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The Debauchery of a Young Housewife - Pt. 09

Asha locked her room door and slept for a couple of hours. On awaking, Asha decided to go to the club to play some badminton. This way she would get some exercise and also be away from her in-laws till Rajesh came home. On reaching the club, she quickly changed into a white skirt and white t-shirt in the women's locker room. The club was quite strict on dress codes and one was not allowed to play in casual everyday clothes. Since Asha did not know of any person there, she approached the marker for a game. The marker agreed to play for a 20 minute session. Asha found herself being made to move all over the court as the old marker gave her a workout. Unknown to her, a group of school boys were avidly watching her. They were watching this sexy woman running all over the court and her boobs jiggling with her efforts. Also her skirt was quite short and they were desperately trying to get a glimpse of her panties as she bend down to retrieve the shuttlecock.

At the end of the session, Asha was sweating profusely, with her t-shirt clinging to her body and becoming semi-transparent with sweat. As she was sitting down wiping herself with a towel she saw these teenage boys coming over to her. There were three of them and they greeted her politely, asking her to make the foursome for a game of doubles. Asha politely agreed for one game, but after some time. Two of the boys went off to the court to play, while the tallest boy named Vicky sat down with her. Vicky introduced himself and talked about his friends while eyeing her body all over. When Asha mentioned that she was Mrs. Sinha, Vicky complimented her on her looks and figure saying that he was gonna ask her which college she was attending. Asha blushed at his compliment and felt good. Soon it was time for the game and Asha went to partner Vicky against the two other boys. Seeing Vicky play, Asha could not help admiring his agility and physic. Vicky on the other hand was always retrieving the shuttlecock when it fell near Asha and getting a glimpse of her upper thighs and panties. Once or twice he even brushed against her albeit accidentally and felt the softness of her breasts, always apologizing while doing so. By the end of the game Asha heard herself saying never mind at his apologizing, while Vicky had had a good feel of her breasts and thighs during the whole game. Asha excused herself and went for a quick shower and change. In the locker room, there were open showers and Asha stripped naked to the admiring glances of a few girls that were there. Unknown to her at that time, Vicky's girlfriend Karuna was there eyeing her. She had seen the way Vicky was feeling up this woman during the game and she had entered the locker room just to see Asha naked. Karuna was jealous and at the same time excited by seeing this sexy woman. Asha quickly changed and went home.

At the dining table that night, Asha found her father-in-law unusually chirpy. He was in a good mood thinking about fucking her tomorrow. Asha was in a fix, how to get out of this dangerous liaison. That night, her husband fucked her for a child. It was so boring for her, he was out before he was in. He really is a weak man, thought Asha, such a tall well-built guy, but with a limp small prick and low sex drive. He really needed to see a doctor, instead she was being sent to a Swami.

Next early morning, Rajesh dropped her for the pooja. Asha was very excited at the prospect of having sex with the stud Swami again. This time she was made to wait alone in the room for over an hour. Unknown to her the Swami was fucking another newly married young woman. After an hour the formalities were dispensed with and Asha was led by the two girls directly to the Swami's room. Asha began to strip as soon as she saw him. Seeing the eagerness to be fucked, the Swami was elated. He made the naked housewife sit on his lap, letting the softness of her buttocks arouse his prick. Asha felt his prick hardening under her buttocks and she hugged the Swami, crushing her breasts against him. The Swami cupped her breast in his hand and started moving his thumb in circles around the nipples, but making sure of not touching the nipple. He was teasing her and Asha began little gasps of pleasure. Next, without any foreplay he picked Asha up from his lap and in one quick and deft movement implanted his now erect prick in her wet cunt.

"UUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG", cried Asha as she was taken in surprise and her pussy filled and stretched. Having his prick fully in, the Swami did not bounce her on him but instead concentrated on her hanging breasts in front of his face. He nibbled, licked, bit and chewed them to his hearts content, hearing this sexy woman moan and having his prick inside her. "Kal rat ko, pati ne chodha tumko"' he said to the moaning woman. "UUNNNGGH HHHAAIIIINNN HHHAAIIIIII SSWWWWWWAAAMMIIJJJJEEEEEEE", Asha replied enjoying this talk and the fullness of his prick. "Acha chodhtha hai tumhe", went the Swami, now bouncing her slowly on his prick. "UUNNNGGGHHHGG OOOOUUIIIIIII MMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA NNNNAAHHIINNNNNNNNN SSWWAAMMIIJJEEEEEEE', Asha cried as she had her first orgasm of the day. Seeing her in such a state the Swami hugged her tightly and bit her lips as she was wailing. He too reached an orgasm and shot his load straight up into her. Asha felt the rush of hot semen inside her and thought it would come out of her mouth. The Swami kept coming while hugging her tightly and nibbling her body with passion. He then stood up with his prick still in and carried her to the bed. It was only now that he noticed that she had shaved her pussy clean. It greatly excited him to see such a big voluptuous woman with a cunt looking like that of a school girl.

