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A Housewife’s Adventure

Myself, my wife and my son are on tour in MP (Panchmari, Jabalpur, Kanha & B’Garh) this summer.

We used to go for such trips every year and every time I asked her for some exhibitionism but failed but this time I pursued her for some sort of exhibitionism which she agreed after so many requests. We booked resorts all the places. At Jabalpur, we stayed in a resort which was in a very lonely place and on the hills near Bheraghat. We came there from Kanha on our way to Panchmari. On the way, she was wearing a white transparent camisole with black push-up bra and white semi-transparent shrug and skirt without panty on the roads. The driver boy was very friendly with her on the roads and always looking at her big boobs whenever he got time.

When we reach the resort two boys came to pick our luggage. Since it was at noon and too hot she immediately taken out the shrug and stays in the camisole revealing her voluptuous assets in front of those boys and our driver boy. As I was busy in completing the hotel formality, she and my son were arranging for the luggage transfer and was talking with those two boys about the room and the place.. when I looked at them, I saw that she was bent to pick up the small bags and by this process opened up her big boobs to them… and the boys are glazing at her assets with big eyes… her boobs are really very lovely.. the total scene was very hot and horny…while my son was running ahead they are walking with her side by side to guide her to our room which was at the back side of the resort and at a long distance from the main office and just beside their staff quarter. They told us that since it was summer so nobody except us was in the resort.

The boys after that frequently came to our room all the time for all small small matters but they are very careful about her all needs like soaps, shampoo, cleaning of the beds and arranging the third bed for our son, arranging the luggage, bringing cold water, lunch for us etc. During their all works they never missed any chance to glazed at her assets and my wife too was allowing such revelation.

In the evening my son was watching TV in the room and we sat on the small balcony in the ground floor and I was having bear and she was having tea and snacks … one of the boy, who is good looking, came and sat with us talking about his families and other stories about the place… my wife at that time wearing a short knee length white nighty robe that reveals her white thais and other big and chubby assets and the boys were sitting very near to her in the down stair looking and staring straight at her assets and also sometimes under gown assets too. There was enough light there for him to measure. I noticed that my wife also indulges him and allows him to glaze at her assets.

He brought the dinner and told us that he stays in the next house and if any thing require we may call him.
After the dinner we had a talk … she told me that she was feeling so horny as such exhibitionism she had never done before and so she was draining through her tunnel all the time. That night we had a long fucking session….she utter his name quite few times during that session. This is the first time for her and she was very daring in her exhibitions.
Next day morning I ordered for bed tea and the boy came with the tea … I told him to came in and put the same on the table as I was in the washroom for brushing…. my son was in the other bed still sleeping and she did not wake up till then. Her nightly was up and her clean shaved sweet spot was revealing.. the boy came inside and look straight to that and waited for few minutes and looks around the room and assuring that I was not in the room and my son was sleeping move close to her to have a better look. He put his hand on her nighty gown softly and moved the same a little bit to have a better close look, he waited there and touches his own bulge and went away. I watched him all the time from the washroom. After that I came out and called her and told her about the incident…. she was stunned and very excited too…. I told her to do some flirt with him which she agreed as it would be only for half day….

When the boy came back for clearing I asked him to accompany us to visit at the different places around the bheraghat, he gladly agreed but told that he need permission. I talked to the manager and requested to allow him to go with us. We all moved and roamed at all the places together around bheraghat. As usual, he took special care of my wife and she too teased him and gave him chance to look at her assets and allowed occasional touches at her bodies. Once he arranges for her pee also in a remote place and stood as watchman for her bare ass and pussy ….. on that day also she was wearing white skirt without panty and a pink transparent camisole … during the boat riding she gave him a chance to touch her boobs and other places of her body and she also hugged him while getting down from the boat. They went to see a marble cave together where I did not accompany them as myself and my son was busy having some snacks.

My wife later told me that the boy while taking her into a marble cave touched her pussy and put his fingers into her pussy under the skirt and fingered her for a quite sometime and licked her by putting his mouth there. He also pressed and sucked her boobs and also kissed her. The boy made her to touch his dick and pressed her for a blowjob by her mouth, later she told me that his tool was fairly big. She was so horny at that time that she allows him to do all with him and also enjoyed such half fucking session. She gulped his cum too.

She told me that she was wet completely at that time as it was the first time some body other than me touched and fingered her pussy. She confessed me that she enjoyed very much such voyeurism … and it was a mind blowing experience for her. She confessed me later that she was so hot and horny at that time that if the boy pressurized her for a sex, then she might have landed into that as she was wanting the boy to fuck her hard. But that did not happen as she did the blow job to him with her mouth and there was very little time for them.

We left for the panchmari in the afternoon from Bheraghat and in her words ” it was my sweet, hot horny and unforgettable memory. She even now tells me that she very satisfied for such unexpected sexual and sensual incident with a complete stranger.
After we left bheraghat she was a bit offbeat and talking less with me and with son too. We reached Panchmari around 7.30/8.00 PM night and directly moved to the resort.

At night in the bed shared the incident of bheraghat with me and told me that it was an unfortunate experience but she could not control the situation as everything happened so fast. She narrated every detail of it. But she confessed me that though it was a very strange and unsettling incident but she somehow enjoyed the episode as it was her first experience. We had a very warm session that night.

Next three days we had already planned for various sight-seeing around Panchmari and the resort arranged a vehicle for us. It was a hood open gypsy vehicle. We visited two-three places nearby and returned back. In the afternoon we are planning to visit the sunset point. At the time of going out, the resort manager requested us that if one person can be accommodated with us in the vehicle. Since he was alone and no vehicle was available. We nodded to the same and that person accompanied us to the sunset point. He is a very sweet young boy and friendly chap, doing research in bioscience and came for sample collection. Since my wife is also done her doc. in bio science, they immediately start talking in their language and I engaged myself with my son. He also became very friendly with my son too. The boy told that he would move to the US on the next week after submitting his project as he already got an assignment there for three years.

My wife was in her jeans and tops and her assets are as usual blossoming. They boy started talking to her and about the samples and the research subjects but continuously starring at her assets.
As we reach there we took seat in the point and my son was busy in taking photographs. He requested my wife to accompany him to help him in collection of the samples in the nearby garden. They went together and I was in charge of my son.

They came back within one hour with some samples and I noted that she is taking a lot of interest in him and she got a chance to talk to somebody of her own subject. After sunset when the evening settled we started going back. My son sat on the front seat of the jeep and my wife sat between us. It was around one hour drive. They continued talking to each other and since it was hilly area their bodies are getting frequently touched in some occasion to keep balance my wife catch his hands also. Once I saw that he touched her legs too while keeping the samples on his lap. It became dark then and I could not see more
We came back took and bath, I requested him to have drinks with me which he agreed. We had drinks together and had dinner. During dinner, he thanked me for allowing me to accompany him and he told that he had a good time with her as she is a great help to him.

He requested me to allow him to be with us so that he could get help from my wife.
At night she told me that the boy was really charming and she likes the innocent look of the boy. She also told me to change our sight-seeing plan and to go to one falls where he could collect samples. We also planned to take bath there as it was a hot water spring.
We started a bit around eight in the morning. She dressed in normal salwar and top. We reached the place and went down and took our bath. After the bath, she changed into a skirt and a sleeve less top. While coming up myself and my son went up very fast but they lagged behind for collecting bio-samples.
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