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The Debauchery of a Young Housewife - Pt. 08

The Swami was pleased to see this voluptuous woman so excited and willing. He took a step closer to the kneeling woman and taking his prick in his hand brought it near her face. Asha opened her mouth expecting him to stuff it in, however the swami teased her by swishing it near her mouth. He saw the eagerness in this woman as he moved his prick near her lips and seeing her trying to take it in her mouth. He slapped her face with his prick and laughed, signalling to the two girls to lift Asha and take her into another room. Asha's shoulders, were tightly clasped by the two girls as they led her into another room. As she was pushed in she saw another brightly lit room with a huge bed and the ceiling covered by mirrors. It was pleasantly air-conditioned and the walls were covered with lewd pictures of men and women engaged in sex. The Swami entered the room and motioned for the two girls to leave them alone. When they were alone he picked up Asha and threw her on the bed. Asha was surprised at the strength of this man. He had picked her up like a baby and flung her on the bed. Asha was a voluptuous woman who weighed around 72 kgs and was 5' 7”in height, by no means a small woman and yet this man had effortlessly picked her up. She stared at him in awe as she waited to be fucked by him.

Still smiling at her the Swami said, "Tumara pati, tumhe bachha nahin de sakta, koi bat nahin, mai tumhe bhar doonga". Asha could only moan with desire in reply. The expert fucker Swami positioned his prick near her swollen cunt and with one stoke pushed the bulbous head of his prick into the wet and dripping cunt. "AARRGGGGGGHH, UUNNGGHHH OOUUUIIIIIIII MMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, cried Asha as her outer cunt-lips were stretched by the Swami's prickhead. So excited with desire was Asha that she wailed herself to an orgasm at the thought of this man entering her. The Swami pushed his prick fully in as Asha's cunt muscles pulsated with orgasm and started giving her long and slow strokes. Such was his strength that Asha felt a hot and searing feeling in her cunt as he stroked her and she started meeting his assault by lifting her buttocks to meet his thrusts. "UUNNGGHH JJJOOORRRRRRRR SSSAAAAIII AARRGGGHHHH CCHHOOODDOOOO", she urged the Swami. The Swami was delighted by the tightness of the cunt and started stroking shorter and faster seeing her breasts flap about with his strokes. He too was most excited at having this sexy woman to himself and soon came deep inside her, filling her tight cunt with his semen. Asha could feel his hot semen inside and thanked herself for being on the pill or else surely this man would have made her pregnant with the hot semen he had pumped inside her.

The Swami then pulled her up like a rag doll and made her sit on his lap. He busied himself with kissing, nibbling, kneading and biting her sexy face and heavy breasts. "Accha laga tumhe", said the swami while slobbering all over her face. "UUUUMMMMMM SWWAAMMIIJJII UUUUMMMMMMMMMMNNNN", Asha replied, felling hot with desire again as she felt his hardness on her buttocks. The Swami clasped her legs together and kept them straight pointing towards the ceiling as he grasped his prick and pushed it into her cunt again. In this position her cunt appeared to be tighter with her legs clasped together and Asha felt her cunt walls being fully stretched by his prick. The Swami began bouncing her on his lap and his prick moved in and out like a well oiled piston. Asha's breasts were flapping near his mouth and he bit them at times to hear her squeal in pain and desire as she was being fucked. He then moved the finger of his hand under the buttocks to insert it into her arsehole as he bounced her faster up and down. Asha was squealing with desire as she felt herself about to cum and the feeling of an orgasm approaching with the pain of the finger fucking her arsehole at the same time was too much for her. She came in waves of pleasure and pain and wailed loudly, "SSWWAAMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIII OOOOOOOUUUUUUIIIIII MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA". The Swami then withdrew his erect prick and carried Asha to the bed again. He set her down and made her suck his finger which had penetrated her arsehole. He enjoyed the wave of humiliation sweeping her face as she was made to suck his finger. He the flopped her on her stomach and made her lie on her knees as he grasped her big buttocks and pushed his stiff prick in her cunt from behind. Just as the servant Salim had done, the Swami began riding her and slapping her buttocks hard. He rode and rode and slapped and slapped, inflicting this fair sexy woman to pleasure and pain at the same time. Asha was wailing with pleasure and crying with pain as her cunt-lips pulsated with orgasm after orgasm. The Swami went beserk with desire and kept ramming her cunt rapidly as he too shot his load inside her again and slumped on top of her. Asha felt his immense weight as she was crushed underneath this man and they both lay covered with sweat and cum gasping slowly and motionlessly.

