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The Shameful Exploits of Rinku Bhabhi

“Don’t worry Mohit….. we will take care of Rinku bhabhi… you just don’t have to worry at all! ……..Don’t worry, I will drop her home after you leave! Its not safe for her to be out alone at this time of the night!” Wasu said good naturedly as he patted my husband Mohit on his shoulder.

That Thursday night, Mohit & I were in a clinch at the departure lounge at the international airport where Wasu, his best friend & colleague and me, had come to see Mohit off on first foreign tour to China!

“Thanks, Wasu…!” Mohit said with genuine gratitude & hugged his best pal while I looked on in disdain as I always hated Mohit’s colleagues & especially hated Wasu since he had me ganged earlier!

Finally, after another round of hugs (with Wasu) & kisses (with me), Mohit turned & left.
Barely had he moved beyond the railing separating the lounge from secured area, that Wasu caressed my bum & whispered “Rinku, why don’t you strip naked right here, darling! Come, lets have some fun! Let me take care….. of your needs!!!”

“Fuck off!” I rasped at him but he only grinned back & switched on a video on his mobile.

I waved atMohit but I was riveted on the mobile & my eyes widened in shock as I watched the video!

It was a video of a naked girl. She was on her knees, pumping a cock & kissing it intermittently!

Then she spoke “Mohit darling, your office is sending you to China for 15 days…. & 15 nights…..! You will fuck some chinky whore…. But what about me…? Will your office send someone to me to satisfy my needs? Hmmmm…muuuaaahhhh….slurrppp! Who will take care of me? Mmmmhhhhh!!!””

I broke out in a cold sweat! The naked girl was me! It was my video!

“Rinku….tere chutiye pati ne yeh video office group pe post kar diya!” Wasu grinned & his eyes glinted with uncontrolled lust!

Without a word I turned & headed towards the exit & Wasu followed sniggering!

Quickly, he hailed a cab & once inside, he squeezed himself against my body & groped my thighs!

He ran his fingers into my loosly tied French twist and kissed me on my lips!
He nuzzled my cheeks & my neck while his fingers pulled away my pallu!

I was wearing a black sleeveless blouse & a pink & white transluscent chiffon sari whose pallu he whipped away effortlessly!

He dragged me towards him while still kissing me, forcing me to move towards the centre of the rear seat!
“Huh..mmmmhhh…aaahhhh!” I gasped as I realized the driver was ogling at my exposed cleavage in his rear view mirror while also trying to watch me being kissed!

Wasu too realized my discomfort but instead of helping me cover my assets, the bastard pulled down one shoulder strap of my black blouse along with the thin bra strap too!

One of my perfectly rounded boobs & my brown nipple was fully exposed!

“Oh fuckk!!…Stopp itttt!!!!” I gasped & tried to hide my naked breast but Wasu pinned my hand behind my back while he nuzzled my dangling tit!

The driver seemed on the verge of ejaculation, when Wasu asked the driver “Abe saale… dekhta kya hai….pata hai yeh kaun hai?”

“Sorry…sorry…sseth…apki biwi…ya girl friend hogi.. sorry!” he mumbled & turned his eyes back towards the road!

Wasu laughed & said to me “Saali…bol tu kaun hai meri….!”

“Ahhhh…!” he twisted my hand when I didn’t respond & whispered the expected response in my ear!

“Mai..mai.. inki bhabi hoon! Rinku bhabhi!” I mumbled as the driver almost pirouetted & faced backwards!

Wasu sniggered & licked my cheek & said “kyon hero…kaisi hai…?”
“Mast hai seth! Ekdum kadak item hai! Fulltoo sexy hai aur bahut sundar bhi hai!” the driver said with uncontrollable passion!

“Oh oh.. romeo … itni acchi lagi… hmmm….bol kitna dega isko thokne ka?” Wasu asked in cheap slang as if I was a low-priced prostitute!

“Iske liye…apki Rinku bhabhi ke liye….aaj ki puri kamai dene ko taiyar hoon, seth! Le loon kya?” the driver asked & would have groped my thigh if I had not withdrawn it from his reach!

“Noo!!.. NAHI!…you bastards! How dare you… let me go…Wasu.. enough of this nonsense! I will not be whored! Fuck off….harami saale… madar.ch…!” ‘Splatttt!!!!!’ a tight resounding slap cut me off in mid sentence!

“Side me le aur thok saali ko!” Wasu growled as the driver rushed the car into a secluded service road & parked well away from the street lights!

“Noo… jaane doo…nahiii!” I screamed, struggled & protested as Wasu began stripping me naked right there on the seat!

One of my boobs was already hanging out & Wasu tugged away at my flimsy sari!
As I tried to fend him off, the driver stripped off my blouse & bra!

I tried to fight them off, but eventually, they stripped me naked on the back seat of the cab!
Wasu grabbed my wrists & tied them to the grab handle above the rear door with one end of my sari!
Meanwhile the driver had stripped his clothes & he clambered over my recoiling body and attacked my naked boobs like a monkey attacking a groove of ripened fruit hanging on trees!

