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The Debauchery of a Young Housewife - Pt. 05

Salim became erect again and flipped Asha over. He made her lie on her knees and placed his prick into her now gaping cunt. He proceeded to fuck her from behind, slapping her big buttocks as he went on and on. Asha had never been penetrated doggy style and loved it. The slapping of her buttocks along with being rammed in n out got her another series of orgasms and her knees turned to jelly and she collapsed on the bed. Her thighs and legs were quivering. Salim made her stand up but she could not do so without his support. Asha was like putty in this short chokra boys hands or rather his prick. Having come so many times Asha felt very weak. Her body was covered with sweat, both hers and Salims. Her eyes had a glazed look about them and her knees were weak and shaking. She had received love bites all over her breasts and cheeks, her buttocks were red from Salim's spankings. But Salim had only just begun. He lifted her and made her sit on Rajesh's desk, clearing all the paper with one swipe of his hand. He then proceeded to lift her legs over his shoulders and positioned his prick at her gaping cunt hole. With a grunt he pushed his prick deep inside with a hard thrust.

“AAARRRGGHH, UUUNNHHGGGHH, AARRGGGHHH, UNNNNGGRRHH”wailed Asha as he began furiously to pump her with his cock. He had penetrated deep inside her in this position and was banging away. Her already red buttocks were further getting sore with the friction of the table beneath them. When he was about to come, he withdrew his prick from her cunt and pulled her face down to ejaculate all over her hair, breasts and her pretty face. Asha could not hold her balance on the table and was about to fall down, when Salim supported her and made her lie down on the marble floor. Just then the phone started ringing, Salim picked it up to answer. It was Rajesh's phone and he asked for Asha. But Asha was in no state to be able to get up and walk to the phone. Seeing this Salim dragged her on the floor itself to the phone and gave her the receiver. He then sat down on the floor facing her and played with her breasts as she talked. Rajesh asked her how she was feeling and Asha could only manage a few grunts and whimpers. Seeing this rich sexy bitch looking so thoroughly fucked, Salim felt his prick getting erect again. He lifted Asha by her waist and buttocks while she was on phone with her husband and made her sit on his prick. Asha started gurgling as his massive cock stretched and filled her cunt walls again. Rajesh on the other end thought she was feeling unwell and about to throw up. Asha was scared that Rajesh might suspect something, so she tried to talk normally, but could not control her whimpering at times as Salim was lifting her by her buttocks and slowly fucking her. Salim was feeling excited seeing her talk to her husband on the phone while being fucked by him. He thought this rich bitch is trying to act normally, and thus increased his tempo driving his prick fully in.

Asha was now being bobbed up and down fast by this little chokra boy and started wailing , feeling another orgasm approaching. She still held the phone, all Rajesh could hear now was "UURRNNGH AARRGGHHN RRAAAAJJEEESSHHHHHHH OOOUUIIII MAAAA". He kept calling her name, "Asha, Asha, whats wrong tell me". Asha continued wailing as she orgasmed still holding on to the receiver. Afterwards Asha had the presence of mind to sound normally and tell Rajesh that she had just thrown up. She was not feeling well come home soon, she said and closed the phone. Seeing her Salim replied "Accha natak karti hai tu Sali". Asha replied “PLLLEEEAAASSSEEEE AARRGGHHH MMUJJHEE UUNNNHHGGGHH CHHHHOOORR DDOO ABHIIIII AARRRGGHH SSSSSAAALLLEEEEEEEEEEMMMMMMM". Salim laughed at her lying on the ground and pleading with him. He replied, “Abhi to teri gaand choodunga, kya mast gaand hai teri", slapping her buttocks as she lay prone on the floor. Saying this he picked Asha up from the floor and made her stand. Asha was too weak to be able to stand by herself and fell on Salim for support. Salim was shorter than her but much much stronger, he supported her weight and lay her down on the bed on her stomach. He made her kneel on the bed with her arse jutting out. Holding her arse cheeks apart he tried to push his prick into her arsehole. "AAAARRHHHHHHHHH AAANNN AARRNNNNNNNNNNNNN AARRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNN", cried out Asha , as his prickhead penetrated her arse. “Sali kabhi tere pati ne teri gaand nahi mari lakti, tabhi tau tu itna phudakti rahti hai", said Salim as he felt the tightness of her arsehole. He withdrew his prick and spat on his finger and pushed it inside her arse. "OOOOUUUU MMMMAATTT KKAARROO SSSSSAAALLLLLEEEMMMMMMMMMM", cried Asha. But this chokra boy was a master at buggery and he did not hesitate and pushed his prick deep inside her. Asha wailed, "AAARRRGGGHHHHHHHH MAAAIIIII MMMAARR GGGAAIIIIII, MMMMMUUJJJHHHEE TTTUUUMMMM PPHHHAATT RRRAHHHEE HHHOOO SSSAALLLEEEMMMM". Salim was too excited at her wailing to stop now. He pounded and buggered her virgin arsehole. Asha had tears rolling down her face as she was repeatedly assaulted by this chokra boy. Salim soon ejaculated inside her and withdrew his limp prick out. He left her room, as she was deliriously sobbing on the bed.

