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Sadaf Jaan Ki Chudai

Hi readers from Islamabad Pakistan I am a great fan of this site now I want to tell u my true story. First I want to introduce my self I m not a beautiful person but have a sexy look. This is my very first sex story.

My name is Honey. Her name is SADAF and she was a sexy girl. She is 16 and I am 19 let me tell u about her personality she have naturely red lips (fruitful), brown eyes, fair complexion, medium breasts and a sexy gand I was very frank with her . she is also liked me. when my family went to Karachi for10 days. One day she pass in front of my house ,I call her and asked her to come my home some time.she smiled and go.

After two days when I see the xxx my house bell rang , when I said ,who is at the door?she replied sadaf. I was surprised when she said JALDI KHOLO KOI DEKH LAI GA,,,,,,, Iwhen I oped the door she push me and come inside quickly.i was in dream when iback she pick my hand and say why r u asked me to come I feel the hotness of her hands I thightly squeezed her hand and put her in my arms and pick her upstairs where my comuter placed and through her on my bed .she cried wat r u doing I said slowly I love u .she smiled and pushed me back.then I ssay her to see the xxx she was glad to hear it when I play movie she sit a side of me .she slowly slowly become sexier and sexier.she ask me to put her in my laps I do it . she sit straight on my lun she put my hands on her boobs.i feel them hard I start pumping them then she ask me where is bathroom? Itell her .she went up and go to bathroom ,I am continuously see the movie. After five minutes she came out naked .when I see her she ran to me and hold me in her arms and started kissing me wildly.she ask me to put my clothes off .i start put off my clothes and after that I pick her in my arms and laid on bed and start kissing on her lips. I entered my tounge inside her mouth and start fucking her mouth with it. Then she start doing the same.then I start kissing and licking her boobs ,then slowly reached to her chooot she is a virgin.istart licking her phuddyy she start mouning slowly aaaaaahhhhhhh………mmmmmmmm ………..ooooooooooohhhhhhh fast fast fast.ilck her fastly,then after licking for 10 min I asked her to take my dick in your mouth she firt say no no but I ZABARDASTI put my dick to her mouth and put it on hre lips she touched it with tounge then she had a taste of my dick and started sucking it .she suck it wildly , I said to her I am about to cum she ignored it and thightly hold my dick in her mouth and surprisingly drink all of my cum.then I put my lun out hold hr legs I nv shaoe and put my lun on her phudy she start mouning then I slowly pressed my lun in her phudy it was very thight she start cring aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh …………ooooohhhhh.mmmmmmmaarrrrrrrrrrrr…..mar gai .BANCHOD MERE PHUDY CHOD RAHA HAI YAH KUTTI KI main nei kaha think me dog and your self as a bitch .then I put my split on her phudii and lie on her start kissing her passionately and when she completely move on kissing I suddenly put my lun in her phudy with a full jerk she screamaed and then I stop my dick in her phudy for 2 min when her phuddyy start pressing my lun I start fucking her slowly. She said aaaaaaa … mmmmmmmm … hhhhhhh … z … zzzzzzz…..or ..zor se or zor seee.istart fucking her with great speed as I have. Her phuddy start bleeding but she enjoy fucking and asked me noy to stop plleeeezzzzzzzzz. I was about to come I split my whole cum on her body and start rubbing on her body specially on her booobss. Ten she again sucking my cock ang said me to fuck again.then I start fucking in different positions as I saw in xxx movie she enjoys it very much.
We start fucking for about an hour then she sked me to stop and ask me to take bath togther.we take bath for about 20 minutes and then come out .she feel great pain and have some problem in walking because she was virgin before fucking. This was our first fuck. Then we lay on bed and take a rest for some time then she ask me to let her go now because her mother waiting for her. I let her go.

After that I fuck her one time again after 3 days.now she start loving me and wee are making kises when we have a chance.
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