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Romantic Sex in Train with two women

Hello I am Mohan. I had posted my sex experience in a Mumbai train on a rainy day earlier on this site. I have been traveling all over India for work and have many sexy encounters with women in trains. This is just another such experience. I had to travel to Raipur from Mumbai. The train was to start at 10:30 at night from Mumbai. It was month of February end and not much rush in trains. But somehow I did not get a reservation. I thought, I will mange reservation after boarding the train, but that day there was special checking in the train and I was made to get down at 11:30 PM at a station in between.

My work was important and hence I got into the unreserved compartment which was last but one compartment of the train. I was sweating by the efforts I had to make to run to the compartment and then get into it. There was rush and what was worse that this was a half compartment! The remaining half was for postal service. I started looking for place to sit but none was available. People were sitting on the floor. I managed jut to get to the entrance and the 1st berth. There was a whole family with one old man, one elder lady, one middle aged woman of about 36-37, one girl of about 15 and 3 boys from 3 to 8. All but the woman and the old man were sleeping on the floor in the space between the two berths and in the corridor. There was no way I could have crossed them and entered further, because people were sitting on floor there also.

There was also one more lady of about 40 sitting on her cloth potli just at the entrance. I was not sure what to do. So, first I requested that family to allow me to keep one of my bags below the berth. They allowed reluctantly, since they also had large luggage below the berths. I was still standing, when the lady at the entrance asked me to sit down saying you can not stand all the way can you? She also asked the family to move a bit so that I can sit. I thanked her, took out news paper, spread it on the little space available, spread my bed sheet on it, kept my hand bag as pillow and sat facing my back to the family.

I looked at the lady sitting there. She was a village working woman and alone. She was wearing salwar-kurta and a black gown over it. She looked very fit for her age.The family woman was wearing saree and blouse. I noticed that she was not wearing any bra. I guessed from the style of saree and their language that this family must be from Rajasthan. Train was yet to start. One tea vendor was selling tea and I bought one cup. I wanted to thank the lady who offered me place and asked her if she wanted tea. She said yes. She wanted to pay for her tea but I refused. I held her hand and asked her to let me pay. Her hands were very soft and quite warm. She smiled and accepted.

Once the train started, people started dozing. The old man stretched himself below the berth inside. This created some space. So I requested the family woman to move a bit and spread my bed sheet so that I can also stretch my legs and sleep. But I was able to sleep with my head inside corridor and my legs stretching towards the entrance gate. I also took out my shawl and covered myself, since it was getting a bit cold. Everybody was sleeping now. The lady at the entrance wanted to stretch her legs, but now I was sleeping in front of her. I realized this and told her not to bother and to stretch her legs over my body. She did so but without touching my body.

I was now sleeping and suddenly found some weight on my thighs. I opened my eyes and realized that the lady was sleeping and could not keep her legs over my body away from me. I bent my left leg so that the weight was distributed. I also pulled my shawl under her feet and threw it over my legs again, so that now her legs were also covered by my shawl. The lady opened her eyes, saw what I was doing but did nothing and went to sleep again. The train was moving and it was difficult for her to remain steady.

She was slipping from the potli on which she was sitting and now almost was sitting on my lap. The family woman was watching this, but did not say anything. She also decided to go to sleep. There was not much space, so she had to sleep parallel to me with her head towards my shoulder and legs in the opposite direction. To avoid any contact she slept with her back to me. I was able to see her bare back from the narrow blouse that she was wearing. I was excited. One lady had her thighs on my thighs and the other woman sleeping so close to me. Some time went. I also must have fallen asleep for some time. Now the weight of the lady was making my legs numb, so I shifted slightly and slept on my side facing the sleeping woman as well as the sitting lady.

The lady simply folded and spread her legs up a bit but did not remove or move to other side. Now my cock was towards the lady and my thighs were touching her thighs since she had folded her legs but kept them on top of me. I pretended to make the shawl straight with my right hand and after doing so, placed it in front of me on the potli she was sitting. The train was moving and so was the lady as well as the woman sleeping with her back to me. I was getting very excited by the touch of thighs of the lady and started inching my closed fist forward to her thighs.

