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Jawan Sali Ki Mast Chudai

This is one of most lucky incident in my life about two year back. I am married to a beautiful girl named Nisha.Her younger sister(my Sali named PURVI) who was equally beautiful and charming was married to a engineerWho unfortunately died in a accident. Since I don’t have anybody else in my inlaws family she was staying with Us . We were trying hard to get her remarried & talked to 2/3 prospective boys but for some reasons talk could Not be finalized as boys wanted to get virgin girls even if they were also remarrying. Ladies have real problems In our type of society to remarry despite their best features. Somehow we found a decent boy who initially insisted That he was looking for a virgin girl only and not a widow but after seeing PURVI he agreed and we finalized the Date of marriage about 3 months later as in those days it was rainy season.I and my wife were very happy and so Was PURVI.

One day my wife had to go to my inlaws town to sign some old bank documents and release of property papers.She left by evening train and was supposed to come back after 2 days. Initially even she was planning to take PURVI Along but Purvi was having some fever so she asked her to take rest at home only. I went to station to see off my wife And returned to my home around 10 P.M. Than I went to purvi’s room to see how she was feeling. She said now Better after taking some tablets.I said GOODNIGHT to her and returned to my room and was watching ZEE TV Serial. Suddenly I heard some bang at my door. I said it is open ‘ Come inside ‘. Purvi was there at door.She was Feeling lonely. I said ‘ KYO DIDI KE BINA MAN NAHI LAG RAHA HAI KYA’.

She said ‘ Ha JIJU’ When Didi will come. I said after 2/3 days. Come on sit here and watch the programme for some time. We watched the Programme for about 45 minutes and were chatting too. Never before we chatted so openly. She was now more open and complained that all MARD are alike. They want VIRGIN girl but never think of themselves whether they are really virgin I said it is true but anyway now your marriage has been settled so why do you worry. She said my would be groom how Forcefully he was telling you that he wanted VIRGIN VIRGIN VIRGIN. Thanks to you JIJU that after your good explanation And persuasion he accepted me. I am obliged to your this great deed but I did not like my WOULD BE GROOM’s so much Mentality about VIRGin virgin. JIJAJI today I am telling you one of my secret of life that even today as of this date I am Totally VIRGIN VIRGIN VIRGIN . This bewildered me. I said Purvi How.You were married and stayed more than six Months together with your husband so how. She said she wanted to keep it secret because her husband already passed Away and she did not want to tell anybody else but now because VIRGINITY has become a issue I am telling you that My ex husband was IMPOTENT. He lost his manual power before marriage in some accident which he hide before Marriage.

I was very much upset on my honemoon 1st wedding night but than he begged of me and I kept silent.I did not know what to do and how to handle the situation. JIJU please believe me he only kissed and did oral with me but his Tool was never able to getting any tightness and he was never able to come inside me.She started weeping by saying this And said no body will believe this but this is true. I consoled her and patted her back and realized that she was burning from Inside. I said than now your would be groom would be very lucky that he has found a virgin widow. PURVI said she did not want this VIRGINHOOD of her to be broken by would be groom because now he already knows that he is marrying to A widow or in his words ‘ SECOND HAND WIFE’ so why should I go to him as a ‘ VIRGIN FIRST HAND’.

JIJU as you did great job for me you deserve some reward so if you wish I can oblige you one time .I was not prepared for this situation. I said PURVI what did you say? . Yes JIJU she said and she came more closer to me and kissed me on my Forehead. JIJU I don’t have any objection and rest is your choice. As a man I lost my decision power and immediately I Started kissing her forehead,cheeks passionately and she was in full bloom and burning. Since she could not enjoy Sex from her 1st night now she also did not want to loose this opportunity and her hands were trying to touch my tool which was instantly getting aroused. I said PURVI let us close the light but she said no JIJU you better see Me first and after you become sure that I AM FULL VIRGIN you can close the light. I took off her salwar, kameez . She was now in bra and Panty. A very firm boobs. Solid body milkish colour. I opened her bra hook and her tits were coming out .SO solid orange Shaped 36D. I instantly kissed them .took in my mouth.Now my hands were near her panty .She was moaning AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH JIJU FAST fastttttttttttttttt Zaldi karo………………..I took off her panty. Her CUNT WAS SHAVEN. Very clean. I touched my finger and found it was really very very very very tight. She said HOW JIJU> I said I believe yo are surely Virgin. But she asked me to see it . I Went down and see it. I Found it was totally clean,untouched. No spot atall. I said thank to god. I said PURVI today I am getting NISHA for second time. Nisha was also exactly the same like you are Today. God has given me second chance of fucking a virgin. I put my tounge inside her CHOOT.

