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Circle of Eight Part 8

When we woke up in the morning, the sun was streaming through the windows. I woke first, felt some others moving about in the other parts of the house, and heard a clang of vessels in the kitchen. I watched Fez, Faiz. She was still asleep with her mouth slightly open, a little saliva drooling out of one corner. Her breathing was even and her chest rose and fell in a rhythm.

Badi sundar lag rahi thi. Main khamoshi is lete lete usko pehli baar theek tareh se dekhne laga. Sach dekha jaye toh woh koi classsical type in beauty nahi thi, nothing like today's Aishwarya Rai or the many new stunning new models. But she had no obvious flaws too. Very dark expressive eyes, long eyelashes, eyebrows were done in a simple shallow curve. Hont bhi saade se, not the shapely bow shaped upper lip of Nasreen, or the full lips of Rita, rather straight thin. But when she smiled and showed of a little bit of the white sparkling teeth she was awesome. Her nose, I realized, was what her face stand out. Slightly aquiline in shape, it was beautiful.

Her soft throat gave way to a smooth swelling of tits, well rounded and even lying down with enough flesh to hold them up. A size or two she would be a handful. But then I have particularly large hands. Her rib cage rose and fell as she breathed. I could count the last three ribs. Flat stomach kept so by the exercise she did regularly. And then the beautiful vagina now hidden from view, just the top of the strip of hair visible. Shapely legs.

She wore her hair fairly long, some of the strands now stuck to her skin on the sides of her tits. Maine uske chaati par kat ke nishaan dekha, gehre laal hogaye the, magar not as bad as I thought. Main apne hateli se uske mamme sehlae. Halka sa pinch kiya aur haath neeche ki taraf legaya. Choot was sticky but still warm, I put a finger inside her. She stirred and I removed the finger. I leaned forward and kissed her on the lips. "Faiz, Faiz..."

She opened her eyes, looked at me with surprise for a moment, leapt up and hugged me.

"What? Bad dream?"

"Yeah a very long bad dream. Is everyone up?"

"Some are." She got up and walked naked towards the bathroom. I watched her, felt a pang of separation. I stopped myself. Was I falling in love with her? Couldn't be, I was in love with Rita, she was my gal. It was just dosti love. Just the pangs of good fuck. I shook my head and went in search of my things, picking my bag of toiletries went in search of a bathroom. I saw that in the kitchen Juhi, Rana, Munaf and Rita were there, wearing nothing. I took a long shower and drying myself came out, joining the other naked guys. Only Munaf, it seemed was still hard.

"Kya hai Munaf, raat mein kafi dair tak chudai chalti rahi magar abhi tak lund hai ke khada hua hai. Aye Juhi kuch kar na uska."

"Main kyon karoon, mere karne ke liye hai mere paas ek stud. Usey karna hai toh wohi uthae apni chudain ko."

"Yeh bhi theek. Kuch coffee hai ya nahin?"

"Idhar jug mein hai."

Just then Fez joined us. Dressed in a light T-shirt and a very skimpy shorts. "No clothes." We all shouted. "Clothes only when absolutely necessary." Rana said with conviction. I agreed, of course. Who wouldn't want to feast our eyes on not one but four naked beauties?

Fez took her clothes off and sat down on the chair as if it was a daily routine. "Koi un do ghadaon ko uthaega nahin?" She asked.

"Main jata hoon." Rana keh kar utha. We plastered our bread with butter and ate. I took my second cup of coffee. Rita arrived with a chirpy good morning. She was naked too. I felt a pang at seeing her thus happy and not because of me. I shook my head, it was the same with me too. If I had the nature to show my feeling I would jumping in air too. I asked the girls if they had any plans.

"I just want to laze around here." Rana said. "If it is okay with Juhi." He looked at Juhi, she smiled broadly at him and said: "How about a little dip in cooling water."

"Well, anywhere not too far off."

"I think I would like to badge out." Rita said. I think nothing like rest and sex after exams. We all laughed.

"Is there anything to see around here?" Munaf asked as Nasreen joined, yawned and poured herself a cup of coffee.

"There is an old temple a few miles on the hill. Beautiful view, if you can stand the climb, I thought I might take Raj and show him the temple. That is if Rita doesn't mind."

"Why would I? Remember the rule, he is yours for today."

And I wondered if I heard it right. Fez exhaled and said under her breathe "Mine, yes, mine."

"But we will have to wear clothes, jeans and T-shirt will do fine." She said aloud.

"Get going then, don't be late coming back. Take enough water and food." Rana advised.

We were on our way in less then twenty minutes. The sun was up but not too hot yet. A few paces after we had left the house behind them Fez stopped. "Raj?"