One of the girls also saw Asha's clean shaven pussy and felt horny. She lay down on the bed next to her and fastened her mouth on Asha's dripping and shaven cunt. Asha started moaning, feeling the softness of her tongue licking her clitoris. She loved the feeling of her cunt being eaten and wanted to do the same to this girl. She moaned, Idhir dao unnnggh tumari choot uunngg mujjjhhee deeyyoooo". The girl obliged and soon both the women were in a 69 position sucking, licking and nibbling at each others clits, cunt-lips and tongue fucking each others wet cunts. The Swami felt greatly excited at seeing this and sat down on the bed next to the moaning women. He put his finger in Asha's arsehole and fucked her while her cunt was being eaten. Asha wailed with pain and pleasure as she came and came. The Swami then straddled her stomach and placed his stiff prick between her breasts. The other girl understood and placed two pillows under Asha's head, raising it, so the Swami was able to fuck her mouth while tit fucking this young housewife. He pressed her breasts hard against his prick and started stroking, once in a while pushing his prick right up to her mouth. Asha felt pain as the Swami clenched her soft breasts very tightly so as to give his prick some friction. She cried out, NAAAAHHHIIINN BAHHHUUTTTT JJOORRR SSEEEEEEE DABBAARRAAHHEE HHHOOOOOO AAAAPPPPPPPPPPPP NNAAAHHHIINN". Hearing her cries the Swami stopped after a little while and said, "KYYOOO ROOO RAHHEE HHAAII ABBHHII TTOO TEERRII GAANNDD MMMEE GHUSAUNGA". Saying this the strong Swami flipped her over and shoved his prick into her cunt from behind. "UUNNGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", Asha wailed as once again her cunt was stretched fully by this man's massive cock. The Swami loved to fuck these young married women from behind, slapping their buttocks and seeing their breasts hanging and swaying with each stroke. "Kya tere pati ne tujhe aisa chodha hai", he asked, knowing fully well that in most cases the husbands had not screwed their newly married wives in this manner. "UUNNNGGHHH OOUUUIIIIII MMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAA", moaned Asha in pleasure as the Swami increased the tempo of his hard strokes, his prick stretching and stretching her cunt with the rapid forceful movements. "MA KO KYON YAAD KAR RAHI HO, MAAZA NAHIN AAA RAHA KYA", said the Swami, giving hard slaps to her buttocks making them pink and red with his slaps. "UUUNNGGHHHH AAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SSSWWWWWWWWAAAMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIII OOOHHHHHHHH SSWWWAAAAMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIII", Asha wailed as she came and came. The Swami then withdrew his stiff prick and pushed its head into her arsehole. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA', yelled Asha feeling pain as his prick forced its way into her arsehole. "MMMMMMMMMAAIIII MMAARRRRRR JJAAAOONNNGGIIIIIIIII< BBAAHHHUUUTTTT DDUUUKKKHHHHHHHHHH TTAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIII", she continued wailing, with tears coming out. "BAS TODA DUKHE GAA, TEERI GAANDD BAHUT TTIGHT HAAI NAAA, ABBHH MMAJA BBHII MILE GAA TUMHHEE", said the Swami, now stroking her arsehole with his prick. Asha felt as if her bums were split wide open and continued crying with pain. However, sure enough she started enjoying this sensation of the prick stroking her arsehole and began moaning in pain and pleasure. Just then a girl entered and told the Swami that Asha's Sasurji had come to pick her up. The Swami and Asha were both consumed with passion and did not pay heed to the girls words. The Swami kept ramming his prick in her arsehole as they both came. The Swami was really spent now, what with fucking a new woman before this and he collapsed with all his weight crushing Asha. On being prodded, he got up and told the girls to give Asha a bath and dress her up to leave. Asha begged the Swami not to give her to her father-in-law, "Swamiji, main aise unke pass nahin ja sakti, who samaj jayege, please unko bolo ki main nikal chuki hoon, main auto pakad ke chali jaoongi", she implored the Swami. Sensing an opportunity here, the Swami relented on the condition that she do him a favour to. Asha immediately agreed without knowing the favour. He then told the girl to tell the Sasurji, that Asha had already left.
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