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Venni Aunty The Real Guru

Hi, I'm Veer again. Those of you, who have read my first inspiring sexperience with Chinni, must be waiting to read my even greater sexperience with her mother Veni Aunty. The very next day after Chinni initiated me into sex even though she's only 20, and four years younger to me, her 35-year-old mother Veni Aunty asked me how it was with Chinni. I lied to Veni Aunty by praising Chinni wide knowledge in computers. Veni Aunty laughed when I said that and then told me that Chinni had revealed all the whole truth of what had occurred between Chinni and me the previous day. I was so shocked and embarrassed that I wanted to run
away to hide my face. I was also shivering with fear that if Veni Aunty reported this to my mother Chinni's father Raghu Uncle, then my parents could subdue the hell out of me. Luckily Veni Aunty convinced me that she won't report to anyone and that she understands such things are natural between two youngsters if left alone at home. She also was aware that it was not the first time for Chinni. I wished I had such understanding parents.

That night when we all retired to bed after a sumptuous dinner, I saw Chinni laughing naughtily with Veni Aunty in the bedroom. Veni Aunty simply smiled maturely at all the fun Chinni was making of me. I was furious inside with Chinni's behaviour. But tried not to express it as a polite host. Veni Aunty asked me to sit with both of them. She patted me on my head lovingly and told me not to take things so seriously in life. I found her more like a friend than just another Aunty. Now I'd rather address her as just Veni, and not Veni Aunty. A little later my mother also joined us after she finished all the winding up in kitchen. As usual the females enjoyed their daily gossip session for about an hour and we all went to bed after that. Even though
Veni gave me so much solace, I still felt uneasy deep inside. Guilt was dominating my conscience. I didn't bother about what Chinni was thinking or doing at that moment. I was feeling nervous just lying next to Veni now. My back was towards Veni. Out of great curiosity I turned facing her to see if she was keeping an eye on me by any chance. Veni was lying flat on her back, relaxed as always. I felt extremely restless and kept moving from side to side, avoiding any physical contact with Veni so that she doesn't get worse impressions of me. Eventually her very hand landed on my stomach. My heart skipped a shiver or two and I was sweating all over. I didn't know how to handle the situation.

I just held my breath praying that things don't get worse for me. Later my thinking pattern was changed, thanks to Veni. She helped me look at things positively, that it was all only getting better for me and not worse.Veni personally moved her hand from my stomach to the face and looked at me smilingly. I also looked at her curiously. She knew that I yet wasn't sure of what to assume of all this. So she slowly guided my hand to her own belly. My pulse increased terrifically. I felt like a thousand lightning thundering inside me. Then she helped my hand reach her breasts. In the evening when the lights were still on, I remember that she was wearing a light green nightgown hanging on just two strings on her shoulders. Under the extremely see-through nightgown I recalled
her purple colour satin and lace undergarments, which were vividly visible. The sensational feel of that satin aroused a strange wildness in me.

I felt no more like the young 20-year-old, F.Y.B.Com student Veer. This Veer was now different. Felt like a full-grown man with power to command. Shedding all amateur inhibitions I bravely turned to Veni, face to face. Without wasting anymore time I nicely pulled the strings bearing the nightgown on her shoulders and pulled it all the way down till her waist, which exposed her voluptuous, typically South Indian heavy juicy boobs. My mouth was watering to taste them. She remained absolutely calm and relaxed. She surely was a seasoned seductress. With the help of her own legs she pulled the remaining nightgown from the
waist until it was completely off her. Wow! What a body she possessed. Fair smooth skin, perfectly nourished boobs, slimmest waist that I've ever known, and a beautiful set of curvaceous buttocks sculpted by her great husband or who knows how many others. Impatiently I removed the bra and panty to get my first bite of her intoxicating flesh. None of the international cuisines could match this rare delicacy.

A burning candle could be the only alternative equivalent to my dick standing upright in full erection, strong as the sword of the world's greatest conqueror. I could feel the moisture surrounding her cunt mixed with sweat from all over her heated body. The heat both our bodies created combustion and we could feel the steam spreading in the room. Least bothered about anyone's knowledge at this point, Veni and I were very at the edge of a divine union. Veni helped my dick into her cunt gently. Even if she hadn't guided my dick, I assume it wouldn't have been as difficult as pushing it through Chinni's tight amateur pussy. Veni's cunt was like a wide-open gate welcoming any enthusiastic invader. It was so wide that probably my whole fist could get inside it. This made the motions much easier and smoother between our bodies. It sounds funny to even say between our bodies because they no more felt like two different bodies.

Veni and I were one soul. I chewed and sucked her tender nipples while kneading those massive boobs with my hands. Our legs were tangled up. The flow of juices from her cunt provided as lubricant in the friction between our organs. But that was not enough to reduce the sparks we felt occasionally. As if there was something burning away inside. My dick was black anyway, but I wouldn't be surprised to know if Veni's sweet pink pussy had turned roasted colour with all the heat. The bed was shaking all over, yet Chinni and my mother didn't seem to wake. After I had cum Veni sucked on my dick with great satisfaction. Her lips (I mean of the mouth) were so soft that my dick was ready in full erection for another round of dynamic exercise. And we did it repeatedly in a non-stop manner until I noticed the wall clock in my room showed as 5 a.m., which meant that we had to appear sleeping normally before my mother woke. That leaves us with an hour to relax after such an exhaustive yet refreshing interaction.

Veni and Chinni never seemed to hide anything as secrets. So when Veni told her all about our sexperience, Chinni did get a little jealous but she kept pleasing me in bed in the following weeks until I finally convinced her that she was none less than her mother as a seductress. A few days before they left our place, my father had for a business party where he wished to be accompanied by my mother, as well as Raghu Uncle & Veni (Aunty?). But Veni refused saying that she wants to rest quietly and that Raghu Uncle should proceed with my parents. They three of them agreed to leave Veni under Chenni and my care. As soon as their car was out of the compound Veni and Chenni jumped on me and I happily let them fuck me to their satisfaction. These ladies were now not graceful anymore.
Like dangerous vamps they stripped my body along with the clothes. I felt like the two of them were greedily dissecting my penis, shredding it like French fries. They chewed me from top to bottom. Leaving my body covered in scars and bruises for which the only explanation I had for my parents was that I was fighting a street cat that had crept into our house. This was a combined experience of heaven and hell together, with Veni and Chinni, the sexiest mother-daughter duo I've met in my life.
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