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Kavita - the horniest sult wife Part 02

"Kavita, I do love you, I suddenly realize how much." I said removing my hand from between her legs and putting on her soft bottom and pulled her to me.

"Oh Charlie!" she said "I have never felt so happy in all my life, I want to stay with you, always."

I have no racial prejudice but I had never seen myself becoming attached to a person of a different race. I really don't care what people say. It just came to me the moment she turned to face me that I had this lump rise in my chest. She looked at me with those big brown eyes and the look of trust that was on her face was what brought the realization that I had fallen in love with Kavita quite a while ago and I hadn't realized it.

"We have to get you legally registered in this country and then we will get married, Kavita." I said to her

"What if they won't let me stay, I don't care if you marry me or not I just want you near me." She said.

"Kavita, we are going to do this right, I am at stage in life that I can move anywhere, so if they sent you back I will come with you, but I don't think they will." I said "I have a friend who works in the immigration Ministry I will give him a call and see what he can do for us."

"I don't like London, too many bad memories." She said.

"We will move up to this country, the Scots are a lot more tolerant, and it is a lot less crowded than the southeast of England." I said already planning relocation in my mind.

We rose and had breakfast and Kavita was like the cat who had swallowed the canary, she was going around so happy.

That morning I used my mobile, which I had switched off intending not to use it all the holiday and rang Gilbert, the friend in Immigration. I explained the circumstances and also how I felt for Kavita. He asked to speak to her and I heard her give a lot of details about her home and named names.

After he had spoken to her he again spoke to me. He told me if I was serious and wanted to marry her do so now. He would approach the Bangladesh embassy where he in turn has a friend to make some enquiries. He would be emailing me some forms which I was to fill out and get back to him as soon as possible, and get round to the registry office as soon as possible.

I logged on to my email service and downloaded the forms. Kavita and I sat at the laptop and filled in the forms together, when we came to the portion of proposed marital status. I said to her "Kavita will you marry me?"

"She leapt into my arms and said "Of course you fool, I will marry you any time you want."

So in this section I put within one month. I took note of all Kavita's particulars as I was going to need them to register for marriage.

I then returned the forms to Gilbert. I then contacted enquiries and found that the nearest registry Office was in Inverness. So I rang them to get instructions. Only one of us was needed to attend for registration.

I told Kavita I would be gone for a couple of hours and rode the bike to Inverness Registry Office. The registration of intent was as simple as could be. I gave the lady there all the particulars. I wanted no special license so a date was booked for three weeks time at 10am. The license was then put in the notice board outside the Registry Office for Public Display.

I then returned to the camp site, and told Kavita what I had done. She just could not believe that she was at long last going to be married.

"Kavita, one thing you must promise me, always wear the sari, I will always think of you wearing one its you and that is why I ask you." I asked her.

"Charlie I don't feel dressed in western clothes, I told you before that I just wear the sari." She replied to me.

Three days later a police car pulled up and a Sergeant of Police knocked at the door. I admitted him and he removed his cap, and took the seat I offered him.

"These campers are a real home from home aren't they?" he said with a slow highland brogue.

Kavita I could see was real afraid and was standing at my back clasping my pullover with both hands.

"Oh! I better introduce myself I'm Sergeant Ronald Macgregor of the West Highland Police. I have come to see you on the request of the Immigration Ministry" he said

Kavita and I just stood and stared at him.

"And is the little lass who has had a bit of trouble then." He said indicating to Kavita

"Yes!" I answered "She was brought here tricked by being offered marriage and found it was really for prostitution, but she managed to escape from her captors, and I gave her refuge." I said

"Why didn't you take her to the police at the time?" he asked

"I don't know, I just felt sorry for her, now we are going to get married in three weeks and I want her stay to be legal that is why I contacted the Ministry." I told him

"Where are you getting married," he asked.

"Inverness Registry Office at 10am 18days time." I said

He stood up put on his cap and addressed Kavita and told her that he was arresting her as an illegal entry into this country. Before he could go any further Kavita dropped to her knees and was sobbing deeply and had her arms wrapped around my legs.

