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The Debauchery of a Young Housewife - Pt. 12

Getting back to the hotel room that night, Asha was sexually charged and glad to be with her husband. Rajesh added to her desire by mentioning, "Did you see the way those two were looking at you, they just could'nt take their eyes off you". Asha replied, "Uggh, that Gujju bhai Yatin was openly leeching at me, had you not been there my dear husband he would have torn my dress and forced me", feeling wet with desire herself. Rajesh felt excited by her talk and quickly undressed her and himself and without any foreplay, parted Asha's legs and entered into her wetness. He fucked her hard in rapid strokes and just as Asha was responding by raising her buttocks to meet his strokes he came. Alas, Asha thought bitterly, he is finished and I am just beginning. Rajesh fell asleep right away without a thought for the sexual frustration building up in his sexy wife. After about fifteen minutes of silently cursing her fate, Asha switched on the TV channel to the blue movies being shown by the hotel. She woke Rajesh up as he too rubbed his eyes and saw and heard a woman moaning with excitement as a man was fucking her doggy style. He too got excited and soon had another stiff erection. He flipped Asha on her stomach and raised her buttocks to enter her from behind, just as was being shown in the movie. Asha felt her cunt being penetrated again as she was getting fucked in the same manner as the girl on screen. But alas, Rajesh came again prematurely in just a few strokes and collapsed on the bed on top of her. Asha pushed him aside and silently cried in frustration as her spent husband snored away. She turned down the volume and silently whimpering masturbated watching the woman getting fucked on the screen.

Next morning, early around 5 am the room phone rang. Rajesh was already dressed as he spoke on the phone and then woke up Asha. "Darling, I have to go, one Mr. Shelar is here to take me to Pune, as Yatin Shah seems to be unwell, I'll see you by 9 pm tonight", he said as he kissed her bye and left her some money on the bed. Asha continued sleeping, and was woken by the phone ringing at 10 am. She picked up the receiver to hear Kalpesh's voice telling her that he had sent the car for her and told the driver to take her to Breach Candy for shopping. He further added, he would like her to join him for lunch if she could. Asha brightened at the idea of meeting Kalpesh again and said she would love to. Kalpesh told her to meet him at the coffee shop at Oberoi hotel at sharp 1. 30. Asha agreed and put down the phone and went for her bath, feeling happy. Having had a quick bath, Asha was at wits what to wear. She only had brought that one saree, since they were to be here for only one day and that saree was crushed. She quickly called up the receptionist and told them that she urgently required to have a saree and blouse ironed. She waited dressed only in the hotel bathrobe as the doorbell rang, with the bellboy asking for her laundry. In her hurry to give him the clothes, her long robe caught stuck on her foot, thereby falling of her shoulders in a heap on the floor, thereby exposing her naked body to the bellboy's astonished face. Asha, thoroughly shamed, at the bellboy seeing her naked breasts and pussy, tried to cover her breasts and cunt with her hands. Seeing this was not working, she bent down to pick the robe and ran into the toilet. Having put on her robe, she shakily walked back into the room to give her clothes to him. The bellboy, smiled at her as he took the clothes having had a good look at her wholesome breasts and her school-girl like clean shaven cunt. Asha stammered that she wanted her clothes fast and closed the door on the still smiling bellboy. She then quickly put on her bra and her petticoat as she awaited the return of her clothes. This time she opened the door just a fraction to take back her clothes.