After a minute or so my fist reached & touched the left thigh of the lady, I kept the hand there worrying that the lady may retaliate. I also kept my eyes half closed and watched her reaction. She opened her eyes shifted slightly and went to sleep again. Now I was excited and also more bold. I moved my closed fist towards her pussy and started moving forward slowly. Suddenly I realized that my fist is touching something very soft and fluffy. My cock was dancing and my ears were hot. I kept my closed fist touching her pussy for some time to see if she removed it. But she kept on sleeping. I now started applying slight pressure with my fist. She still continued to ignore this.

I now opened my closed fist and kept my whole palm on her pussy. She moved a bit and I was scared. But she only adjusted her position but did not move away from my hand. The woman sleeping next to me was also moving to & fro with the train. While moving my hand on to the pussy of the lady, I had automatically moved very close to the sleeping woman. Suddenly there was a big jerk to the train and the back of the woman touched my lips. I dug my right hand more into the pussy taking advantage of the jerk. I was so excited that when my lips touched back of the woman, instead of moving back, I kissed her bare back with my lips. The woman gave a start and got up.

I thought I had made a big mistake of kissing her back. But then suddenly the woman took out her shawl and covered her whole body from leg to head. She also covered my head in that. The woman also shifted her side and now slept facing me instead of her back to me. The lady was now pressing her pussy on to my hand. I did not know what to do, when suddenly she took my hand and pulled it up towards her. This was a clear indication to me. My head was under the shawl of the woman, so I could not see any thing, but now felt the pussy with my hand and fingers freely. I also took her hand and kept it on my pulsating cock. My head was now very close to the woman's chest. The train was moving and now her soft, full boobs were just inches away from me.

I was waiting for the next train jerk, When the jerk came, I pressed my mouth onto her boob and kept it there even after the jerk had passed. I found her breasts very soft & exciting. My lips were now on her boobs and I was kissing her lightly. I realized that her nipples have become erect and were pointing from her blouse. I moved my head a bit and kissed her nipple from over the blouse. She moved even closer to me. Now I was gone crazy and I pulled up my left hand and kept it on the woman's soft boob and started pressing it and kissing her nipple at the same time. The lady was now pressing her palm on to my cock.

I unzipped my pant, unbuttoned from waist, pulled down pants slightly, took out my cock and gave it into her hand. She grabbed it and started pressing and massaging it. I was pressing boobs of the woman with my left hand. I started & fully un-buttoned her blouse. Her breasts were small but very soft and she had a very long nipple. I played with her nipple and started sucking her long nipple. She had a young son of 3 and started oozing out milk when I started sucking her nipples. It was very sweet and was coming out in large quantity. The lady was now pulling at my cock. I moved my right hand from her pussy up and un-did her salwar. She also got up slightly so that I could pull the salwar down a bit.

I inserted my hand and started rubbing her pussy. I then moved my hand further up through the lady's loose kurta and reached for her boobs. She was wearing bra. The lady bent forward, there was slight movement of hands and the bra was un-hooked by her. She had large mature boobs, soft but firm. I was in deep pleasure now and started caressing & pressing the ladies boobs & nipples with right hand. I was touching both the nipples together by stretching my palm. The woman was also very excited and moved to give me her other nipple to suck. I now stretched my left hand straight over my head and started pressing thighs of the sleeping woman. She was very hot now. I started pulling up her saree with my left hand and in no time I was inside her saree. I started caressing her inside thighs and could hear muffled moans from her. She now held my head very close to her chest and I continued drinking from her long nipples. I told her to put both nipples together in my mouth and she obeyed. Ohh. It was such a pleasure to drink sweet milk from both nipples together.

I now started caressing her pussy and rubbed her clitoris. She was very excited and grabbed my hand, took my middle finger and inserted inside her pussy. Then she leaned on to my finger and started pussy movements along with the train movements.
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