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The Debauchery of a Young Housewife - Pt. 18

Riaz was watching all this in amusement, while stroking his prick slowly. Seeing Riaz coming to her again, Asha wailed, "Buussssssssss aauurrrrr nnaahhiiinnnnnnnnnn, mmainn phhaatt jjaaoonnggoiiiiiiiiiiiiii". Riaz ignored her pleadings as he sat on the bed and roughly dragged Asha on his lap, with her stomach down and buttocks facing him. Asha was perplexed at this, feeling his thick prick against her thighs and stomach. Riaz then started spanking her buttocks, with a flat hand. Spanking each buttock alternatively, hard and pausing in between to see it quiver. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIII AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIII", Asha began wailing loudly, as Riaz continued to spank her hard. "muujjhhee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii kkyoonn mmarr aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii rrahhee hhooooooooooooooo", wailed Asha as tears started rolling down with pain. Riaz noticed that her buttocks had become nice and pink as he continued spanking her. "Ashaji, aapko isliye mar raha hoon, ke, agar aapne mera interest late diya ya loan time pe nahin wapass kiya, thau main tumhe tumhare pati ke samne aise he maaroonga, samjhe Ashaji", he said while continuing spanking her, and at times now, brushing her open erect clit with his fingers.

Asha reached home that evening, to find her father-in-law back from Bombay. Both he and Rajesh were in a deep discussion. Seeing Asha get home in her badminton gear, short skirt and t-shirt, the father-in- law felt an ache in his loins. He desperately wanted to fuck her and time and time again had been denied the opportunity. No that was not fully correct, once he had her at his mercy, but had himself decided to fuck her the next day in the secrecy and comfort of his friend's hotel room. How he regretted wasting that opportunity, seeing her sitting in front of them, with her legs slightly parted, giving glimpses of her white panties. However, there were more serious matters at hand. His Bombay trip had been unsuccessful, as the two brothers Yatin and Kapil were still not brought to book by the court. They had managed to frustrate all attempts of a court hearing by getting date after date and finally a long date after two more months. It was futile for the father-in-law to stay in Bombay, waiting, therefore crestfallen he had come back. Asha heard them talking of the precarious monetary situation that faced them presently. They had taken as much money as they could from the bank and now needed money to pay the interest and installment of the loan to keep their account running. Rajesh asked Asha to approach her father for a loan of Rs. 25 lakhs to tide things for a while. Understanding their situation, Asha phoned her parents to come over, so that they could discuss and help out monetarily. Asha's parents came over and on hearing the situation, immediately agreed to help. However Rs. 25 lakhs was a large sum for a retired couple and they needed at least two months, to sell some property and come up with the money, that too with Rs. 15 -18 lakhs at the most. Meanwhile, both Rajesh and his father were to go on tours to their other distributors trying to garner payments and advances to meet the shortfall. Asha was to help out by attending the factory in the morning till lunch time. Since Rajesh's mother was still ill, it was decided that she would be dropped at her brother's house for two weeks, where, she would be looked after, and Asha would be staying in her parents house for those two weeks, till Rajesh and his father returned from their tour.

That very evening, Asha packed her bag and returned with the parents to their house. On reaching home, Asha was met with a broad-smiling Raju. He had longed to fuck her again and here was his opportunity. Asha too felt a shiver of desire rush through her body on seeing Raju, remembering the lovely but hurried fuck they had had. The first night her parents fussed over her, worried about the financial predicament of their daughter's family. Thus, they all talked and talked well into the night, before retiring to bed. Next morning too, it was Asha's mother who accompanied Raju with her bed-tea, depriving Asha of any physical contact with Raju. Asha hurriedly got dressed and went for the first time to attend to work at the factory. She drove herself, on reaching there found the staff and workers with anxious looks on their faces. She called all of them for a meeting at the factory floor and explained to them all, that there was no fear of losing jobs and that things would sort out soon. She then asked the manager Mr. Sharma to come to her cabin, with the account statements and bank position. Mr. Sharma was a middle aged fellow of around 48 years of age. He was short, fat with a big belly. Mr. Sharma found Asha to be damm sexy looking and had difficulty from removing his eyes of her exposed cleavage. He also found out that Asha understood things quickly in terms of figures, account statements etc. Asha was a graduate of commerce with a first class degree. She had been very good in maths at school and had a good grasp of accounts. It was very hot in the cabin as the ac was not working. Mr. Sharma could smell Asha's body odour as he bent down behind her explaining the accounts position to-date. Arti was perspiring and her blouse near her armpits was wet. Mr. Sharma was getting aroused, bending behind her, getting a good look at the sweat trickling down this woman's ample cleavage. He could feel his prick hardening and straining in his pants. He loved the musky smell of Asha's body odour and deliberately started bending further down to smell her. It took her a couple of hours to know the precarious financial mess they were in. By this time Mr. Sharma had become bolder as he freely brushed his hands against Asha's shoulders and arms and once even brushed against her breast. As Asha felt his hand brush against her breast, she looked up at him and the meek Mr. Sharma immediately apologized, saying it was by mistake madam. However, seeing no resistance he freely continued to brush against her arms and shoulders. Asha too felt the sexual tension in the air but controlled her feelings and continued to concentrate on the accounts at hand allowing this fat fellow to brush against her bare arms.

