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Shyam, Savita Bhabhi And Kajal Part 10

Virtually from the very beginning of the sexual relationship between Shyam and the two sisters, a pecking order had been established between them. Shyam was clearly at the top. After having subdued Savita's early attempts to assert her independence, he was the unquestioned lord and master. Both sisters not only deferred to his will, they were happy to do so.

Although Kajal's smoldering sensuality was the catalyst that had set off their explosive triangular relationship and Shyam spent a goodly time introducing sexy but innocent Kajal to pleasures of the flesh (and enjoyed every moment of it), Savita was the only one he actually fucked. They had all agreed on that arrangement in order to preserve Kajal's virginity until she got married. This fact, in addition to her being the elder sister put Savita next in the pecking order. Savita was quite content with this situation. It allowed her to feel that she had prior claim on Shyam's affections, and she didn't feel any need to flaunt this in Kajal's face. Also, she was able to keep up the pretense that she was doing it only for Kajal's sake, thus assuaging any residual guilt.

Apart from being head over heels in love with Shyam, Kajal was totally overawed by his masculinity, strength and worldliness. In addition, she was full of gratitude towards Savita for offering her body to satisfy Shyam's lust, in order to preserve Kajal's virginity (much as she would have preferred to lose it to Shyam). So Kajal too accepted her position at the bottom of the totem pole without demur.

The pecking order having been settled, they all behaved with perfect decorum whenever they were together. That equilibrium had been upset when Kajal had returned from her honeymoon, determined to get her satisfaction from Shyam Bhaiya. Not only had Kajal spent a whole night in Shyam's arms in Savita's own bed, she had openly made out with him the next day, sitting on his lap, shamelessly exchanging open mouthed kisses and letting him expose and fondle her breast in front of Savita. Kajal had then let Shyam fuck her right at the open door of the bedroom, in Savita's full view. Savita had simultaneously felt arousal as well as pangs of jealousy and insecurity as she watched Shyam & Kajal's shenanigans.

Shyam had sensed Savita's mood and had made amends by giving her his undivided attention during his bath. While Savita was quite happy with that, she still felt the need to show off her own intimacy with Shyam. She had returned to her apartment with her loosely draped sari barely covering her wet body. Her body language had made it obvious to Kajal what had happened between her & Shyam...


Although Shyam wanted to return to his apartment to get a good sleep after all his exertions and the heavy lunch that he had eaten late in the afternoon, Savita & Kajal had persuaded him to rest in Savita's bedroom. The two sisters had quickly done the dishes & cleaned up the kitchen & dining table. Savita had then pleaded that she too needed rest. After freshening up, she had glided into the bedroom, casting a meaningful sideways glance at Kajal. She had lain down beside an already asleep Shyam, making sure that Kajal could see them through the open bedroom door...

Kajal hadn't been feeling sleepy. After trying to pass time reading a magazine, she too had finally wound up in the bedroom, sitting quietly in a corner on the bed, looking at Shyam & Savita as they slept. She'd felt quite happy & at peace with herself, after having had the time of her life in Shyam's arms since the last night. The consummation of her relationship with Shyam had exceeded her wildest dreams...


It was past seven o'clock in the evening when Shyam slowly woke up from his deep slumber. The bedroom was dark, lit only by the faint twilight seeping in from the window. Although he woke up refreshed & relaxed, sexually he felt completely drained. That wasn't surprising considering what he had been through in the last twenty-four hours or so:

He had (unknowingly) deflowered newly married Kajal, something her hubby Suresh hadn't been able to do on their four-day honeymoon. He had then gone on to do her several more times. That had completed Kajal's transformation from a naïve, innocent virgin to a sexually awakened young woman. He had followed that up by giving Savita a deep body massage and a vigorous roll in the hay, leaving her feeling limp like a rag doll...

As he let the pleasant memories scroll before his mind's eye, he became aware that he wasn't alone in the bed. He sensed a movement to his left as he lay flat on his back. Shyam reached out to switch on the bedside lamp and his eyes focused on Savita resting on her side. She lay close, yet not touching him. Her head was propped on her hand and she had a bemused little smile as she looked at him indulgently. She wore a simple cotton sari wrapped around her body, modestly covering her shoulders. Her thick, long, shiny black hair that had earlier been neatly tied in a knot had come undone and was now an unruly mass. Her eyes were sleepy too; she had also woken up just a few minutes before him.