Having dressed, she went down to the lobby to give the room keys to the receptionist before leaving. Was it just her imagination, all the staff at the reception were smiling mischievously at her? She got into the fiat car sent by Kalpesh Shah and off she went to Breach Candy for some more shopping. Here she found shops to her liking and taste and bought some imported undergarments and hand bags. There was no pushing and pinching in this area, and she thanked Kalpesh in her mind for his suggestion. It was nearing 1pm when she was done and she got into the car and headed for the Oberoi hotel for her luncheon date with Kalpesh. She reached there before him and got a table for two, waiting for him. At exactly 1:30 pm, in walked Kalpesh with a broad smile on seeing her already there. He greeted her by pecking her both cheeks and Asha took in his masculine odour. In a lot of ways, Kalpesh reminded her of Sushil. Both were tall, broad and handsome men with a lot of self-confidence. Although the seat next to her was vacant, Kalpesh chose to sit across. Throughout the meal, he behaved like a perfect gentlemen, regaling her with humorous anecdotes about life in Bombay and the Gujju community in general. Asha found herself getting very attracted to him due to his charisma and jovial light talk. She found herself, laughing a lot and really enjoy herself with this man. He told her that his brother had fixed up for her to see a shooting at a private bungalow this evening, and the car would pick her up from the hotel at 6 pm. He further added that he had enjoyed the meal and her company immensely and would see her next time she was in Bombay. Asha felt bad, that he was leaving, she so wanted to spend the rest of the day with him. She openly told him that she wanted company to see Juhu beach and would he be kind enough to accompany her. Kalpesh being a thorough gentlemen did not disagree and so off they went in the car to the other end of town. Asha saw that Kalpesh although sitting in the back seat with her was keeping a discreet distance between them. She so wanted to feel and smell him near her. Asha thought, any other man in his place would have taken advantage of her obvious loneliness and started feeling her up by now. She thought, is he gay, is he shy, what's the problem? Asha decided to take matters in her hand and seduce this handsome fellow. She purposely sidled up to him so that their legs were touching each other. She also took to pushing her hair back ever so often so as to give him an eyeful of her bountiful breasts straining to breakfree against the flimsy fabric of her blouse. Although, Kalpesh did not attempt to touch her, she saw the bulge rising in his pants, signifying his desire for her. Asha now took to touching his arm now and then while talking and leaning against him, brushing her full body on him, in the pretext of pointing at some building or the other on his side of the car.

Unknown to Asha, both Kalpesh and his brother Yatin had discussed her beauty at length, after their dinner meeting last night. Yatin had expressed his desire to fuck this woman and had therefore deliberately sent his manager with her husband to Pune, giving instructions not to return before 11 pm. He had told his younger brother Kalpesh, that he planned to fuck this voluptuous Punjabi woman by showing her a shooting and then bedding her after that. Yatin, although nothing to look at, had always got his way with various women, while Kalpesh got the left overs so to speak. But here right now, the tables had turned, so to speak, thought Kalpesh as this sexy housewife was literally throwing herself at him. Kalpesh being a hot-blooded man, decided to have the first go with this woman.

The next time Asha brushed her breasts against his shoulders in the pretext of pointing out of his window and asking about a particular place, Kalpesh drew his arm around her shoulders and purposely bent low bringing his face near her explaining the area outside the moving car. With his arm around her shoulders, he pulled Asha closer and smiled at her. Asha felt elated, this fellow had finally woken up, she smiled back at him and then shifted her gaze to his bulging prick. This fellow too had a big one, from the bulge it was making in his pants, thought Asha, still gazing at it. Kalpesh saw Asha staring at his stirring erection and thought, this woman seems to be wanting to get fucked badly. Kalpesh grew bolder and started fondling her neck and shoulders. Seeing no resistance, he then brought his other arm and started slowly touching her breasts under her pallu. Asha let out a sigh as Kalpesh expertly fondled her breasts, kneading them gently. Kalpesh then turned aside and kissed her lips gently, saying, "Bhabi you are too damm sexy".

Asha let out a gasp, "Kaaalpeeeesshhhh", as she allowed him the liberty of kissing her. Kalpesh was gently nibbling at her lips and tasting them. Asha had opened her mouth to be tongue-kissed and Kalpesh gently prodded her mouth with his tongue. As he was kissing her, his hands were now freely and roughly kneading both her breasts over her flimsy blouse. He could feel her nipples stiffen under his ministrations and was dying to suck those teasing nipple buds since yesterday night. This woman had really teased both of them by her body exposure at dinner last night. Asha felt her cunt juices flowing freely as this man was kissing and fondling her. She took in the taste of his masculine body odour and the sweet taste of his saliva as she was being kissed. He broke the kiss after a long time, leaving Asha gasping for breath and with pleasure. He next pushed her blouse and bra roughly up exposing the under parts of her breasts, then with his hands, forced more of her flesh in the open so as to grab at her nipples. In this process, the flimsy fabric of her blouse tore. The driver looked back sharply through the rear-view mirror, as his Mallick was exposing this fair woman's breasts. He was greatly distracted by the sight of her darkish pink nipples and immediately slowed the car and drove in the left lane.
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