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Arupa - My SexAdventures

Hi ., I am Arupa , today I will share my hot confessions of my sexual adventures with you , hope you will love it . I am from a small town in UP and loved the small town atmosphere where every one knew evrybody.I matured very early and was sexually aroused and excited while still at school , my boobs started to fill up fast and nipples were getting sensitive , and my bottom rounded up and my chut was covered in thick black pubic hair . Boys and men started to notice my curves and as I walked down the street , my boobs juggling under my school uniform blouse , got dirty stares and heard men and boys make lewd remarks . Firstly I did not like guys staring at me ..but later I quiet liked it and made me feel excited when guys were giving me dirty looks and making comments like …Oye Oye kya kya badey badey aam hai …Chal aaj mujhe bhi doodh pila dey naa …Ah kya cheez hain..

In the same city I had a cousin brother who was studying at the engineering college a few years older than me pretty good looks and a hunky chunky guy Dipen is the name , as other men and boys Dipen also noticed my curves and could make out his interest in me and my sexy curves and made many moves to touch me “accidently” here and there . I did not protest and smiled back at him encouragingly .I used to notice him wih a big bulge whenever he was around me in the house . I used to wonder how big was his lund and how juicy , I used to fantasize about him .He noticed that I was staring at his bulge in the trouser and couple of times he rubbed his bulge in front of me …in a way to tease me , I pretended to look the other way .

Come summer vacations Dipen was supposed to go back to his home town , but he did not go and stayed back saying he has studies , he moved in to stay at our home as the hostel was closed . Well now it was more easy for me to seduce him , close at hand …, but how I wondered . It was summer time and UP summers are very warm , one day Dipen came and announced that he was going for a bath .., but there was no water in the main bathroom . he said he will bathe in my bathoom ,he asked for a towel and went in to bathe ., I heard the water sounds and could just imagine his naked body with his soaped hard body and erect lund . The bathroom door usually did not close properly and there was a small gap .., I could not resist and peeped in through the crack .., he was under the shower and soaping himself , his hard muscular body was glistening and his half limp lund was wet ..after some time he started to stroke it , he took some oil from the shelf and applied on his lund and started to move it up and down , it was big with a big purple head ..,watching all this I was very wet and excited , I peeled down my panties and started to rub my pussy , I inserted my finger in my chut and started to rub my clit and …inserted two fingers in my wet chut and as I was fingering myself .,

I heard footsteps outside my door and suddenly the door opened it was Viren another cousin brother ., he caught me with my fingers in my panty .,Hey Arupa .Kya kar rahi hai …Nahi Bhaiya kuch nahi..I straightened up and pretended nothing has happened . In the meanwhile Dipen came out of the bath all wet …the two brothers were great friends and never hid anything from each other .Dipen went down to dress up and said he will meet us later ., Ashok wickedly was looking at me up and down , and said badi ho gayi ho , and started to feel by boobs over my tight Tshirt .., I was scared but very excited ,he locked the door and came back to me , he unzipped himself and took my hand placed it on his hard throbbing cock , he took out my Tshirt and and opened my bra , and started pressing greedily on my big boobs and biting and licking my erect dark nipples , He was throbbing in my hand and asked me …Hila issey ..aisey and he put his hand over mine and showed me how to shag him ..I learnt fast and gave him pleasure moving my hand back and forth .This lusty fun time maybe lasted for ten minutes ,,he came in spurts in my hand and he gave me a towell to wipe him . I did as told .

He french kissed me hard and squeezed my boobs and whispered in my ears ,,Abhi aya hoon ..hum log summer vacation mey bahut maza karenge and winked at me . I winked back at him and said haan Bhaiya jarur !
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