Savita squirmed in pleasure as he ran his fingers through her loose hair. The slight movement of her body caused her pallu to slip off, revealing her plump shoulder and the curve of a full breast. She wasn't wearing a blouse under her pallu. She made no attempt to cover her nakedness; instead her eyes silently implored Shyam to touch her. As Shyam's fingers trailed lazily over Savita's soft, smooth creamy skin, the pallu fell off, fully revealing her breasts. A couple of purple bruises were visible, contrasting sharply with her fair skin; the aftermath of their energetic lovemaking that afternoon.

"Bahut dard lag raha hai kya?"

"Does it hurt a lot?" Shyam inquired, running his fingertip over a bruise.

Savita shook her head in the negative. In truth, her skin had become tender and it did hurt a bit when Shyam touched the bruise. But the pain magically transformed into a little shiver of pleasure and her nipples immediately started to stiffen. They were sore too and started to ache as soon as blood rushed into them. Her stiffening nipples caught Shyam's attention and he couldn't resist the temptation to pinch them.

"Aieeee..." Savita gasped as a sharp stab of pain shot through her tender nipples and then turned into intense pleasure. In spite of his sexually drained state, Shyam felt a stirring in his loins. Soon, Savita was lying on her back, her hands folded above her head, offering Shyam unrestricted access to her breasts & hairy armpits.

From her position at a corner of the bed, Kajal observed Shyam & Savita's love play, trying to keep as silent & unobtrusive as possible. She watched quietly as Shyam fondled Savita's breasts, then sniffed & licked her damp armpit hair. As Shyam went on to kiss Savita's lips and his tongue dueled with hers, Kajal's own arousal mounted. She couldn't help but clear her throat nervously...

At the sound of Kajal's voice, Shyam turned to her while Savita lay impassive, eyes half closed, showing no concern about Kajal's presence.

"Kajal meri jaan, aaj mera dil teri Didi par aa gaya hai! Tu ja, sabke liye chai bana kar la."

"Kajal my darling, I fancy your Didi today! Please make some tea for all of us." Shyam said, blowing her a kiss.


"OK." Kajal whispered obediently and hurried to the kitchen to make tea. Shyam once again turned his attention to Savita...

A while later, Kajal brought in steaming hot mugs of tea, and Shyam & Savita's love play was interrupted by the clinking of crockery. They sat up. Savita wrapped her pallu around her shoulders, taking her own sweet time to do so. They both sat side by side on the bed and Shyam handed her a hot mug of tea. Savita snuggled up to Shyam as she sipped her tea, while Kajal sat on a dressing stool nearby, gripping her tea mug. Shyam threw an arm around Savita's waist and pulled her close. He set his hot tea mug down, sneaked his hand under Savita's pallu & caressed her breast with his heated palm. He was gratified by her immediate response:

"Unhhh..." Savita moaned aloud and he felt a shiver pass through her body. Shyam felt his overworked cock starting to get hard again. Then suddenly Shyam had a brainwave. He loosened his pajamas and fished his tumescent cock out, motioning to Savita to kneel before him. Just like her kid sister, Savita too loved to please Shyam. She hurried to obey, waiting breathlessly to fellate him while Kajal looked on...

"Le, chaat."

"Here, lick!" He whispered hoarsely, after offering Savita a sip of hot tea.

"Ahhh...!" Shyam exhaled ecstatically as Savita's hot tongue licked the crown of his cock. His cock quickly grew hard & erect. Savita was an experienced cocksucker. She immediately got into the spirit of this new little twist to an old game. Soon, she was alternately swirling little sips of hot tea in her mouth and then sucking and licking Shyam's thick cock. Shyam was in seventh heaven. The sensation of Savita's hot mouth on his cock was incredible, far beyond his wildest dreams!

Kajal, far from feeling awkward or jealous, felt a sense of total identification with Savita. She could actually taste the saltiness of Shyam's precum in her own mouth and smell his earthy male musk rise into her nose as she observed Savita pleasuring Shyam's cock with her mouth. Savita took a couple of biggish gulps of tea and then quickly swallowed Shyam's cock halfway down her throat. Kajal felt a pang of envy at the ease with which Savita could do it without gagging. She made a mental note, promising herself to become as proficient as her Didi, so that she too could similarly pleasure her beloved Shyam Bhaiya.

Shyam soon realized that if Savita continued the way she was going, he would spurt down her throat. He reluctantly pulled out of her mouth with a wet plop, stood up & stripped off his clothes. He helped Savita up & laid her in bed on her back.
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