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Close Friend Ki Chudai

Submitted by a fan

i live alone in my flat because of my parents are residing out side of the city and i am here working in a company. my friend name is prity who is also working in a private company. she lives with her boyfriend in living-relationship also in same city in a rented house near shaeed nagar, bhubaneswar. her body construction is very sex and attractive and also boobs are looks large size. one day morning at 3 am i get a call from her that some disturbance occurred and she do not want to live any more with him so she want to come to my flat to stay. i normally say her you can come and no one is here.

She reached at my place at 4 am and cried because of her situation i asked many question regarding relationship and she told me everything. she stayed in my flat 3 days. after our conversation, i gave some space to relax her mind and in that time i prepare bed for her to sleep. she did not brought any thing with her. she slept in same dress. i also slept in another room. at morning 10 am she want to go her room to come back with her all loges. we book an auto and take all her loges.

I had some work in my office so that i get out from home i after finish my work i come back to my room. she finished her daily work and also finished food for lunch. as usual at evening i go to park for my mind relax but this time i go with her for refresh my mind. there i talk so many things normal topic. i have no knowledge regarding size of gals but her size is very attractive and sexy body. at night after return from outside she made some food for dinner. she change her dress and ware short pant and t-shirt. in that getup she looks very sexy and her boobs looks very large and after seen her slowly arouse and slowly increase honey mood. we eat both together and at the time of dinner i see her boobs clearly and boobs was white and she wont ware inner or bra. she knows that i am watching her boobs so that she have no reaction.

After finished my dinner i went bathroom and i did hand job. at 10 pm she went to sleep in my computer room and i verify that she is in deep sleep. when i see in bed she looks like angel is on bed. because of arousing i was out of control so i wanted to watch porn movie and in that room she is slept so i open my computer i watch porn movie in her room.

When i was watching the porn movie i was very very excited and want to fuck prity any how because she was with me and i have wish to fuck her. if any gal friend is with you and you feel exciting that mood is very different if any one face that situation that person can understand. i slowly touched her vagina over the pant and slowly rough over the pant. she was in deep sleep so she was unaware about the incident. after 5 min i saw her body showing some reaction and some water coming from vagina like gum so i pull the chain of the pant and put my middle finger and rough over her panty for some time. when i open her pant she get up and object me even she slap me for that. i forcefully put middle finger in her vagina and try to fingering and try to rape her. in few minuets she surrender before me and i pressed here boobs in one hand and another hand was with her vagina.

That time she pull my pant and pressed my penis for few min. after that she put my penis in her mouth and eat like as lollipop. both get up and she open my dress and i open her dress. when i open her all dress she looks like godess of sex is infront of me. both are nude i hug her from back side and kiss her on face. she suck my penis some time and i also suck her boobs. she told me to fuck her but i wanted more romance so i put her boobs in my mouth and suck her boobs try to drink her milk.. i played with her boobs 5 min and put my tong in her vagina and fuck by tong for 3-5 min. only from her mouth come the work mh….. mahhhh mahhhh mah….. fuck me….. fuck me….

I spread her legs in bed and rough my penis on her vagina for 10 min. after 10 min i slowly put in her vagina she moaning loudly because of her loud i put my mouth with her mouth and she wildly try to eat my tong and lips and slowly speed up my speed of fuck her 10 min. my penis is in her vagina i both of hand is on boobs and masses. after her discharge twice she feel relax but till then my sperm did not discharge so my fuck more 2/3 min more when my sperm tried to out i was out of control and did my discharge in her vagina. i feel satisfied and slept nude over her and weak up at 8 am. both are continued 2 days more and i give her medicine.

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