When he returned to his quarters, realization of what he had done dawned on him. He quickly packed his belongings and fled the house. Meanwhile, the time was around 1.30pm and Asha's father-in-law arrived back from the funeral. All through the day his thoughts had been on fucking his daughter-in-law. He quickly reached her room so as not to waste any further time. On reaching her room he was aghast at what he saw. Asha was lying naked on her bed, sobbing softly, with bruise marks and semen stains all over her. She was bleeding from her arse . She saw him and started crying loudly. He hugged her naked body and asked her who had done this to her. She told him that Salim had forced her. This girl whom he was dying to fuck and been having it out with the chokra. He thought, first with somebody else, now the chokra and god knows who else. He quickly ran to the servants quarter to find him. Seeing that he had fled he returned back to Asha. He sized up the situation when Asha pleaded with him not to tell Rajesh or anybody else. He agreed and helped her bathe in hot water and dress up. Next he himself cleaned up the room so as not to leave any evidence of the fucking she had received.

Asha had felt terribly embarrassed at her father-in-law seeing her in such a well-fucked and nude state. She had got scared and blurted out that Salim had forced her. Actually she had been fantasising about him ever since her maid Veena had told her about the massiveness of his prick. Asha being sexually deprived in a way just could not resist being fucked by such a prick. Her memory of Raju's cock was still fresh in her mind and just thinking about it could still send her juices flowing. She had been horny for Salim's prick and had enjoyed their fuck-session, but only till he pushed his prick in her arsehole. That had been brutal and she had cried with pain and so was glad that the chokra had fled. With the help of her father-in-law, they had tidied the room before Rajesh had rushed back. Rajesh thought that his wife was really sick and was very concerned for her health. He told his father that he would be unable to attend the factory till Asha got better, and would he go instead for a few days. His father felt frustrated at this suggestion, but could do nothing else but mumble his compliance. He had thought that now he would be able to fuck Asha at leisure, but all his plans went awry. Rajesh also did not suspect anything, once he was told that the chokra cook had stolen some money from Asha's cupboard and fled. Since the amount was insignificant to them they did not pursue with the police.

Asha had seen the crestfallen look on her father-in-laws face, when Rajesh asked him to attend to the factory for a few days. She was glad of his help and knew, what she would have been asked to do in return. She continued to act unwell, when actually except for a little pain in her arse, she was perfectly fine. For the next few days, Rajesh continued to fuss over Asha while her father-in-law fumed at his frustration. Rajesh had hired a new cook, an old fellow and had also replaced the maid on Asha's insistence. Asha did not want to be blackmailed by her and thus had asked Rajesh to fire her, while she herself remained in bed feigning sickness. On hearing of her being unwell, her parents came over to meet her too. They asked Rajesh, if it was okay by him, that Asha should spend a few days at home with them. After all, Asha had not been home even once since the day of her marriage. Rajesh relented and so Asha went with her parents, home. On returning home that evening, Asha's father-in-law was surprised to find her gone and very disappointed. His wife, Asha's mother-in-law, would be returning in a few days time, from her trip to attend her nieces' engagement and he would have no opportunity to fuck Asha.

On reaching her house with her parents, Asha was greeted at the door by the chokra Raju. He was delighted on seeing her and stared lustily at her. Asha felt her face flush and redden. She had fantasised so much about this chokra boy, and how it would feel having him inside her. Asha felt very horny and happy at being home. Her parents noticed the change in her and attributed it on her being happy to come home. They did not suspect anything. Raju, too had fantasised a lot about her and felt that since she was married, now was the chance to fuck her silly.

During the course of the day there was a lot of sexual tension in the air between them. That night Asha could not help masturbating at the thought of seeing and being fucked by Raju's prick. For all her experience so far, his prick was the biggest she had seen. In a way it was her first love. In the early hours of the morning, Asha lay in bed , her cunt juices flowing in anticipation of being alone with Raju.
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