It was so hilarious. Slowly slowly I took off my clothes. MY tool came out.It was so strong and hard like a real hammer. I said PURVI now this is for you. She touched it shyly and said she is seeing such a strong erection 1st time. Mine lund was 6.5” long and 2.25” thick.Purvi has never seen any erected dick so she could not visvualise the difference atall.I asked PURVI do you know what is this called. She smiled. I asked Please say otherwise this will not act. She said LL>>>>>> I said no please say in fuyll….. Otherwise this will not react…Finally she said JIJU you are very naughty.Yes this is Called ‘ LUND ‘. I said no I did not listen say again. She said LUND LUND LUND> Now come please. I said please say other name also. This is only one name. What are other synonm to this. She was puzzled. Than shw said JIJU. Did you ask DIDI also like this. I said yes I did and I am making today your 1st wedding night sample also in same way Like I did to your didi. She said How on 1st night itself you are saying such dirty words. I said PURVI these are not dirty Words but Love words. She said okey JIJU ‘ Other name is ‘ LODDA LODDA’’ Okey happy now. I said now okey When she uttered these words my LUND became more strong and had a very strong feeling of sex.

Now she asked me pointing her finger to her vagina what is this called and unless I say she will not allow either. I said PURVI You are smart. Anyway darling this is called CHOOT> She said no please say again I said CHOOT CHOOT CHOOT CHOOT CHOOT> And other words are BHOSDA BHOSDA . I asked purvi whether you know difference between choot and bhosda. She said no. I said girls have CHOOT whereas after some time it becomes BHOSDA> I hope you understand.She smiled. Now your choot let me taste. When I started putting my LUND On her choot. I asked her do you know this act what is this called. She immediately said oh JIJU now no more . This is called CHUDAI> AAB JYADA SHYANE MAAT BANOO AUR ZALDI SE AAB CHUDAI SHURU KARD O. AAB BAHOOT HO GAYA. JIJU AAB TUMKO MAUKA DE DIYA TO JYADA HOSHIYARI NAHI…. ZALDI SE CHUDAI SHURU KAROO. PLEASE BELIEVe me my LUND WAS VERY EROTIC .PURVI WAS SO SEXY. I tried to insert my LUND In her KUNWARI CHOOT BUT FAILED . I put my tounge inside her mouth. I pressed her boobs strongly she was Begging JIJU JIJU ZALDI SE AAPNA LUND MERI CHOOT ME DALOO> ZALDI SE> Main to Shadi ke baad Bhi CHUDAI ka shukh nahi leh payee. AAZ meri Pyaas bhuja do. Jiju. Pleasesssssssssss I took my LUND IN MY hand and tried to press exactly on the center of her CHOOT hole and pressed hard but it Could not go. I said NISHA teri choot to wakai me kunwari hai. Pahile baar me eisay he hota hai. I than said okey you Wait and come in 69 position. I lie down. She came on top of me in 69 position. Now I asked Nisha to take in her.

Mouth my LUND and I took her choot in my mouth. Now my TOUNGE was going in her choot. She said oh JIJU TOUNGE SE BHI CHUDAI zoordar ho rahi hai. Eise he karte raho. She was kissing,my LUND. I was very excited. Now her choot was becoming lubricated and I found it has become soft from the earlier hard. I said Purvi now my Lund can go inside probably.Let me try. With that She came down hurriedly and I came on top of here.With one hand Pressing her boobs and DUSRE SE main usko mere badan se chipka raha tha. Aur Mere LUND KO ZOOR SE DAKHA DIYA> AABKI BAAR EIK HE DHAKE ME LUND ANDAR CHALAMGAYA> PURVI CRIED STORNGLy jiju main maar zaoongi……….Bahoot Dard ho raha hai.Zaldi bahar nikalo. I took it out and I found some blood was coming out from her choot. Now her Hymen was torn out. I said PURVI now your Virginhood is gone. She cleanred it and after that again I pushed my LUND in her choot. Now I asked whether it is Paining she smiled and I knew now she is enjoying . So I pressed her boobs with hand and pushing my LUND BACK And forth. She was saying Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I asked PURVI KYA MAZAA aa raha hai. Purvi boli YES JIJU> karte he raho………AUR ZOOR SE CHODO> AAZ PURI RAAT MUJHE chodte hi raho. Oh my god Why I did not try earlier. Why this heavenly feeling I miised. I was a fool etc she was saying. I said never mind. It is better late than never. MAIN ZOOR ZOOR SE usko chod raha tha. Who chilla rahi thee jiju bus chodte he rahoo. AAZ Mujhe he didi samajh Lo. I said PURVI tum PURVI ho. AAB tuymhari didi me who maza nahi hai. Mere Lund ko aaz swarag ka such Dubara mila hai. Pahli Baar jub suhaag raat ko tumhari didi ko chodda tha tub mila tha aur aaz tum such de rahi ho.
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