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Honey And Moon Night

I am writing some thing more about my life.

First week after my marriage was very much busy day and night, day with relatives and night with my hubby in the bed, he loves me very much, caress my body all the night and even give me tongue bath which I likes very much, after one week we go for the honeymoon to Muree and Nathia Gali ( Hilly stations in Pakistan) and there I learnt a lot from my hubby, We both were feeling very good there in that cold area, One night my hubby take a blue film and we planned to see this in the night, In the night we both take off our clothes at about eleven in the night and started the film.

That was my first experience to see a porn film, Oh when I see the first scene in which a handsome man was liking the cunt lips of a women of almost fifty years old, her cunt was completely pink and she had a jungle of hairs on her cunt area, ohhhhh ….. I cant believe it, the man was inserting his tongue into her and some times kissing and some times sucking her cunt lips and this made me so excited that I hold my hubby from back side tightly and kissed him on his back, a passionate kiss, then that women lay the man on the bed and sit on him and started moving up and down and he was sucking and inserting his tongue in her and after some time she came in his mouth ohhhhhhhhh My hubby’s lund was standing now like rock and I had placed my one hand on his lund and was playing with it just running my hands on it and my second hand was playing with his nipples, then the second scene started in which a man was sucking a beautiful girl’s cunt and the girl was sucking his long almost twelve inches long penus, ohhhhhhh taking all in her mouth, kissing and spitting on it and taking in her mouth, ahhhhh I cant explain my feelings.

I was becoming hotter than any thing, my hubby now turn towards me and started kissing my lips holding my nipples in his strong hands and kissing my lips, inserting his hot tongue into mine, and then he whispered in my ears while sucking my ear lobes, my love please kiss on my lund, I say no I cant, he kept on kissing me and then started inserting his finger into me and requesting me to please kiss on his lund just once, I say I cant my love, but he kept on insisting and then I said I don’t know how I said to him that first he kisses me on my cunt lips…… after saying this to him I remain silent for a while and he also became silent but kissing me and caressing me and then he start liking my entire body with his tongue, he reaches on my neck and then inserted his tongue into my ears and then he lowered down and start sucking my nipples which were erect now he continue sucking them while my hands were wandering in his hairs, in his arm pits and all over his body, he go down more and now he was inserting his tongue into my love button ohhhhhhhhh what great sensation it was, wooo , his hands were now on my cunt lips and he was massaging there, between my thighs and on my cunt lips. He go down more and I was feeling his breath on my thighs and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhhh he had placed his hot and soft lips on my cunt lips ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what great sensation of that hot lips he was kissing there, I cant believe that he was kissing me there, he was kissing more and more and I was becoming more and more hotter.

I was not in my senses I want him in me there, his lips in his tongue in mine cunt , he then lay there kissing my cunt lips and his legs were towards my face and I was holding his rock hard lund in my right hand, he was kissing there and then he opened my cunt lips with both of his hands and inserted his wet and hot tongue in me, ohhhhhhhhhhh …………..yeah……………what I should write here…………..i cant explain he was inserting his tongue in me and I at once take his lund in my mouth and that was a surprise for him too, I was sucking his penis, taking all of it in my mouth and liking it, holding his balls and sucking his balls I was completely mad and he was too, inserting his tongue into me and liking me there widely and I was sucking him and then at once I explode, I came ……………..i tightened my thighs on his neck pulling his head in my thighs taking all of his tongue in me I came and at that time his lund was in me and my mouth also tighten against his lund and he came in me, oh hot thick cum, first I cant feel any thing and after five minutes when I came into senses I ran to the bath room and wash my mouth there for many times, it was so thick and so much cum in my mouth and on my cheeks and on my neck and on my breasts, thick and white, I really don’t like the taste.

What a night that was, I came back from the bath room, he was smiling at me and the movie was running and a black man was
inserting a white women from her anus, I stopped the movie and lay besides my hubby, we sleep for a while and then nearly five in the morning he was again ready to penetrate me, we spent full ten days there in full enjoyment, and then we came back, I still remember that days and specially first kiss on my cunt and my first taste of his penis in my mouth, it was completely a new thing.
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