been very busy, have not had a chance to look into your documents, perhaps, this evening over dinner, if you are free". Before Asha could answer, Mr. Sharma butted in, "Yes, yes of course sir, this evening is fine". Asha too had to say, "Yes sir, this evening is fine". She looked at Mr. Ahmed, he was a tall, strong muscular chap, barrel chested and with a deep timbre voice, he looked to be in his mid forties, truly a charismatic personality. Asha envied S****, thinking of the fucking she would be receiving at the hands of this powerful man. She found him too sexy. Mr. Ahmed too, was thinking of Asha, what a voluptuous woman, so fair and big, big breasts, tall, big gaand, what was this fat fellow upto with her just now, surely she deserved a better man. It would be fun bedding her he thought. Asha blushed, knowing that Mr. Ahmed was staring at her. They all agreed to meet at 8. 30 pm in a five-star hotel, this evening, having decided, Mr. Ahmed left with his afternoon conquest, while Asha and Mr. Sharma also departed from the office. While walking towards the car, Mr. Sharma tried to hold Asha by her waist, but received a tight slap on his face for this effort. Asha had regained her composure and put Mr. Sharma in his place. Mr. Sharma cursed his luck at not succeeding with her anymore now. The drive back to the factory was in chilly silence. Asha dropped Mr. Sharma off and then drove to her parents house. Inside she was seething with rage at Mr. Sharma's behaviour. How dare he, she thought, trying to act funny with me.

That evening, prompt at 7. 30pm, Mr. Sharma came to Asha's parents house, to accompany her for the meeting with Mr. Ahmed. He sat in the living room, with Asha's parents, as Asha was still getting ready. Her mother called out to Raju to bring tea for Mr. Sharma. Mr. Sharma quickly thought, so this is the chokra boy, madam was getting fucked by that afternoon, as he saw Raju bring the tea. He felt emboldened, in his desire for Asha, if she could get fucked by a servant, surely he could still get her to fuck, he thought as he sipped his tea. As he was finishing, in walked Asha. She was looking stunning, wearing a dark-blue chiffon saree with a thin strap blouse, which could hardly conceal her ample breasts. As she bent down to sit opposite him to have tea, he could see her boobs almost spill out as clearly she was wearing no bra. Furthermore, her saree was worn well below her navel. She had worn a thin gold chain accentuating her bare mid-riff. Well, well, thought, Mr. Sharma, this is going to be an interesting evening. While sitting in the car, Mr. Sharma complimented Asha on her looking good, to which she relied thank you with a sweet smile. This encouraged Mr. Sharma, who then put his arm around her as she was driving, however an icy cold look from Asha was enough for him to take his arm back.

On reaching the hotel, they were early, they found a suitable table and sat down. Mr. Sharma sat close to Asha on the sofa and ordered a double scotch for himself. Asha ordered an apple juice for herself as they waited for Mr. Ahmed. Having downed his first drink pretty fast, Mr. Sharma ordered another, as he garnered courage and slid closer to Asha, letting his legs stick to hers.

He then told her, "Madam, aap ne bataya nahin ki kaunsi hindi blue film app dekh raheein thii".

Asha exasperatedly and feeling uncomfortable replied, "Ab bus bhi karo Mr. Sharma".

"Jada chalak mat samjho, madam, mujhe saab pata lag gaya hai, kaunsi blue film aur kaunsa Raju", saying this he boldly put his arms around her and pressed her closer to himself. Aah what an intoxicating perfume this bitch had put on. Asha gave him a cold look, but to no avail.

"Maine sara tape kar diya hai, teri chudaie ki awaazein, raju ke saath, agar tune mujhe tang kiya tau main Rajesh saab ko sunadoonga", he lied easily, terrifying Asha.

"Nahin, nahin, please Mr. Sharma, aisa mat karna", said Asha softly, terrified of the consequences.

"Ye lei, pee thoda scotch, dar mat, main hoon na tere saath", he said, while bringing his glass for her to gulp.

"Please nahin, main nahin peetii", said Asha softly.

"Arre, nakhree jodd, aur pee, nahin tau. . . . ", said Mr. Sharma as he once again raised the glass to her mouth and was satisfied as she took a big gulp and grimaced. Asha was terrified that this man had a tape on all the while as she was being fucked by the servant boy Raju, so she drank the scotch he was giving her. This ugly greasy fellow had now put his hand on her waist, pressing her closer to him as he continued to share the scotch with her.

"Kabhi hamein bhi tau mauka deyo, madam, hum bhi aapki pyaas bujha sakte hain, aapka pati gaya hua hai, is liye choot mein tadpan aah rahi hai", continued Mr. Sharma, bringing his face close to hers and nibbling at her chikna cheeks.

"Ye pakdo aur dekho, mera lund aapki choot mein janee ka liye kitna tadap raha hai", said Mr. Sharma, now grabbing her hand and placing it on his bulge. He then ordered another peg of whisky and kept Asha's hand firmly on his prick, even when giving the order to the waiter. Asha felt humiliated as the waiter saw her hand placed on his bulge. At that point, before Mr. Sharma could proceed any further, in walked Mr. Ahmed. Asha quickly rose to greet him and chose a seat next to Mr. Ahmed to sit. Mr. Sharma glared at her, but could do little else in the presence of Mr. Ahmed.
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