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Rani & I In The Dark-3

You are reading "Rani & I In The Dark"
She fell against me, her long black hair covering my face as she whispered “Oh bhai Jan! I love you so much.”

Her sweaty full breasts pressed and rubbed against my chest as I held onto her hips and gaand and fucked her.

Like a volcano, my munni (sperm) exploded up from my balls into her hot tight fuck hole.

She gasped and moaned as I filled her up with my juice.

We both lay panting with our eyes closed as the last shots of sperm emptied into her hole.

Suddenly, Rani went very tense and reached behind her wildly with her arms, I felt the bed move and opened my eyes to see Kamran behind Rani on the bed, his legs were astride ours, and he was naked.

He smiled at me and said firmly “Keep quiet, both of you”

I was too stunned to say anything. We were caught!

My Lund was still in Rani and was now rapidly shrinking in fear as I suddenly felt Rani’s hips buck and shudder repeatedly as she pressed her face into my neck and moaned “Bhai Jan! He is putting his lund (cock) in my gaand (ass)”

After a few hard thrusts, I felt Kamran’s Lund through the thin membrane between Rani’s cunt and rectum. His hard hot cock was maybe half way in my sister’s ass and rubbing against my cock in her cunt.
As Rani began panting and moaning, he began to expertly fuck her ass. Each stroke seemed to send a bit more of his cock into her back passage.

His hands held her ass cheeks apart as mine held her hips.

I felt my own Lund grow hard again. The feel of him in her ass and the idea that Rani and I were involved in a threesome made me hot.

Rani had stopped whimpering now and feeling my prick grow hard again, she moaned into my ear “Oh Mani …Ooooohhh Fuck me please fuck me.”

I began to move my hips up and down, sending my Lund in and out of her munni( spunk) filled choot as Kamran rammed her ass.

Rani cried out “Aieeee!” As she came over my Lund. My groin and balls flooded by a mixture of Rani’s pussy cum and my juice.

I put my hand over her mouth, frightened that her cries would wake my parents up….

Kamran had also stopped when she cried out, then seeing that I had covered her mouth he again began to move his cock in and out of her tight ass hole.

To my surprise, Rani shivered and came again, just as Kamran shot his munni into her rectum. I felt his cock throb and explode and I too came.

Kamran pulled his Lund out of Rani’s gaand and after two or three minutes got off the bed.

Rani got off me still shivering and shaking, and lay exhausted beside me looking at Kamran with fear.
I sat up and watched Kamran as he pulled his shalwar and vest on, my heart beating very fast as I waited for his next move, unsure what to do. The last thing I wanted was for my parents to find the three of us in Rani’s room with her full of semen.

Kamran then left the room without saying a word.

After a few minutes of silence Rani asked me “Now what will happen Bhai jan?”
I dressed quickly and told her not to worry about it.

When I got back to my room, Kamran was in the shower. I sat on my bed and waited for him to come out.

Kamran looked at me as he came out and said “Don’t worry yaar (dude). I will not tell anyone about you two. Promise.”

I was so relieved to hear this but asked him “What do you want in return?”

He sat on the other bed and said “nothing”

I did not believe him but I thanked him.

“Yaar!” He said with a smile. “You are a lucky man. I will never do anything to harm you or Rani.”
He then told me how he had suspected something was going on after he found Rani looking at me in a hot way when she brought the milk to our room.

He had woken up later and found that I was not in my bed. He had then heard sounds from next door, Rani’s room and knew from experience living in a large family, with two married brothers, what those noises were.

He had sneaked to the door of Rani’s bedroom and listened as the bed shook and we moaned. Trying the door, he found it open so he stepped in and saw Rani riding me. My Lund pounding in and out of her choot.

The sight had made him crazy with lust and he had stripped and moved closer to the bed. The sight of my Lund fucking Rani’s choot and the sight of the hairless hole of her gaand had made him mad with an evil desire to pump her ass hole. He decided to take a risk ….By chance, he had seen a jar of “Ponds Vanishing Cream” on the dressing table, opening it , he applied large amounts of cream to his lund and oiled his man meat up in order to slip into her anus easily as he didn’t want to make Rani scream in pain.
Rani and I were so busy enjoying ourselves that we did not notice him until he had positioned himself behind Rani’s gaand. As he had applied the oily tip of his prick to the small opening of Rani’s ass hole, She had reached back just as he pushed in. By that time I had already cum and was no longer humping her.

