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Sperm Donor For My Aunt

Dear readers this is Akshay from Chennai. This is the first time I’m narrating my experience so please pardon me is I have done any mistakes. I’m 21 year old guy who studies final year in Chennai at a well reputed college. I’m virgin with 5’8 inch average dick. This story is about my aunt Priya who is 37 years old with assets 34-36-36 who got married some 7 years ago and still hasn’t given a birth to a child since his husband is physically challenged and due to which his sperm count is low and can’t produce a baby.

This started 3 months ago when I was visiting her place casually and her husband goes to office everyday at 9am and comes back only at 7pm. When I went there he wasn’t there and she was cooking food in the kitchen. She saw me and greeted, as well as gave a cup of coffee.While we both were talking there was a TV show going regarding pregnancy through artificial sperm injection. While the show was going she switched off the TV and threw the remote. I went and asked her what happened so she was upset and said the entire story why she can’t be a mother. I didn’t have any horny feeling when she was telling the incident. She also discussed that they went to the doctor and did all treatment possible. Later in the past few days her husband agreed to go with sperm donor option.

After all the stories we had lunch and around evening 6pm she came up with the topic again. She asked me to suggest some good clinic for sperm donor. I said I don’t know then she gave back a reply saying that I don’t want to go to hospitals for these stuffs; why can’t you inject your semen into mine so that I can have a baby.Hearing this my face turned pink and in the mean time my dick was erect. All the sexual felling started to arouse in me. I said yes I can fuck you and make you pregnant but what will you tell your husband. Since I was a virgin I don’t want to miss this chance to break my virginity. She said she will convince her husband and I can make her pregnant.

Next day morning I got a call from Priya’s husband and he asked me to come there home ASAP. I was scared and excited for the same too.When I reached there the house was completely silent and both of them were sitting on the sofa. After some time they smiled which gave me a green signal to proceed. Her husband came and asked me to fuck her and kindly give them a child. This gave me soo much happiness and I rushed and hugged Priya in-front of her husband and we started to lip lock each-other. I was soo horny that I had to fuck Priya right then and there.When I was about to proceed her husband came and said that he will go to office and come. By the time I should have fucked her and put my sperm into her womb and he left. This gave me a bundle of joy and we were looking at each other. I said I’ll come back in sometime and went to the super market to buy nuttela & ice creams.

I reached home and priya was waiting for me at the home with only bra and a thong. I’ve never seen a women like that and this tempted me a lot and I kept the things at the sofa and kissed her for fifteen minutes. In the mean time while kissing her I removed her bra. I went and took a nuttela bottle and emptied 1 full jar to both her boobies. I was sucking her tits for more than half hour and I made it dry. This was my long time fantasy and she satisfied it.Later I tore her panties and applied Ice cream and stuffed her pussy with it. She also took some nuttela and applied over my dick and we went to 69 position and tasted each other for half hour and we both cummed. Now I was playing with her pussy and inserting my two finger and triggering her G spot. She got too high and she was moaning and asking me to insert my dick into her. She caught hold of my dick and was scratching my balls with her nails begging to put it inside her cunt.

Since this was the first time for me I took her in missionary position kept her legs on my shoulders and was teasing her by taking my dick next to her pussy and rubbing it. She was so fucking desperate and inserted the dick by herself.We were fucking for 15 minutes and I cummed into her pussy. We both were so fucking tired and laying on the bed looking at each other. She was happy and tears were coming down from her eyes that she’ll become the mother soon. I was soo horny after the first round and spanked her ass as well as inserted my dick from behind. We were fucking like dogs and I was spanking her hard till her ass became red.We both had a good orgasm after that fuck. We took a hour break after that and I asked her is your ass virgin.

She was shocked and said yes. I said since you broke my virginity it’s time for me to do the same to you. She was scared and begged me not to insert my dick in her ass because it will create a big pain for her. I didn’t listen to it and took some oil from kitchen put in her ass hole and my dick.I slowly moved my dick inside and she was crying in pain. I didn’t bother and inserted fully. I was ramming her very hard; she was begging me to leave her.Later after 10 minutes I cummed in her ass and we both slept off. Evening her husband came and saw us naked in the bed and he started to fuck Priya and thanked me for the help. Later almost every single day I go to her house and we have sex. One day I got a message saying she’s pregnant and the kids were twins. I was so happy that day and went to her house and we started fucking due to bundle of happiness.

She will be blessed with twins next year and our fucking saga will continue. Your comments are welcome. Any aunties looking for sperm donor whom you can trust upon and make you pregnant or anyone who would like to have sex in and around Chennai can contact me at minion2195@gmail.com I won’t share your details and everything will be confidential. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
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