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Yoni Trantra With Mom Part 3

The next day was Monday. But Uncle stayed home as he extended his leave for that day. A night's break without my mother's cunt has made me more horny towards my hot mother. Since my spell-limit on her is running out I need to get her to accept me as her lover too. Since she hates me fucking her sexually, the only way I could get her is to get her exhausted on the feeling that she cannot stop me fucking her cunt. The only way to exhaust her is by making her realize every time I fuck her.

So when both my Uncle and mom were in the lounge, I put them in trance. Then I told Uncle to watch me fuck mom and then I told mom to remove her clothes. As mom removed her clothes, I told her to follow me to their bedroom, took off my clothes and took her out of trance.

Mom realized immediately on what was happening and moved away from me saying "No!".
I said “don’t worry mom Uncle can’t do anything if we fuck each other and have fun. No one will know about it. We can enjoy whenever we want.
But she turned towards the door and ran out of the bedroom. I knew this would happen as I ran behind her and followed her to the lounge. Mom stood behind Uncle and started to plead to him "He is raping me!"

Uncle, as he was in trance, just stood there.

I told mom "see mom! Uncle cannot save you. Don’t worry about him at all. Come to me and let’s enjoy. Even your husband wants to see me fuck you!"

"No! you bastard!" mom cursed and started running into kitchen.

I then told Uncle to catch her as Uncle quickly moved to catch her hand before she went into the kitchen and dragged her to me. I then caught hold of mom's hair as she winched and said "You better give up and accept me to be your lover mom!....Otherwise you will have to face this more!"

Then I told Uncle to hold her firmly and twist her hands towards her back as he did. I held mom's hips and pulled her towards me and then parted her legs and placed myself between her legs. I then held her buttocks and lifted her up and guided my dick into her vagina. Mom started crying by now as I started fucking her with all my force. Uncle held onto her upper body helping me to pound my mother's pussy. It didn't take long to squirt my cum into her pussy again. Once I finished I let go mom's hips as she fell on the floor. I could see her still crying on being ravished and Uncle is still holding her arms. I told Uncle to let go as he did. It was then I felt very bad! I could not see mother crying on the floor naked and Uncle just watching being under trance. I left the scene and went to my room.

Mother went back to her room after a while. I broke Uncle's trance. Uncle went to their room as I left the house to see my friends. Few hours later when I came back Uncle was in the lounge watching TV and mother was in the kitchen. I was afraid that mother might have told her ordeal and wondered how Uncle would react. I walked in cautiously and stayed calm. Uncle acted normally and we discussed worldly things. We had our dinner that evening and went to bed. I had thoughts about mother's beautiful body and her hot cunt but refrained from approaching her.
Next day morning, mom and Uncle were awake early and Uncle went to work around 7am. I got up around that time and went to bathroom for my chores after saying bye to Uncle. By the time I came out from the bathroom, mom is in the kitchen. I could see my breakfast placed on the table. I ate the breakfast and went to the kitchen to put my plate in the sink. Mom is sorting the rice. I looked at her but she didn't look at me.

I placed the plate and said "Sorry Mom!". There was no reply. I continued "I didn't mean to hurt you! I won't do it again!"

Mom started crying. I felt bad and walked away.

For the next three days I stayed away from mom and the house in the mornings. I had few interviews to attend and rest of the time I stayed with my friends. First two days I did not even go to home for lunch and on second day evening mom chided me for not coming. I felt happy that she told me to. So I went to home for lunch on Friday but came back to my friends after lunch.

On Saturday, Uncle went to work. I kept my daily routine on that day too but came home early. Uncle did not return from work. I sat on the lounge and mom finished her cooking and came to the lounge room too.

We both were watching the TV and suddenly mom asked me "How come you are not doing your stuff with me anymore?"

I was shocked at the question but I replied "I felt bad seeing you that way mom!"

"Well! You should be! I felt like I have been betrayed! I thought of telling it to your Uncle but if I did he would make a big scene out of it and as a result we would not have any relationship. I would have suffered the most loosing you both."

"Thanks for that mom! I have been stupid!" I apologized.

At that instance Uncle came home and we stopped the conversation.