He went on that she was to be put into my custody until at such time a decision would be given on her status.

He then took off his cap, sat down on the chair and said "I wouldn't say no to a hot cup of coffee"

Kavita stopped weeping and was staring at the sergeant. I too was just dumbstruck and it took me some time to realize just what he had said.

"You mean you're not going to take her away and lock her up?" I asked.

"Do you think we have no sympathy for her, anyhow where would we be locking her up in this part of the country? She's your responsibility, don't lose her or you will be for the high jump. Now how about that coffee?" he said.

I helped Kavita up to her feet, and she quickly poured us out a coffee from the drip coffee maker.

"I'll be your best man if you want, and my daughter will willingly be your bridesmaid." He said to us both. Anyway you will need two witnesses, and I can keep an eye on you both he said with a laugh.

"You can't very well drive this big thing to the Registry Office, I'll have Betty that's my daughters name by the way pick you up in her car and take you there in goodly time. I will meet you there. I have to be in court that day, so I will just nip round for your wedding.

After finishing his coffee he rose and left, leaving the both of us rather stunned at the sudden turn of events.

"Kavita, the wheels are now in motion for you to stay in this country, it seems that they are not overly worried, allowing you to stay in my care. It looks as if we have a friend in the local police and a good witness for our marriage." I said to her.

She came and pressed herself close to me wrapping her arms around my body. "Charlie I was very afraid that they were going to put me in prison." She said into my chest. "Please hold me tight, I need you holding me."

We just stood there holding each other.

That night she offered herself and I didn't really turn her down I suggested we wait until her wedding night, as all women would like to go to their nuptial bed a virgin especially Asian women. This was the greatest complement I could have given her. She was very pleased that I had said this. But our other petting continued.

The sari she was wearing the night I found her was going to be her wedding sari and she had washed and ironed it and put it to one side it was by far a better quality than the ones we had purchased in Edinburgh. I would rather have her wear something new and finer.

I then remembered Nanda Singh. Who used to be a programmer with my old company, and was one of the few who hadn't been seduced by my ex. Maybe because he was older and had children of my age.

I rang his old number and his wife answered who I had met but for the life of me couldn't remember her name. I asked if Nanda could call me as it was urgent. She asked the reason and I told her, she asked Kavita's measurements. Which I told her from memory and what she had told the Indian in the shop in Edinburgh.

She said she would tell Nanda but that she will get a sari suitable for Kavita's wedding and have it sent by Express delivery if she can get what she wants. I thanked her and she said to me." This lady won't treat you like your last wife, Asian women know how to look after their men properly, and I think you have made a wonderful choice."

Early the next week a parcel arrived from London containing the most beautiful sari in pale pastel blue with a broad orange colour pattern and inlaid with gold thread and was like silk with a matching underskirt and blouse. It also contained a note from all of Nanda's family wishing us all the best.

When Kali saw the sari she burst out in sobs. "Charlie it is beautiful this is the most expensive sari's I have ever held in my hands, I will be very proud on my wedding day."

In the post that day was a temporary visitor's permit allowing Kavita to stay impending investigation of her status.

On the day of our marriage we rose early, and were dressed early waiting on Betty to pick us up. I just couldn't keep my eyes off the beautiful woman beside me. They say that all brides are beautiful on their wedding day. I had to agree with the saying for Kavita in the blue sari was the most exquisite creature I have laid eyes on.

When Betty arrived and stepped into the camper she stopped with mouth open looking at Kavita "What a beautiful lady you are!" she said. "I am honoured to be your bridesmaid."

When we arrived at the Registry Office we only had a ten minute wait. The Sergeant had brought two other Constables with him. So instead of us just being on our own we now had a reasonable gathering. After the ceremony and all the signatures gathered we were handed our marriage certificates. The Sergeant said he had a surprise for us, and Betty would be taking us, and he would be following soon.
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