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The Debauchery of a Young Housewife - Pt. 06

Raju felt the tightness of her cunt and was very happy. He was used to whores and never before had he fucked such a fair and sexy woman with a tight cunt. Asha had by now flopped against Raju and was gurgling and whimpering loudly. Raju kept his prick fully in without any movement. He concentrated on crushing Asha's body tightly to his and sucking, nibbling, biting her fair smooth skin. Asha felt his strength as he held her tightly and also the fullness of his prick. This was enough to start another series of orgasms inside her. Feeling her cunt walls dilate, Raju felt further tightness on his cock. He now started bobbing Asha up and down on his prick. Seeing her breasts jiggle with each rise and fall, Raju soon came inside her, spurting his hot semen deep within her cunt. He kept coming and chewing Asha's swollen nipples. He then lifted her and withdrew his prick from her stretched cunt with a "puusshht” sound as his cock withdrew. He pulled Asha's face down on his limp prick and she eagerly started sucking his cock. In no time this young chokra boy was erect again and wanting to fuck her again. He pulled her legs apart and held her by her ankles as he sank between and thrust his prick in again. He started pumping her cunt in slow long thrusts and was delighted to see Asha lift her buttocks to meet his thrusts. Her creamy thighs were jiggling with each stroke and her breasts were flopping on her chest as she lifted her buttocks to meet his lunges.

Asha was in seventh heaven, finally being fucked by her first ever seen prick, she was wailing so loudly that Raju had to partially cover her mouth. "AARRGGNN OOOUUUIIII mmAAAAAAA OUUUIi MMAHHHJJJAAAA AAAA RRRRAHHAA HHAAII UUNNGGHHH OOOHHHH RRAAAAJJJUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU", she wailed as she came and came. This chokra boy was giving her a pounding and she loved it. This was her need and he was fulfilling it literally. Her buttocks were getting sore against the rough jute of his bed but she loved it. The fragile bed was creaking under the fast and furious fucking she was receiving now. Asha could hear a bell ringing equally furiously in the distant but was urging Raju to go on and on. Raju too heard the doorbell ringing but he too was in throes of passion and ignored it. “CHHHHHOOODDOO, MUUJJJHHEE CHHOODDOO OOUUUIIIIIIII MMMAAAAAAAAA AAUUURRR CHHOODDOO,AAAARRRGGGGHH UUUNNNGGGHHH OOOOHHHHHHHH RRAAJJJUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU", Asha wailed as she was gripped by a series of orgasms. Hearing this fair sexy woman wailing like a bitch in heat, Raju could not hold back now. He came inside Asha in powerful bursts and put his entire weight on her body. He began biting and mauling her breasts as he came and came inside her. Raju could now hear the bell ringing incessantly and quickly got up and tried to pull Asha up. However Asha was in a delirious state and so he left her naked on his cot, whimpering incoherently and tidied himself and rushed down to open the main door.

Unknown to them, the neighbour’s servant had been woken up from his afternoon siesta by Asha's moaning and wailing. He had hopped across the short common wall of the n terraces separating the two houses to see what the noise was. Sure enough he had seen the fucking going on from the window and had been deeply aroused. He had been friendly with Raju and knew how once Asha had sucked him off before marriage. In fact these two servants had even been to prostitutes together. He was an old man of about 55 years in age, but seeing this rich sexy bitch being fucked had given him a tremendous hard-on.

Seeing Raju rush away into the house, he saw an opportunity and entered the quarter massaging his proud and erect prick. He saw Asha wantonly lying on the bed with her legs apart and her gaping enlarged cunt lips waiting to be fucked. Asha saw him with her glazed eyes and was too slow in her reaction. Before it could register that this old fellow could not be Raju, he was upon her and had pierced her cunt with his prick. The old man was in seventh heaven, feeling the tightness of this young woman's cunt and being able to fuck her with no resistance or cry for help. He started thrusting powerfully with long and deep thrusts making the entire cot shudder with each thrust. On feeling his prick stretching her cunt walls, Asha began moaning loudly. Her body was responding to the fucking and she was moving her sore buttocks to meet his strokes. Her mind was rebelling, “MMMMAATTTHH KKKAARROo OOOOOHHHH IIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEE, MUUUJJJEEEEE CCHHHOOORRRROOOOOO, UUUNNNGGGh, AAAIIIIEEEEEEE OOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII MMAAAAAAAAAAAAA UUUNNNNGGGGHHHHHH". Asha was coming and coming again as this old fellow was ramming her. Hearing her loud protests, he placed his hand on her mouth and started pumping furiously. Asha while coming bit his hand and sunk her teeth deep into them. The old fellow was also yelling now as he shot his load deep inside her pussy. "AAAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH SSSSSAALLLLIIIIII CCCHHHOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT", he yelled as he came. Luckily for them, they were on the terrace and the sound did not travel inside the house. The old fellow quickly withdrew his limp prick and holding his bitten hand beat a quick retreat back to his own quarter. Asha lay on the cot, covered with sweat and breathing heavily. She was so far gone that had the old fellow not run away, she could not have stopped him from continuing to enjoy her body.

