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A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed.

Hello to all the readers. I have been reading stories here for a long time and thus got the courage to share my own experience. This is my first story so please give me your feedback and suggestions on nikkrajput4488@gmail.com...
About me, my name is Nikhil. I’m 23, a fun loving guy, slightly plump. The story is about me and my best friend Neha. This is my real sexual encounter with my best friend and thus the story is a bit long but exciting too. Neha is a good looking, beautiful girl, the best part is her dressing sense and her simple and sober outfit style. She is a bit chubby girl, with perfect plumps and curves in the right areas. The incident happened in 2017 when we both completed our PG in MBA from the same college. During your initial college days, I always had an eye on Neha. It was our college fest when we both got a chance to interact with each other and later on slowly we developed a very good friendship. During free times we had long chats on WhatsApp and on calls and shared almost everything we had to talk about. Those conversations then slowly turned into some naughty jokes sharing, talking quite freely about sexual stuff. This went on to end up having phone sex once or twice a week.
On some normal night, as we were talking about how we want our partners to have sex and what all stuff we want our partners to do while having sex. She suddenly asked me “what is the best part you think about sex”. To this, I replied, “I want to give my girl a long and hard bj, want to lick her pussy and get the entire of her cum in my mouth”. To this, she immediately said, “OMG… Really? Your girl will be so lucky. I really wish I get a guy like you. I really want someone to do it to me right now, my cum is flowing down my thighs and wants someone to lick it completely”. I got the hint and immediately asked her “what if that someone is me?” To this, she naughtily said, “maybe”. This is enough sign for me to understand what’s in her mind.
From then we openly discussed everything about sex and even confirmed the size of each other. As I said she is a bit plumpy girl, her size is 36D. One night I asked her to send me the pic of her boobs and after a bit of hesitation, she agreed on one condition that I had to send her the pic of my dick. Pic or a Pic in exchange. She sent me the pic of her boobs and trust me guys there couldn’t have been anything better than the sight of her tits. Her nipples were hard and pointed with dark brown areolas around. She really had an amazing set of tits that any man would die for. I had got an extreme hard-on like never before. So as per decided I sent her the pic of my hard dick. She didn’t reply for a couple of mins and this got me a bit nervous. After 10 mins she pinged me back, “Dude you made me extreme wet, I really needed to touch myself so got a bit late to reply”. The proudest feeling for any guy and I was on cloud 9. She was like “I really don’t know how I would react when this will enter my small hole, poor me, you are gonna kill me”. And this was the third time when I got the confirmation about getting her on the bed soon and even she needs the same. This built up a very strong desire within me to have sex with Neha.
Days passed on and our desire for sex increased stronger and stronger. We daily talked about fucking each other. Rather than best friends we became Friends with a benefit for each other. It is truly said, “A friend in need, is a friend indeed”. One fine day we decided to unleash our desire and end up the most awaited activity of our need for sex. I arranged a room for the hookup with the help of my friend.
It was afternoon and as per decided we went to the place. The room was good and had all the things for our convenience. Without wasting a lot of time we soon started the most awaited part for which we have been waiting for so long. We kissed each other deeply inserting our tongue in each other’s mouth. I sucked her tongue and bitted her lips hard and even she did the same. We both undressed quickly and now I was naked in front of her. I removed her top and even lowered her jeans. Neha without waiting for a min quickly grabbed my hard dick. There are no words to explain the feeling of a girl touching and grabbing your rock hard dick. She had a lustful twinkle in her eyes which were dominant and asking for a rough fuck. I got nervous as she started stroking my dick hard. I said, “easy Neha we have an entire evening you will make me cum if u do it so hard”. She got a bit shy listening this but looked straight into my eyes and said “I know Nikhil, I want you to make the most out of this time. Use me like anything and I won’t deny, I want you to give me the best of this time we are spending together. You owe me to the fullest.” Hearing this I got mad and pushed her on the bed, I jumped on her like a hungry wolf, got a tight hold of her hand and started kissing her like a wild man. I sucked her lips one after the other and bitted them hard. Slowly I started kissing her neck and sucked her earlobes which got her extremely aroused. She was just in her black bra and undies. Her big tits were popping out from her bra and her nipples were waiting for me to suck them. I unhooked her bra in a go and directly pinched her nipples. A spark flew from her body and she got a bit nervous by the act. I got to know this has turned her on. She wanted me to press her big boobs hard very hard and I did the same.