We had our dinner in the evening, then watched some T.V and went to bed. After some time as I was dozing off to sleep, I was woken by streaking sound of my door. I immediately sat up on the bed and looked at the door to find my mother dressed in her nightie. I laid back on the bed.

She walked into the room and asked me if I am sleeping and I said no.

She said she could not sleep so she thought of visiting me.

She sat on the side of my bed. I asked if Uncle is sleeping and she said yes and adding some more saying "doing nothing"

I asked "nothing what?" as I was still trying to wake fully.

"You know! that thing we normally do!"

I still couldn't get it! So I raised my voice "What?"

"Stupid! That thing you did to me before!"

That sentence took me right out of my sleepiness. I could not believe she is telling me her sexual part of her life.

I looked at my mother with disbelief.

She then said "Since you already did it to me, I was thinking you might be interested in sleeping with me more!"

I could not believe my ears. My own mother is inviting me to sleep with her. The tables have turned now but my excitement was still the same. In fact I was more excited when my dear old mother invited me to lift her nightie.

I involuntarily said "yes" and as if she already knew, she laid on her side beside me and turned towards me and laid on her right side.

She said "You know! I slept with you so many times after you were born but this time the feeling is different!"

I said "how?" still trying to get out of my excitement.

She then said "like this stupid!" and leapt onto me and kissed me on my lips.

I then held onto her and pulled her over me without interrupting her kiss.

We then kissed passionately for a while and I told her take off her dress.

"What about yyour Uncle?" mom asked kissing my neck. "Lets put him in trance"

"We will put him only if he see us" I said to mother caressing her hips.

She then sat on me with her both legs spread on either side of me and then whisked her nigthie off.

I then cupped her naked breast and started kneading them as she slowly lifted herself off me, caught my dick with her right hand and guided her vagina on to it and slowly sat back on me as she took my length of the cock in her cunt. "You are far bigger than your Uncle and your father!" she exclaimed. "I had to lift higher"

I knew she was a slut and I was right. I smiled at her kneading her breasts as she slowly started fucking me. After few moments, as she raised her speed of fucking, we heard mom's bedroom door sound and she immediately stopped in anticipation. We then heard Uncle calling mom's name and walking towards our room.

Mom got hysterical and immediately tried to get up from me but I pushed her back onto me. As Uncle reached our room, I put him in trance. Then I told him to come into my room to watch. Mom felt assured that he is under trance and resumed riding on my cock for few strokes. She then stopped and told me she is feeling uncomfortable before Uncle so I sent Uncle back to his room to sleep. We then resumed our fucking and after few minutes mom orgasmed followed by me. Mom then collapsed on me as her naked breasts touched mine. An hour later, we had another fuck session before we went to sleep.

Since the next day was Sunday, we put Uncle in trance the whole day. Mother and me fucked like dogs the whole day. She even put a show for me as we got Uncle to fuck her. I knew she was a slut but I never thought she was such a slut. She showed her slut side that day and did all sorts of kinky things. Mom slept with me that night too and went back to my Uncle on Monday morning when we got him out of trance. After Uncle went to work that day, mom and I resumed our fuck sessions. Mom wanted to sleep with me that night too but I told her we are running out of spells on him and save them for rainy days. So when Uncle is at work, mom and me were indulged in generating sex juices between us.

Even when Uncle is home, mom used to do many kinky things. She used to take shower and call me to her room to help fasten her bra. But in fact it is for kneading and sucking her breasts. When Uncle is out in the garden, she used to call me for a quickie standing or sitting right in front of the window where Uncle can be seen.

In movie theatres, she used to put my hand on her crotch to access her mound from inside her saree tangles. To say in short, my mother and me had developed a new relationship involving my birth place of my mother's body and my male organ. We became and un-wed husband and wife. Infact my mother says she is already a wife of me. She says "The only difference between a mother and wife apart from birthing is that, mothers don't give their vagina to satisfy her son's sexual desires. The day a son fucks his mother, she becomes his wife; married or not."

I thought there is a lot of logic in it. Mom and I kept fucking during day time as mom said she is approaching her period time and we won't be able to do it that time.
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