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Sex With Stranger's Wife

Hello friends, my name is bharadwaj. I am an engineer in Pune. I am 25 yrs old. I am a regular visitor of RISS. For those who dont know, this is a site for video sex chat. I found many girls and couple and used to do video sex. Girls show their boobs and pussy and i jerk off for them. Same for couples. Husbands show their wives pussies and boobs and I jerk off for them Women enjoy that a lot. One day I met a couple from Pune. Husband and Wife both were on video. We chatted and decided to have video sex. Wife was willing to show everything. We decided to meet on skype. So the show started. I was naked and the couple were semi-naked. I asked the husband to undress his wife and he did.

He showed me his wife's naked body. I was fully aroused. His wife was very beautiful and sexy. He started his sex act with her. I kept stoking my penis. His wife was enjoying this. All along i was praising his wife's sexy body and she enjoyed it a lot. He fucked her in front of me. I came and so did they. This went on for few months whenever we found time. That couple wanted some adventure in their life. Husband asked me whether I would like to fuck his wife in real. His wife also expressed the same desire. I said why not. He sent me his address and we decided to meet one day. His husband picked me up and on the way he said he had a surprise for me. I was happy. We reached their house. All the way I fantacised fucking his wife. My dick was erect all the way. He noticed and laughed. We reached his house. A beautiful lady (wife) opened the door and welcomed me.

She is very beautiful. Perfect figure 36-24-36. I could not take my eyes off her ass. As soon as she closed the door, I hugged her and grabbed her ass. She was surprised as she didnt expect action this soon but my dick wouldn't listen. I started kissing her and pressing her ass. She started responding. I said I have waited long for this and wanted to fuck her then and there. She saw my erect dick and agreed. She was wearing a saree. She lay on bed, removed her panty and lifted her saree She had a pink shaved pussy. I quickly got naked and started fucking her. As I was very erect, I came in 10 min. I was satisfied and so was she. All this time, the husband was watching us and jerked off. I lay on her for sometime. Husband said that he had to go to office and would join us at night. He said his wife is al mine for the day and my surprise would arrive in the afternoon.

He left for office. His wife(Sujata) asked me what next? I said I was hungry. She said she will prepare breakfast for me. I asked her to be naked all the day. She liked that and got naked. Man she was sexy. I just stood there looking at her. She was a bit shy. She asked me to suck her boobs. I lay on her lap and suck her boobs for 10 min each. She was feeling aroused. I decided to give her something. I maid her lie on bed and spread her legs. I started licking her pussy. It was already wet. I started licking her pussy walls and slowly started licking inner sides. She was in heaven. She was wriggling all along. She caught my hair and started running her finger through them. She put her legs around my shoulder. She started pushing my head inside. I was enjoying it and so was she. I licked her pussy for five minutes and she came all over my face. She was satisfied. She licked ll her juices from my face. We kissed for 5 min. She went to make me breakfast.I followeed her to kitchen to help her. Both of us were naked. We had breakfast together. We decided to watch some porn first.

We started watching porn on laptop. She sat on my lap. I was holding her boobs. We watched all kinds of porn. Both of us were aroused again. We started kissing. I put my tongue inside hers. She was sucking on my tongue. We kissed for 10 min or so. Then I started sucking her boobs. I was sucking one boob and pressing the other. She was holding my head and enjoying. We then moved to bedroom. She said she wanted to suck my dick. She first held my 9 inch dick and started stroking. She the put her tongue on my dick her and circled with her tongue. It was very stimulating. She knew how to get a man aroused. I was feeling horny. She then put my dick in her mouth and started sucking. She was so good at it. She even went deep throat. I was enjoying it so much. She started sucking fast. She was also playing with my balls. This made my climax.I burst into her mouth. Some semen was flowing out of her mouth She drank the rest. This was a scene to remember. Someone drinking ur cum looks so sexy. She lay on me for sometime.

I hugged her tight. Our bodies we inseperable. My chest was touching her breasts. Our bellies were meeting. My dick was on her pussy. It was so sexy. We lay like that for sometime. I always wanted fuck someone in the bathroom. I told her this. She said lets take a shower. All my dreams were coming true. We went to the bathroom. Their bathroom was huge. Just perfect for sex. We both went into the shower. She again sucked my dick to get it erect. She then stood facing the wall and leaned slightly forward. I understood she wanted me from behind. I went behind her and grabbed her belly. I slowly rubbed my dick on her ass crack to tease her. She was in no mood for that. She badly wanted me in. She took my dick and guided me in her pussy. I slowly started stroking her. She turned on the shower. Hot water was falling on us. She looked even more sexy when wet. He white body made me go mad. I slowly increased my pace. I grabbed her boobs from being and started pressing them hard. She liked that. I increased my pace.

This went on for 15 min or so. She came in between but I was not done. I continued exploring her love hole. I was feeling so hot. After about 15 min I was ready to climax. I again burst into her pussy She came for 2nd time. We stood like that for some time. Then I applied soap all over her body and she did same to me. We had a nice long shower. We touched each other a lot. We rubbed each other dry and came out. We were very hungry after such an intense sex. We decide to order some pizza. We ate pizza and slept naked for some time. She said my surprise will be here in sometime. I wanted to know what it was but she wouldnt tell. I knew it was something sexy. What my surprise was I will tell in next story. Hope this story made u horny. If u wanna contact me - mail at - sexyakshay10@gmail.com
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