After playing around and fondling her tits for 10 mins I got her right nipple into my mouth and sucked it very hard and even slowly bitted her nipple. To this said, “easy Nikhil, you won’t be getting anything out of it”. But I was in no mood to stop and continued the act for almost 10min till the time her nipples got much erected and a bit swollen. While sucking I noticed her areolas getting darker and she started getting bums around her nipples. This made me crazier and I sucked them harder. Slowly I went down her belly button kissing her navel and reached her undies. I rubbed my fingers over her wet undies. Now she wanted my dick inside her hole quickly. But I was in no mood to finish the game so easily. I got my hard dick over her undies and rubbed it over her wet moist pussy. She got my naughty intentions and quickly started lowering her undies to which I got a stronghold of her hands, parted her thighs and again rubbed and stroked my dick against her wet undies. And now this act got wildness within her and she got very nervous as I didn’t insert my dick inside her. I too wanted it badly but somehow controlled. Now she got very wild and grabbed my dick very hard and pulled the foreskin down. I was in a bit of pain but truly I enjoyed the act. She lowered her undies within no time. Now was the time I got a view of her glory hole. Her pussy was very wet and I would clearly see some white discharge flowing down her hole. I quickly widen her legs and started licking her vagina like a wild dog. Her cum was a bit salty but trust me I really enjoyed every drop of her cum coming out of her glory hole. I inserted my middle finger into her tight pussy and licked it simultaneously. This made her vagina to release more her white discharge. I really don’t know what made me so mad but I was in no mood to stop. The taste or maybe the fragrance of her discharge was making me get deeper and deeper in her hole. I licked her vagina for at least 20mins. By the time she already had two orgasms. She totally lost her control and started shivering. Her body got loose and she lost the hold of her body. As I completed licking her vagina, her thighs were fully covered with her discharge even I got a lot of her discharge on my beard.
Now was the time to get her the best fuck of her life. She quickly put on a condom on my dick. I rubbed my hard dick against her wet vagina. I inserted the tip of it in her tight hole and again removed it. Now she got a bit angry. She held my dick pushed it hard in her hole. It went halfway down her hole. She screamed and shouted out of pleasure. I kissed her and got my tongue inside her mouth. She got my tongue in her teethes and bitted it hard. I stroked my dick with full force to insert it deep into her pussy. She wanted to scream out loud but couldn’t to which she again bitted my tongue this time harder than before. I started stroking and penetrating her deeply. I could feel the warmth of her inside pussy on my dick. She again started discharging her cum flowing down to her asshole. Her cum had made my dick white and slippery. After about penetrating her for next 15 mins I was gonna cum so quickly I got my dick out and again started licking her vagina. I was in no mood to ejaculate so soon. This went on for next 10 mins and again I got my dick inside her this time to make it quite easy for me to penetrate. Then I got her in doggy pose and fucked her from behind. After about 30 mins of this deep penetration, I got exhausted wanted to shoot my cum badly. I asked her to blow me to which she instantly denied neither I forced her for the same. She suggested me to shoot my sperms on her tits. She somehow managed to give me a boob’s job. I placed my dick in between her huge tits and she grabbed my dick with her boobs in between them. I stroked my dick and in less than a min, I got a huge shoot of my sperms all over her tits and a bit on her face. I spread the sperms all over and massaged her tits with my sticky wet cum. She somehow convinced me to suck her tits and nipples. I kept her word and sucked her nipples harder. It still had the essence and taste of my sperms on her tits. For the first time, I kind of tasted my own sperms and that wasn’t too bad. I don’t know what made her do it she took my semi-hard dick into her mouth and started blowing it. She cleaned my dick and licked all the leftover sperms on my penis. By the time we both were extremely exhausted and tired. In the same position, we hugged each other tightly and slept.
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