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Swati Part 10

We reached the hotel in Juhu at half past eight in the evening. Swati had requested her friend Priyanka's father to make the hotel arrangements. His secretary had made the reservation in Swati's name. The girl at the reception was polite & helpful but we sensed awkwardness in her manner.

"Is there a problem?" Swati asked.

"No problem, Ma'am. We have a room reserved for you. But... well... we were expecting only one guest." The girl stammered apologetically.

"Oh, I see. It seems that there has been a mix up. Are you telling me that you don't have a double room available?" Swati asked.

"I'm sorry Ma'am. The room we've reserved for you has two single beds instead of a double bed. But let me check if we have a double room vacant." The receptionist said, apologizing profusely.

"Oh, don't bother. We'll manage." I interjected smoothly. I was impatient to get into the room as soon as possible.

"Thank you very much, Sir!" The reception girl was relieved. She offered to send up someone to join the beds together. I thanked her and told her that we would call in case we needed help. The bellboy saluted smartly after depositing our bags in the room and collecting a tip. I locked the door after hanging the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the doorknob. At last we were alone. We had the full night to ourselves...


"Let me change into..." Swati started talking.

"No! Just take off your sandals, wash your feet and come back quick!" I cut her off brusquely. She knew better than to argue. She soon returned from the bathroom & found me sitting on a chair.

"Just unbutton your top slowly. I want to see your breasts." I commanded.

She stood about five feet away from me. She took her time unfastening the buttons one by one until she reached down to her navel. Her eyes glittered with a strange light.

"Ahh. Just pull it open please!" I ordered.

She slowly complied. Her full, plump, fair breasts topped with deep pink aureole and thick, stiff nipples were exposed before me. Her breathing was ragged and I could see an artery throbbing in the hollow of her throat.

"Are you wearing panties?" I asked.

"Yes." She whispered.

"Take them off now!" I instructed her.

She reached under her wraparound skirt, pulled her panties down and stepped out of them. Her heavy breasts swayed deliciously as she moved. She placed the panties in my outstretched hand and then waited for further instructions.

"Lift your skirt up and show me your cunt!" I ordered.

She had long since stopped objecting to my explicit language. She in fact seemed to be getting get a kick out of it. She grasped the hem of the skirt with both hands and slowly inched it up until her pubis was fully exposed. Unbidden, she spread her legs apart and thrust her hips forward to better expose her pussy.

"You know, you are a real sexy, horny bitch! Aren't you?" I asked.

"Yes!" She whispered.

"Are you wet?" I asked. She nodded. But the question was superfluous. I could see her secretions trickle down her inner thigh.

"You know my pet; you have been a very wicked girl. First, you exposed your breasts in an open restaurant. Then you made me finger fuck you in a taxi!" I said hoarsely. She nodded, a half smile playing on her lips.

"And you almost jerked me off in public!" I accused her. She nodded again.

"And you enjoyed it all, didn't you?" I asked.

"Yes." She whispered.

"For all that you need a punishment, you bitch! And you are going to get it!" I growled.

"OK!" She whispered again.

"But I'm in two minds. I have not come since yesterday and I need it real bad! What should I do first; punish you or fuck your mouth?" I asked.

"Whatever you want... I'm yours..." She whispered submissively, her eyes downcast. The tremor in her voice betrayed her excitement.

"Let's toss a coin, then. Heads, you get spanked, tails you suck my cock. OK?" I asked. She nodded her acceptance. I pulled out a coin from my pocket & tossed it.

"Tails it is! Come here my pet, first you are going to suck my cock." I said. She came & stood close by me.

"First take off my clothes." I instructed.

She undid the buttons and pulled off my shirt & vest. She knelt before me & removed my shoes & socks. She then unbuckled my belt, opened my trousers and pulled them off. Finally she hooked her fingers in the waistband of my shorts and pulled them down. My aching cock at last sprang free and stood erect, pointing upwards. I was fully naked now, while she still had her skirt & top on. Although the top was unbuttoned to the navel, its lapels had pulled almost closed, revealing only a narrow vee of her fair, creamy skin.

"Tie your hair in a knot!" I ordered. She complied. I grabbed the lapels of her top and dragged them off her shoulders, exposing her beautiful shoulders and plump breasts.

"Now pleasure my cock, my dear Swati! I want it real slow and sweet. You don't know how long I've been waiting for this!" I exclaimed.