Meanwhile Raju had opened the door to see Rajesh and Asha's mother at the door. Rajesh had been ringing the bell for the past 10 minutes and her mother had just come. Raju was severely reprimanded for being so tardy in opening the door. He mumbled that he had been sleeping. Seeing his hair all dishevelled they believed him. Rajesh asked about Asha since he had come to take her home. Raju was in a fix. Calling out her name Asha's mother went into Asha's room. Not seeing her, she asked Raju where she was. Thinking on his feet, Raju replied that she had gone home. Asha's mother said that her suitcase was still in the room. Raju replied that she had taken an auto and said that to give the suitcase to Rajesh when he came. Rajesh was perplexed but did not suspect anything. His mother-in-law fussed over him and asked him to have some tea before leaving. Raju before going to the kitchen to make tea, quickly ran up to the terrace to his quarter. He saw Asha still naked lying on his cot. He quickly told her what had transpired and dressed up this groggy woman in her top and jeans and told her to go by the spiral staircase into the service lane and take an auto home quickly. He could hear his name being shouted and fearing another reprimand left the dazed woman.

Asha shakily got up and went down the servants spiral staircase into the back service lane. She saw the old fellow leering at her and lowered her eyes quickly in shame. Luckily she thought, Raju or anybody else does not know of this fellow fucking her. She walked on unsteady legs to the main road to hail an auto. Asha found a lot of people staring at her and some boys openly whistling at her. Her appearance was that of a thoroughly fucked woman. In his hurry, Raju had forgotten about her panty and bra while pulling her top on and pushing her jeans halfway up. Her hair was dishevelled and her lips were swollen, also her top was clinging on to her body with sweat, thus clearly exposing the outline of her braless breasts and swollen nipples for all to see. Luckily an auto stopped and she climbed in. All through the ride the autodriver kept glancing back to see her breasts jiggle with each bump. He purposely drove roughly to see her big breasts swaying in different directions. Asha bit her lip and kept her eyes on the floor throughout the journey.

On reaching home she was met by her father-in-law. He saw her state and surmised that she had been fucked yet again. He mentally cursed his luck at not getting any action himself while his daughter-in-law was being fucked by other people at will. Asha smiled nervously at him and went into her room and locked the door. She knew that the day was not far when her father-in-law would be fucking her now. She was lucky that her mother-in-law was back and so she could manage to fend his obvious desire.

Asha quickly locked her bedroom and went in for a bath, knowing that Rajesh would be home soon. She felt very energetic and happy. She felt satisfied with herself, but thinking about Rajesh, brought pangs of guilt in her. He was a good man even though he was somewhat lacking in bed, she thought. In a subtle manner she would ask him to take some sex advice from the numerous clinics that were advertised in the newspapers every day. He needed to increase his sex-drive and also stop the regularity of premature ejaculation. She had received immense pleasure from the people who had fucked her, namely, Sushil, Salim, Raju and even the old servant. She had had multiple orgasms and also seen the staying powers and sex drives in these men. Surely Rajesh, who was a tall, strong, well-built guy could rectify these shortcomings and they could enjoy themselves thoroughly in bed together. These thoughts were on her mind as she finished having a bath and changed into her flimsy nightie awaiting Rajesh. She further thought that so far she had been lucky in not getting caught but if caught the shame would be terrible and her whole world would crumble. Sure her father-in-law knew, but he was in no position to expose her knowing the shame that would befall his son too. She knew how to keep him at arm’s length now, especially since her mother-in-law was back. If somehow she could convince Rajesh to seek help, she would not need to be fucked by other men. Asha resolved in her mind to work towards getting Rajesh to seek help in this regard.

Meanwhile, unknown to Asha, her father-in-law was felling extremely frustrated at not having the opportunity to fuck her. Here his daughter-in-law was giving it to the servants of the house and he being the master was not getting any.
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