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The Debauchery of a Young Housewife - Pt. 10

Asha was feeling excited and very randy with this old bold fellow. She allowed him his excesses, wanting to see what would happen next. How bold would he be. She purposely pouted her lips while talking to him and let him have his way. She liked the feeling of power she had on him. In the studio, the attendant asked if they wanted a 5 min polaroid photo or the regular passport one which would take 2 hours. Mr. Bakshi immediately vetoed the polaroid photo saying the bank would not accept that, and asked for the regular passport one. He fussed over Asha, while making her sit on the stool and in the process brushed against her breasts and cupped her face for her to pose correctly. Asha was horny, with all his touchings and pouted her lips to pose for a sexy snap.

His bulging crotch was directly in front of her face as he was fussing with her hair and face. She wanted to unzip this old man there and then to see and taste his prick. She could feel her cunt juices flowing at the idea of sucking him off. After the shot was taken, Mr. Bakshi suggested lunch at a nearby restaurant, since they had to wait for 2 hours anyway. Asha meekly accepted and off they went. Mr. Bakshi chose a dimly lit restaurant and sat next to her on the table. There were only a handful of other people there at the time. In the restaurant, due to it being dimly lit, Mr. Bakshi grew bolder and pressed against Asha while talking. Asha felt his hot breath on her as he talked and massaged her shoulders and neck in the process. He invited Asha to have beer with him and although Asha had never tasted the stuff before, she agreed as she was feeling very horny with this old guy. Mr. Bakshi brought the beer glass to her lips as she Asha took a big gulp. He was happy at her drinking and grew bolder in his touch as gulp after gulp was drunk by both of them. His hands had moved under her armpits and he was now caressing her breasts. He kneaded them through the thin fabric of her blouse as this sexy woman whimpered in submission to her growing desire.

Mr. Bakshi then kissed her full on the lips. "Mr. BBBAAKKSSHHIII", Asha gasped at his boldness. "You are a sexy woman, Mrs. Sinha, I just couldn’t control myself", saying this he kissed her again, biting her lower lip. "Uunnnnngh ooooooooohhh", Asha replied not wanting him to stop. She was hot with desire and grabbed at his prick with her hand under the table. Asha gasped at the hardness and size of this old man’s prick as she felt it. Seeing her whimpering and tightly holding his cock, Mr. Bakshi knew he could fuck her without any hassles. He quickly paid the bill and asked for the key to the room upstairs by parting with Rs. 500 to the waiter. The waiter saw that this old fellow had pataoed this sexy woman, who was moaning to be fucked. The waiter was familiar with Mr. Bakshi as in the past too, he had asked for the use of the room, sometimes with his trainee female staff and other times with prostitutes. Asha blushed at this exchange of money and knowing looks between the two men. She was hot with desire and was not bothered what the waiter thought of her. She was dying to be fucked. The waiter came back with the key and saw that the old fellow was kissing this sexy woman oblivious to the surroundings. The waiter wondered if he too could get a chance to fuck her. Lucky fellow he thought as he looked lustfully at Asha's half exposed breasts as she was being kissed by the old man.

"Salle Budhe ne aaj to mast chokri patai hai, kya mamme hai iske, jaroor maaza aiye ga budhe ko, Salla", thought the waiter while staring at the horny housewife. Mr. Bakshi was feeling elated at having succeeded in seducing this hot sexy married woman. On receiving the key, he proudly led this horny woman by her arm, enjoying the envious looks given by the other people and waiters of this restaurant. He purposely, paused to talk to the manager, while having this obviously wanting-to-be-fucked woman Asha by his side. He made some small talk while letting them see her randy state as he felt her up in their presence. Asha was letting out small gasps in anticipation of fucking as she leaned against this old man as he deftly touched her all over while talking to this man. The manager eyeing her asked Mr, Bakshi, "Ketne mei Sauda", as he too felt her heavy breasts. Mr.Bakshi laughed at his insinuation and pulled Asha away and led her to the staircase.

Once inside the room, Mr. Bakshi lost no time in stripping her. He first removed her saree and saw his apsara in a see-through blouse, with her heaving breasts straining to be set free. He sucked at her swollen nipples through the blouse itself. The thin fabric of the blouse, immediately becoming transparent, after being moistened by the old man's saliva. Asha moaned as he sucked one nipple and then the other and then proceeded to rapidly suck and bite alternate breasts.