I held her by the knot of her hair and pulled her mouth towards my throbbing, drooling cock. She closed her eyes and concentrated her full attention on pleasuring me. Her hand gripped my shaft and her lips closed around it. Her tongue alternately danced on my crown and licked the underside of my cock. I reached down with my free hand and kneaded her breasts.

"Mmh... mmh... mmh..." Tiny moans sounded as I started thrusting my cock into her mouth. She matched the sucking of her mouth and the swallowing movement her throat muscles with the rhythm of my thrusts, letting my crown go past her glottis when I thrust in. It had been almost twenty four hours since I had last ejaculated and I had come close to climaxing several times that day; in fact my cock had been either fully hard or semi erect almost throughout the day. So it was no wonder I couldn't last very long. In just a few minutes, Swati brought me to a massive orgasm. I pumped spurt after spurt of my thick, creamy semen into her mouth. She swallowed most of it; a little trickled down the corner of her lips. She gathered it up with a finger and licked it up. Her eyes betrayed how aroused she had become while sucking my cock.

In just one day, she had not only overcome all her inhibitions about fellatio; she had actually started to enjoy pleasuring me and developed a taste for my semen. I am not sure whether this was because of her eagerness to please me or because she was just naturally inclined to be a good cocksucker (remember how long ago she had imprinted her lips on the sketch she had drawn of my cock); probably a bit of both, I guess.

She sighed in relief, rested her head in my lap and relaxed with her eyes closed. My fingers played with the knot of her hair while I took pleasure at the sight of a half naked Swati resting against me, her breasts shiny with the sweat of her exertions. I waited a few minutes for her breathing to return to normal. Then, I tightened my grip on the knot of her hair and pulled her head up.

"OK, my pet, get ready for your punishment. Stand up!" I said, looking into her eyes. She scrambled to her feet and stood close to me. I could smell her pussy.

"Take off your skirt!" I whispered.

Her fingers searched for the knot on the belt of her skirt and fumblingly undid it. The skirt loosened but still remained in position around her hips for a while. Then slowly the weight of the skirt pulled it down and it lay pooled around her ankles. Her white top was unbuttoned to the navel and its lapels were half open, leaving a triangular area of her torso bare. The lower edge of the top just reached her pubic thatch. A few buttons below the navel still held fast.

I pulled the edges of the top apart and the remaining buttons popped open too. I pushed the upper part of her top halfway down her arms, then roughly pulled the lower corners together & tied them in a tight knot just below her breasts. The knitted cotton fabric of the top was thick & strong, yet soft and pliable. The top was now tightly tied around her torso; her upper arms were pulled against her body and the knot in the front supported her breasts from below so that they jutted out provocatively, beautifully framed by the top. The lower part of her body was completely naked. I held her by her shoulders and slowly turned her around so that she could see herself in the full length mirror on the wardrobe.

"Don't you look like a slut waiting for her punishment?" I whispered in her ear. She nodded.

"Come, get it then!" I exclaimed.

I led her to bed and made her lie face down. I knelt by the side of the bed. Her taut, full, fair buns lay exposed within easy reach. As soon as my hand touched her skin, she clenched her ass, expecting a blow. But I was in no hurry. I took pleasure of her ass, slowly caressing and fondling it. I grabbed handfuls of her ample buns, squeezing and pinching them to my heart's content. Swati gradually relaxed and started enjoying the massage. Little moans of pleasure escaped her lips. Her fists tightened, gathering the bed sheet in their grasp.

"Whap!" I suddenly landed an open handed slap on an ass cheek.

"AAHH..." She screamed in surprise and pain. Her ass jiggled and slowly started turning pink. A second later, I landed another hard slap on the other cheek.

"AIEEE..." She screamed again. She groped and found a pillow. She thrust her face in it to stifle her screams.

"Just raise a hand if you've had enough, OK?" I asked. She nodded, her head still buried in the pillow.

Over the next ten minutes or so, I must have delivered at least ten hard slaps on her ass, interspersed with gentle caresses and soothing noises. Her muffled screams heightened my arousal and egged me on. I am physically quite strong and the spanking must have stung her just as badly as it hurt my hand. The deep red color of her ass was proof of that. However, the real turn on for her was not so much the force of the blows as the randomness of the timing.
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