After telling me his story, he said “Tell me the truth. You enjoyed it didn’t you?”
I admitted that I had enjoyed it.

“What about Rani?” He asked

I answered honestly that I was not sure. She had cum twice but I could not say what she felt about being double-dicked.

Kamran nodded and said “Yaar. I wish I was you! Whenever you want to have sex, I will cover up for you and keep guard. So aunty and uncle do not catch you. (Meaning my parents).

Next morning, Rani was very shy and quiet. Kamran was his usual self. He made no gesture or remark to make Rani embarrassed or my parents suspicious.

At the first chance I got I told her what Kamran had said.

I asked her how she felt and she confessed that she had been scared but had enjoyed it a lot. She asked me not to be angry about what she said. She had read about double-dicking on the Literotica site and seen pictures of girls taking two or even three lunds at one time. It had always made her hot and made her play with her pussy. She told me that she had always wondered what it felt like.

“I will always love you bhai Jan” she had said “But I would be lying if I said I had never thought about sex with two men at the same time”.

I was a little surprised to hear this .but, which man does not fantasise about a threesome?
So why be surprised if a woman dreams about it too?

That evening, Kamran was back at his own home for a few nights so, while our parents went to the bazaar, Rani and I went on the net and surfed for pictures of girls being double-dicked and some girls being triple dicked. i.e. a cock in the mouth, ass, and pussy at the same time. Rani admitted that they made her very hot and so we masturbated each other as we enjoyed the pictures together. My fingers were down the front of her shalwar and panties, moving over her sticky hot pussy flesh and teasing her wet and open cunt hole.
I sat with her soft hand in my shalwar squeezing and stroking my hard throbbing man hood.

One picture I especially liked was of a Pakistani looking girl sitting astride a person, whose big fat lund was in her cunt a little and another person above her with his equally big lund just entering her ass hole. The picture was such a great shot and reminded me so much of what had happened to us with Kamran. I noticed that Rani squeezed my lund a bit harder as she looked at this picture. I was sure she was thinking about the three of us as well.

After she had cum over my fingers, I asked her to kneel in front of me and suck me off.

She did so but made me turn sideways so that she could look at the pictures on the monitor.

As I shot my boiling load of hot salty munni (spunk) into her mouth, I closed my eyes and thought about Kamran, Rani and me again.

Two weeks had passed since Kamran, my friend, had caught my sister and I having sex. The way he had suddenly appeared and shoved his Lund into my sister’s anus was still something I couldn’t believe actually happened.

I couldn’t get the memory of Kamran butt fucking Rani, out of my mind... The fact that Rani had been riding my cock at the time and was therefore double corked, made me very hot.

I meet Kamran in college almost every day. He kept his promise and never told anyone how he had caught us. He acted like nothing had happened and when he saw Rani; he was always polite and respectful. No one could suspect from watching us what had happened. Time went by and I began to realise that Kamran was not going to blackmail me and Rani,

Rani and I really became addicted to three-some sex stories and group sex pictures. We would read them late at night on the web when our parents were asleep. Usually we ended up with Rani bent over the back of the chair in front of the PC monitor, reading a hot story out loud as I rammed her from behind. Mostly in her pussy but sometimes in her butt hole. I always liked anal the best and always remembered the look of concentration and pleasure that I had seen on Kamran’s face as he fucked her anus that night.

One day I asked Rani what she thought about that night. She had blushed and hiding her face in her hands, she had sat down on my bed and squeezed her legs tight together saying finally “It was so good Bhai jan (Big brother) I get wet thinking about it”.

That started a plan forming in my mind. I presented the plan to Rani who agreed with it after I promised her that I would not be jealous or angry afterwards.

I am sure you know what I had in mind. The plan was simple and very straight forward. Only two things were required, a quiet, private place and Kamran. I was sure Kamran would co-operate. He always told me I was lucky to have Rani.

It was a few days later that the chance to act out the plan came. Ammi suddenly decided to visit relatives in another town. She convinced my father that they should take the morning bus and return by the evening bus. That would give Rani and me at least 8 hours, more then enough time.
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