The two girls entered the room again and took hold of Asha as the Swami rolled of her. As Asha walked unsteadily supported by the two girls, she saw the Swami lying on the bed with his prick now limp and smiling at her. "Kal phir thik time pe a jaana, aur choodna hai tumhe", he said, as Asha was led away. "Aaouingi", replied Asha hesitatingly. The two girls took her into a bathroom and made her stand under the shower with cold water running as they soaped her. As they were soaping her clean the Swami entered the room with his prick erect yet again. He roughly caught Asha by surprise and lifted her one leg and pushed his prick fully in with a mighty thrust. "AARRGGGHHHH UUUNNNNGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH”gasped Asha, at this unexpected assault. The Swami supported her with one hand and began fucking her yet again. The two girls were also wide-eyed and surprised since this had never occurred before. They stood in sheer excitement as this big woman started moaning with pleasure at the fucking she was receiving. One of the girls could'nt control herself and started masturbating, while watching the fucking. Both the Swami and Asha came yet again, and the Swami withdrew his limp prick and let go of Asha as he left the room. Asha's legs were like jelly and she fell to the floor with the shower raining on her. The two girls who were wet with desire pounced on her now, one latching on to her face and breasts while the other started sucking her cunt. Asha was wet and dripping again with desire as these two girls brought her to another series of orgasms. Only Mini had eaten her cunt before this and she found that she loved it. The Swami entered the room again breaking up the action as he announced that Asha should be readied up now to leave as her husband was waiting for her. As the girls dressed her up, Asha thought that 4 hours had transpired so quickly, what with all the pleasurable fucking she had received.

Rajesh rose to greet her as she stepped into the room along with the Swami by her side. He could notice her face glowing and felt that the pooja had gone off well. Schmuck that he was. Swami told him to bring her in tomorrow too and smiled at Asha's nervous glowing face. At home during lunch time after Rajesh had left, her father-in-law accosted her and asked about the pooja. Asha lowered her eyes as she told him that the Swami had performed the pooja very nicely. Her father-in-law asked her that tomorrow morning he needed to take her to sign some papers at the bank and he would pick her up after the pooja. Unknown to Asha he had planned to take her to his friend's hotel (the one he had used many a time to fuck prostitutes) and finally get to fuck this sexy woman.

After lunch that day, Asha locked her bedroom and went in the bathroom for a nice long hot water tub bath. She reflected on the day’s enjoyment. The Swami was really an experienced fucker. Just thinking about him and the fuck, made her horny again. He was going to be fucking her for the next two days. The two girls were sexy too and she really liked the way one of them had been bold enough to eat her cunt. She wished that the girls would join in with the Swami. That would be really erotic and fun. She wanted to see them fucked by the Swami. All these erotic thoughts made her cunt juices flow and Asha began to masturbate thinking about them. She had noticed that the two girls had had their pussies trimmed and Asha got up from the tub to use Rajesh's razor to shave her cunt. She had never done this before and felt thrilled as her pubic hair was all shaved off. She took a good look at her shaved cunt and thought it looked like a cunt of a small girl. She then started playing with her clitoris and soon had an orgasm. After her relaxing bath, she decided to sleep off the afternoon. Just as she was about to doze off, there was persistent knocking on the door and she “se to open it. Lo Behold, it was her father-in-law. He had playing cards with him and asked if she would like to play for a while. Asha was wary of him and wanted to refuse and started mumbling so. However, he brushed aside her feeble protests and sat on her bed and began dealing. Asha reluctantly started playing.

Asha became aware of her flimsy nightie on seeing the lustful looks that her father-in-law was giving her. She had worn this old nightie of hers to relax and sleep in the afternoon. It was almost see through now having been worn so so many times. She thought of changing, but quickly changed her mind, knowing that her father-in- law had seen her naked and crying after being fucked by Salim. His lecherous looks were also giving her pleasure as she loved to tease this old fellow. She purposely bend low while picking the cards so as to give him a teasing look at her ample breasts, knowing that he could not make any moves on her with his wife in the house. The father-in-law was getting very excited, knowing this hot bitch was teasing him. He was going to fuck her in peace tomorrow at his friend's hotel, after he picked her up from the pooja.
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