"UUNNNGGHHHHHHHHH AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH", she cried, as she could feel the onrush of an orgasm. Mr. Bakshi then deftly, removed her petticoat and almost tore her wet flimsy blouse off her tits. Seeing the clean shaven cunt with the puffed pink cunt lips and her clitoris peeping, he flipped Asha on the bed and started sucking her clit. "AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", Asha wailed as she came on the very first contact of his tongue on her clit. Mr. Bakshi, on seeing her in orgasm, quickly put his tongue into her cunt and sucked vigorously at her cum. This one was really hot and willing, he thought, as he saw her raise her buttocks to meet his tongue in her pussy. The very thought of a man eating her pussy was enough to drive Asha into orgasm. Mr. Bakshi, then proceeded to remove his own clothes. Asha saw, as he removed his shirt, that he had white hair on his chest and his upper body was thin, loose and scrawny. She was a bit put off by it, as all the men she had been to bed with so far had masculine strong chests and arms. But, when he removed his pants and underpants, Asha was transfixed by the sight of his erect penis. Asha stared and stared with her mouth open, unable to speak, letting out small gutteral noises. "URGH UGH URGHH", she went, staring at this prick. Mr. Bakshi was used to such reactions from women and it gave him a sense of power. He was a patient and experienced fucker. Some women would instantly dry up and break into cold sweat seeing his monster.

He needed to assuage their worries and fuck them slowly, to get them wet again. He could sense this women drying up at the thought of being unable to accommodate his prick. He caught hold of her hand and gently placed it on his prick. Feeling this huge thing, Asha was jolted into reality as she cried, "NAHHIN, NAHHIN, MR.BAKSHIIIIIIII, MAIN MAR JAOONGI". Before she could say any further, Mr. Bakshi put the head of his prick in her mouth. Gently rubbing her face and hair he said, "GABRAO NAHIN MRS. SINHA, TUM BAS ISSE CHUUSO, CHUUSO AUR KUCH MAT SOOCHO". Asha compliantly started sucking his prick head as he gently prodded more and more of his prick inside her. Sensing she might choke, he withdrew his prick and rubbed the saliva stained head on her face. He then again inserted his prick in her mouth. He kept doing that, till he felt her comfortably and willing to the task of having and sucking his cock in her mouth. After sometime, this sexy married woman started sucking his balls on her own. This went on for some time and Mr. Bakshi was losing control and about to cum. He the withdrew his rock hard throbbing prick and went down on Asha and started to suck and nibble at her clitoris and her swollen cunt-lips. He could taste her getting wet as she moaned in pleasure. Seeing that this sexy bitch was thoroughly wet and soaked he lifted her legs over his shoulders and sank his prick slowly into her tight cunt.

"AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH", moaned Asha as her cunt was stretched by his prick. Mr. Bakshi had only been able to put his prick in halfway, when he felt resistance from her cunt walls. He prodded to shove slowly and slowly as this housewife cried in pain. "MRRRRRRRR. BBBAAKKSSSIIIIIII, OOOUUUUUUUUUUUUIII MMMMAAAAAAAAAAA, MMMUUJJHHHEEE TTUUUMM PPHHHAAAAADD DDOOOGGGEEEEEEEE". Mr. Bakshi then withdrew his prick and slowly plunged into her cunt again. He kept doing that, noticing that at each attempt her cunt was being stretched further and further as he was slowly able to sink his full prick in. He the rested his hands on her sweaty breasts and started stroking slowly but firmly, letting his prick sink slowly in fully as his balls rubbed against her buttocks. Slowly her cries of pain turned into loud moans of pleasure as Mr. Bakshi fucked her slowly. "MAZAA AA RAHA HAIN NA, TERI CHOOT TO BAHUT MAST AUR TIGHT HAI ASHA SINHA", SAID Mr. Bakshi enjoying the tightness of her cunt and the sight of such a fair and sexy woman moaning in pleasure. "AAAARRRGGHHHH HHHHAAAAANNN BBBBAAAHHHHUUUTTT MAAAAZZZZAAAAAA, CCHHOODDOOO< CHHHOODDOOO, OOOUUIIIIIIIIII MAAAAAA CCHHOODDOOOO, CHHHOODDOOOOOOOOOOOO", cried Asha as she raised her buttocks to meet his strokes. Mr. Bakshi sensing her enjoyment, began to pound her cunt rapidly allowing his balls to slap harder and harder against her raised buttocks. "THWAP THWIP THWAP THWIP THWAP", he went as he started fucking her furiously.

"OOOUUUIIIIIIIIII MAAAAAAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH UUUUNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH, AARRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", cried Asha at his powerful thrusts. Sensing her orgasm, Mr. Bakshi slowed his strokes as he enjoyed the sensation of her cunt muscles squeezing his prick and the sight of her sexy face in the throes of her orgasm. He remained still and erect inside her. After a few minutes, he began to thrust again, building the tempo slowly. Again `THWAP THWAP THWAP THWAP", he went as he stroked and stroked her cunt. Through glazed eyes and moaning lips Asha saw the old man, now sweating, as he fucked her harder and harder. He went on and on without a break in his rythmn as she came and came in multiple orgasms.
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