"Can I make a request? A little weird one?"

I just cocked my head. She hesitated. "Can we - just for today - this duration we have, be lovers. Will you... ah never mind. Sorry, let us go."

She tried to pass by me, I held her arm. "Kya baat hai Faiz. Lovers toh hum hain hi. Kya raat ko bhool gayi."

"Woh lovers wali raat kahan thi Raj. Woh just fucking tha, for an experiment with borrowed man."

Main us ko apne khareeb kheencha. Uski chin ke neeche haath rakh kar uska face upar apni taraf kiya. She looked at me, with that eyes, with that clang that locked our eyes. I smiled at her. "Chal yehi hoga, meri rani. Bas tu aur main aaj."

"Mujhe rani ya kuch aur mat kaha karo, please." Her lips, I noticed for the first time, were devoid of lipstick. They held a little tremble, were incredulously sexy. I kissed her. Without the haze of wine or the constant high of hormones created by the erotic scenes last night, I kissed her. She clung to me, lips hungry, warm, needing. "Faiz," I said. "Meri Faiz."

""Raj." She whipered back, "Raj, Raj. Raj."

I held her head on my chest, patted her hair, her back. What was it that was making this incredibly reserved girl to break down thus, a queen becoming a beggar? What was her state of mind, had Rahul incident so destroyed her that she sought refuge in make belief love. She didn't need to. Boys were waiting in line for her ishara. And good honest boys too, from good pedigree, decent boys. She did not need her friend's boyfriend to shore up her self belief.

I could not understand. But I was her friend; I could not abandon her in time of need, however harsh her asking may be. However meaningless it may sound. I would pretend she was the only one, wondering if that in the end would not hurt her more in the end. Was it going to be the case of better to have a wise enemy than a foolish friend. Would I in the end be her foolish friend?

I patted her, she moved away as if she had just woken up from a dream. "Chalo, dair hui toh dhoop bahot bad jaayegi."

We picked up the staffs that had fallen to the ground and began walking. We walked a while and she told me there was a stream not far off we might rest at. I took off my shoes and sat with feet in the water. She told me she would be back in a jiffy and took off, coming back about ten minutes later holding something in her T-shirt.

"Yahan ek ber ka jhaad hai jiska phal bahot hi meetha hota tha, let us see if it is still as sweet." She put them all next to the stream and began to wash and put them back in her T-shirt. When done she offered me. I took one, and it was very meetha.

"Haan?" She asked.

I spat the seed out and nodded approval. We began to walk again. Eating as we walked. I stopped her several times to ask her about one hill or the other. We reached the foothill and began the climb. We were drenched in our sweat, our hair plastered to our head, clothes sticking to the body, I had noticed she had not been wearing a bra, and with the wet shirt sticking to her body, showing off the roundness, the firmness of her tits was positively erotic. I said so.

"Well from a distance maybe, come near and the sweat smell will repel you." She said, and funnily her nipples hardened, right there before my eyes. I went nearer.

"They say sweat also releases a kind of a pheromone that attracts men. At least I find sweating woman attractive if they are named Faiz." I grabbed her sticky head and brought our lips together. Salty saliva was tasty. "What did you think? That a little sweat would keep me away from my Faiz."

"I hoped not." She whispered back. "Just touch my crotch to see how absolutely beautiful you are and how fucking erotic."

"I don't have to touch, I know."

"You know?"

"The magic connection. Come lets go, we are not far from the temple, and wahan bahot thanda hota hai, aur koi bhi nahin aata. You can take off your clothes and spend the day without anyone seeing you."

"Aur yahan? Kya yahan koi dekh sakta hai. Nahin toh yaheen kyoon na hum kapde utarein, why should I be kept away from a divine beauty for even that short a time?"

In answer she crossed her hands, held the edge of her T-shirt and peeled it off, sweat tricked down her cleavage. "Kya this is all you want? Is this all you care for?" Her hands had rapidly unbuckled her belt and undone the button and were pulling down the pants.

"Honestly, no. This is just a bonus. Faiz being with you is erotic, being with you is what is exciting."

She was on to me in a flash and was peeling off my shirt, undoing my pants. I let her do it, She peeled off my briefs and then swaying her ass began to walk. I collected her clothes and mine, with my cock pointing the way began to follow her. I called out. "Wait." She turned and stopped.

"Ever heard of Catullus?" She asked.

"Koi Greek poet na?"

"Haan. He wrote a lot of poems of love to a fictitious character called Cloda:

Kiss me softly and speak to me low; Trust me darling the time is near, When we may live with never a fear. Kiss me dear! Kiss me softly.
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