“AAHhhh…owwww….you bastard!.... OOfffff..Aaaawwww!” I screamed in agony as the driver scrunched & munched all over my boobs & nipples!

His sweat coated my body as he slid upwards & grabbed the back of my hair & forced me to kiss him on his mouth!
His paan & tobacco laced tongue slithered all around inside my mouth while he settled himself in between my thighs!

“SSSSSS……Rinku…bhabhiiiii! Sssss!” he gasped & clutched my boobs with one hand while he adjusted his cock with the other!

I tried to bring my thighs together but Wasu grabbed my ankles from behind & spread me out wide leaving my pussy open for attack!

Without wasting a second, the driver plunged his manhood deep inside my cunt!
“AAhhhh…ummmm…OHhhhh…Rinkuuu..bhabhiiiii….. meri jaaneman…..sssshh..ohhhhh!” he groaned while I mumbled incoherently unable to respond to the ignominy of the moment!

Very soon, he was pushing in deeper & deeper without pulling out!
His breath was coming in short brusts & he leaned & bit my lips!

“OOOHhhhhhh……!” he groaned & I screamed “NNnnaaahiiiiiii! No…no.. no…!” as he drained his sperm deep inside my twat!

Within less than 5 minutes after I had been stripped naked & pinned under this stranger, he had bred me like a road side bitch!

He fucked me again & again till he had emptied every drop of cum he had inside my pussy!
He refused to pull out even though I felt his cock become limp within me & loose its hardness!

Finally, he leaned across my tummy & played with my unfettered boobs as he rested & caught his breath!

“Saali, kya item hai! 10 minute me sara juice nichod diya saali ne!” he said with utmost satisfaction!

That’s when I noticed what Wasu had been up to! The bastard had been recording the whole thing on my own mobile!

“Chaal chaal, paise nikal! 5 minute hi huan hai!” Wasu said laughingly, from the front seat!

The driver paid up & said “kya seth, 5 minute me saare din ke kamai khatam! Behenchod! Par seth, tumhari yeh Rinku bhabhi, fulltoo paisa wasool item hai! Kya mast maal hai!”
Despairingly, I wore my clothes, as the satiated taxi driver drove Wasu & me towards my home, at a leisurely pace!
Just before I got off, Wasu grabbed me by my waist & whispered in my ear!
My head drooped & my eyes filled with tears as I nodded & acquiesced with his demand!

‘Phatttt!’…. I squirmed as Wasu planted a tight slap across my bums as I alighted from the cab!
As soon as I reached home, I broke out crying!
Somehow, slowly, I controlled my shame & then got ready!
First, I had a refreshing hot water bath & then followed Wasu’s instructions & waited in position!
‘Click..’…. the noise of the main door unlocking alerted me to his arrival! As per his instructions I had left the key to the house outside the door, hidden below the door mat!

The main door was slammed shut & I heard him saunter towards the bedroom!

A low whistle sounded & Wasu said “Wow…. Bhabhiji bistar par ready hai….! Wah!”

I was sitting on the bed, which was sprinkled with a few rose petals!
I was wearing my bridal outfit & the translucent ghunghat covered my head & cascaded around my drawn up knees!

Wasu sat next to me & picked up the glass of milk I had left at the bedside & sipped from it!
“Rinku… bhabhi… nahin…bhabhi nahin….ab tu meri dulhan hai…. Meri unofficial biwi….!” Wasu said in lusty tone!

He lifted my veil & gave me a gift wrapped box & said “Rinku…teri muh dikhai….!”
I cringed as Wasu began stripping me naked!

He tossed away my ghungat, untied my stringy blouse, pulled away my bra & pulled down my ghaghra along with my panties!

He stroked my tightly tied, middle parted hair & then spat in the parting & rubbed his spit in my maang!

I sat there like a newly wedded bride, except I was stark naked except for my bangles, my payal & the nuptial necklace!

Wasu pushed me back onto the bed & lay down beside me & kissed me on my lips!
“Rinku…. Tu nangi aur bhi khubsoorat dikhti hai…..!” he sniggered & then continued as he kissed my naked breasts “Rinku… aaj se woh chutiya Mohit aane tak tu nangi hi rahegi… no clothes darling! Hmmm!”

He adjusted my mangalsutra in between my breasts & squeezed them around it & sucked on my nipples!

As I squirmed & cringed, Wasu stripped his clothes off & slid over my naked body!
I turned my head away but, he pulled it back towards him & said “Last time you were screaming & biting when I fucked you…. But today…. You are my unofficial wife…. My bitch…Rinku…. Meri kuttiya hai tu….!”

As he spoke, he rubbed his erect cock over my naked pussy, grabbed my tightly tied hair in one hand while his other hand clutched at my bum & pushed it upwards, spearing my vagina with his ramrod erect penis!

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