Finally having finished checking the accounts she asked Mr. Sharma to sit down and prepare the cheques to be withdrawn from the bank towards the salary and wages today. She noticed the bulge in his pants as he moved across the table and sat down. Mr. Sharma caught Asha looking at his bulge and smiled at her as she quickly lowered her eyes in embarrassment. "So, she is a horny woman, my feeling her, has had an effect on her too", thought Mr. Sharma as he continued to smile at her. Asha felt embarrassed at being caught staring at this fat man's straining prick, to change the atmosphere she inquired about the bank balance being enough to cover the withdrawals for today. Luckily there was enough balance in the bank to cover the salary payment, thought Asha, as she signed all the cheques. It was almost 1pm by the time she was finished and told Mr. Sharma to go and get the funds from the bank and pay the staff and workers. She was going home and would meet some of the pressing creditors tomorrow morning. Mr. Sharma watched her body as she got up and saw the firmness and heaviness of her breasts as also the swaying of her prominent buttocks. "Lucky Rajesh Sinha", he thought in his mind as Asha left the office.

Arriving home, she ate lunch with her parents and then retired to her room. Her parents were off to the club for their regular card session and would be back only late evening. Asha was feeling very horny and it had been a long time since she had been properly fucked. . She called out to Raju, asking him to get her coffee. She had resolved to have a nice long fucking session with him this afternoon. As she was lying down, in walked her servant Raju with a leer and an impressive bulge in his shorts. Before Asha could get up, he flung himself on her and rubbed his body against hers. He kissed her on her face, cheeks and lips, while grinding his hard-on on her body. Seeing no resistance, he got up and freed his big cock, proudly waving it against Asha's pretty face. Asha felt excited at seeing his huge prick and immediately brought her mouth to it. She licked the underside of his prick-head, making Raju moan with pleasure. She was also feeling his heavy hairy balls with her tender hands as she began deep-throating him. Asha loved big pricks and was busy sucking away. She then removed her mouth from his prick and started sucking and nibbling Raju's balls. This was too much for this servant lad and he shot himself over her face and hair. Just then the phone rang and as he kept shooting his load on her, he picked up the phone to answer. It was for Asha memsaab, and he handed over the phone to her. Asha spoke on the phone, with her face smeared with Raju's cum. Asha was sexually charged up and had difficulty talking, what with Raju, now freeing her breasts and mauling and sucking them. "Unnhh, booloo, uunnh, kaun uunnh hai", she asked.

"Madam, main hoon Mr. Sharma".

"Unnh, aangh, bolooo, kya baat haii, uunnnnnngghh", Asha replied, moaning softly in the phone, as Raju was busy sucking her nipples.

"Madam, yahain bank mein cheque clear nahi hua hai, aur pagaar ke liya balance nahin hain".

Raju, by now had his finger circling her wet cunt-lips. He then proceeded to insert two fingers in her wet cunt and slowly started finger-fucking her.

"Unnggh, uuunggh, Mrr. Sshhaarrnmmmmmaaaaaaaaaa", Asha moaned loudly into the phone.

"Madam!, Madam!, aap theek tau hain naa"

"Unngghh, uunngghh", Asha moaned, as Raju was giving her pleasure. He was expertly rubbing her clit with his thumb, while finger-fucking her.

"Madam, boliye main kya karoon”replied the exasperated Mr. Sharma.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOUUUUUUUUIIIIIIIII MMMMAAAAAAAAAA”wailed Asha loudly, dropping the cordless phone on the bed, unaware of Mr.
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