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Rinku Bhabhi Part 07

I moved my hand on her boobs with love, spread her legs and placed my lips on her pussy. I started kissing her pussy.... I knew, I should widen her legs more, but that was not possible in standing position. So, after some time, I gestured to her that we now move on the bed. We went on bed maintaining the position. But now, I could widen her legs more.

I continued kissing her pussy. She told me lovingly, Darling, work with your tongue here, not with lips. That much was enough for me. I started my work in right earnest. Started licking her pussy. I opened her pussy lips slightly with my hands and got my tongue inside. I learnt it immediately, removed her hands and again took control in my hands.

Now, I went on licking inside pussy very deftly, licking on internal wall sides. She was already horny earlier, now, she got wild. Her body was dying for me. She wanted me, full...inside her... She wanted my cock...inside her pussy. I was feeling a current in my body...an aching in the entire body. I stretched her body in a hard curvy sexy manner and moved my head from her pussy.

She told me, you have worked hard, it's now my turn. I got up and removed my shorts. And Wow....... Out came a fully charged, big size, erect cock, jumping with a spring action...... She went to its roots and started kissing it there. A girl was kissing that cock for the first time. I was feeling the fire. Then she licked and kissed on all sides. She went to the tip.

She touched penis tip with her tongue and played for a while, circling her tongue on the tip around my pissing hole. I was now moaning. Then she took my shaft between both her palms and pressed it between them, and started moving her palms in opposite directions, rolling it in between them, the way we make buttermilk.

This treatment gets the cock ready at a great speed..... And here, my horny bhabhi was in a hurry to get fucked !!!! My cock grew fast. She removed the top skin on the tip and put the shining wet pink head in her mouth. She sucked it for a while, tasted my pre-cum and saw that now it does not need a blow job. Rather, if she continues, I may erupt in her mouth.

So, I pushed it down towards her pussy. She again stretched on bed and pulled me over her. I widened her legs and kept my cock on her pussy lips. I pushed it in, in a natural manner, and the cock got in...... Aahhhahhhaaaa..... I had started the whole game for the very moment...... I started fucking her. My cock is quiet huge and hot. I was feeling quiet different inside.

It was so hard and hot that it was paining also and was giving pleasure also, both simultaneously. My speed increased. She started shouting, "Oh Raj, fuck me hard, tear my whole pussy apart..... Fuck, me, Fuck,...... Fuck hard..... " I started hearing such words from her mouth, but then smiled and responded,

"Don't worry, I won't leave you today, You have stolen my sleep for the last one week, I will see to it that I tear apart your whole pussy today." And then I went on fucking her, fucking her, and fucking her. I really fucked very hard and came 3 times in her pussy. We both enjoyed it lot and after the fuck, went to sleep, feeling fully exhausted.

We had three more days thereafter. And now there was no need to seduce me. So, we spent all those days together. We lost count, how many times we had wild sex. By the way, I failed in my exam. But I did not regret it. I was already dreaming of getting a second chance of staying with her under same pretext.

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Horny bhabhi fucking devar
Posted on September 28, 2010 12:00 PM, Filed under Sister-in-law / Bhabhi

hi guys & gals,this is my first sex exp with my cute devar.we both r very good friends use to share everything.once my husband went for a business vist for 3 days and that also on weakend I was pretty upset as would hv to sit at home only.on saturday evening deepak my devear cm to my room and asked to accompy me to market for shopping as I was free told him lets go,

we went to skg mall bougt sm stuff fr him while going tru I saw a very sexy nighty it was very nice want to buy but I had not brought my purse so asked deepak to pay he naughtly said u hv to were and show me than only I will pay fr it. I thought he is just joking and agreed and took and stared to move,wn we strated it stared to rain haviely and we both wr fully wet,

we reached hm and went to our own room deepak was carrying all the stuff after sm time he knocked the door and said sonal take ur nighty and wr and cm out as u promised I was shocked to listin this.i did not hv courage to wr sexy night in front of my devar. after some time I made up my mind lets wr but wil not all him to touch me as I wil not be able to control

my self as was horny for not hving sex for 2 dys.I called deepak and said I am rady wit ur gift and went to make tea in kitchen,he just cm fr behind and hugged me I was shocked wit his daring and shouted leave me its not right.he said sonal u r looking so hot and sexy kasie chod do tuje aaj to tuje rat bhaar pyar hi karoga.

I just stared to cry as I dont wanted to do anything dat wil mk me fill guilty,he immediatel left me and said sorry kya karo tu intni sexy dik rahi thi ki me bhol gaye you r my bhabi.and wnt and set on dinning table.I did not know wat to do we had tea and chat for very long. than at eight I said let me mk dinner,HE SAID lets go out u get ready we wil go to gpo,

i said ok changed at this tm we moved by car as it was raining.we had our food and tan we went to kalyani nagar for a drive as ihad not drived for a long.we had ice cream and than jst begin to cm bk. he halted at one lane and we started to chat,i dont knwn when we cm close to each other and started to smoch achanak se he stopped and we moved but this had made me horny AND WET

and I wanted sex.we reached hm and went to our room I changed and wore thats same nighty and tried to sleep but nind he nahi a rahi thi I was feeling very horny,i went to deepk room and his door was opned I just took a peak he was lying naked wit his peniss erected and masutabating this made me mr horny and went inside and just took his tool in my mouth

and stared gving a blow job first he did nt response but than stared to enjoy.than he cm and I drank whole his cm his dick size was pretty good than he pushed me on bed and stared to open my nighty I han not wore bra and panty purposly he straight stared to suck my boobs and made me wet down than straed to lick my pussy

he was better than his brother in licking than we went to 69 position and both cm in each others mouth. after sm time we staretd to smoch agani and he got erection adn stared to fuck me in missonary postion he is really good fucker he kewn how to make love to woman,while fucking he said I was waiting for this day for last 2 yrs,

the day I saw u wantedto sleep wit u u r so hot and sexy sonal,i hv seen u many times naked while bathing my eyes would always be on ur cleavage when ever u bend etc this made me more horny and he made me cm thrice and finnaly he cm tat whole night we had sex and than in morning we both had bath together and after break fast he left for aome work.

he had made me crasy there was a guilty in my mind but the pleasrur I got was very good.i messages him cm soon chocklate lady is waiting for u at 1.00 pm. I had poured a lot of choclte on my body no skin visible at 1.15

I heard the door opening I knew he was ther and already got wet he cm ih wit dairymilk and took a pic and we eat together with mounts no hand toucc. tn he staretd to suck my boobs and than licked my pussy.we had sex and than slept. Hey guys please do reply and share ur exp also.
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