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My Lovely Bhabhi

Hi, I'm Rasheed from Trichur, working as an accountant in Dubai. I'm a regular reader of RISS. This site, RISS is giving pleasure to all of us living in gulf.

I wish to disclose my secret affair I have with my sister-in-law (Brother's wife) to all readers. I have not yet disclosed it to any body. Because, I'm afraid to know by anybody other than we two. So, my name mentioned above is fake name.

I'm 26 yrs. My family includes myself, 2 Brothers & 2 Sister. I'm middle son of my parents. Sisters are younger than me. All got married other than me. When I was studying for pre-degree & Degree, I had got many chances to mingle with girls and I have even touched the secret parts of 2-3 girls.

I had a fascination in my aunty (uncle's wife). She has a sexy shape. Her boobs and buttocks are very big. Many time I have seen her in her nightie thro' which it is a very good view of her boobs. I have noticed many times her cleavage when she leans before me. I don't know whether she is intentionally showing to me or not. I was in a hope that one day I will feel her everything. I tried for it many times, but didn't get a chance touch her. I have masturbated thinking of her many times.

When I was studying for 2nd year degree my elder brother got married. My sister-in-law behaved very closely to all of us. I have never looked her with any bad intention. Now also we are close friends. After two years, my 2nd brother got married. His wife's name is Rajeena. We youngsters will call her "bhabi". We can't say that she is a beauty girl. But she is having a sexy face. As she is my brother's wife, I behaved to her same as my elder's brother's wife. As my brother is having only 2 month leave he left to dubai after his leave. After his return to Dubai, Bhabi behaved to me more closely. Some times she touched her boobs to my hand or back as accidentally.

As it is my brother's wife, I didn't mind it. I thought that she is dealing to me closely as my sister. Days passed. I noticed something wrong in her. She began to talk to me more frankly about everything. After one week she gone to her house to stay there. Day after next day night she called me and asked me why I'm not going there to see her. I replied that I shall come to her home after 2-3 days and said good night. But she didn't allow me to cut off the phone. She spoke to me for a long time. She enquired me whether I have any girl friends. I replied as no. She know very well that I will be having and I'm telling lie. Then she turned the subject to sex. I got interested. I forgot that I'm speaking to my brother's wife. Then the matter gone to her first night. She explained me everything. She told me that she want to see me. I asked her why, she replied "just to see".

I promised that I shall come there next day. Next day morning itself, I went to her house. When I reached her home, she was alone there. She welcomed me to the sitting room. We sat on sofa and began to chat. We continued the subject of yesterday. Her look was very sexy. My rod began to erect. I wished to hug and suck her boobs. But I was afraid what will be her reaction. If she is not interested, she may resist and after that I can never see her face. We continued our discussion about sex.

After some time, she went to kitchen, prepared coffee for me. When she gives me coffee cup, I slowly caressed her hands. She just smiled with a sexy look. I realized that she is ready for anything. When I stood up from sofa, I heard calling bell. Bhabi opened the door. It was her father & mother. They were coming back from one of their relatives house. It was a good chance to do anything. But gone in vain. After chatting with the parents for some time I left, hoping that I will get a chance soon. That day night Bhabi called me. I was expecting her call.

We started chatting as usual and came to the point. She straight away opened her mind. She told me that she wants me very badly. I also told her my intention. She promised me that she will call me when she is alone at home.

But next day morning I really shocked to hear the call of my brother from Dubai. He told me that he have sent Bhabi's visa to cochin. He instructed me to go to cochin next day morning itself and to arrange travel arrangements. As one of his friend is going back after leave on day after next day, my brother told me to arrange ticket for that day. I was very disappointed. What can we do. I gone to cochin next day morning. I prayed not get ticket confirmation for that day. If so, I will not get her. Unfortunately ticket was available and every thing got ready. I called Bhabi and informed that bad news. She was also very disappointed.

As flight is on next day early morning, we gone to sleep some early. I didn't get sleep thinking of her. It was around 1'o clock. I felt a soft touch on my face. It was Bhabi. She sat on my bed and hugged me for 2-3 minutes. I gave her deep kiss on her lips. She also responded on same manner. She promised me that when ever they are getting a chance she will give her all to me even after years. She then gone to her room. Next day morning she flied to Dubai.

After 2 months I got a surprising news that my brother have got for me as an accountant in Dubai. I was very happy to hear that, not only of getting a job, but also I can see my Bhabi. With in a week I flied to Dubai. My brother and Bhabi was there in Airport to receive me. I found the happiness in my Bhabi's eyes. We exchanged glances with our eyes.

Friday is our holiday in gulf. In all Fridays morning, I will go to my brother's house and after dinner only I will return to my accommodation. My Bhabi behaved very closely to me and she touched my body when ever she got chance. I also caressed her boobs and buttocks when nobody is near. She will also co-operate.

One day when I reached their house, my brother was about to go out for purchase. He told that Bhabi is taking bath. He told me to wait there and he left. After some time, Bhabi came out of bath room after bath. She was wearing a nightie only. I noticed that under her nightie she have not weared any thing. My rod began to arouse thinking of her naked body. I looked her body from hair to toe. She asked me whether I met my brother. I told her that he went for purchase. I didn't take my eyes from her. She asked me what I'm staring. I replied "nothing, just looking your shape".

With a sexy smile, she whispered "if you wants me why you are only looking. Come to me." I stood up and reached near her. I found love in her eyes. I hugged her and kissed on her face. She pushed me back and gone out. I thought that she not liked my behaviour. But she was going for getting sure that front door is locked. Then she came back and hugged me. I smooched her lips. We continued kissing for around 5 minutes. I put my tongue in to her mouth, she also done like that. I caressed her buttock with my both hands. It was very soft. I picked her in my hand and gone to her bedroom. I laid down her on bed.

Then I laid over her and began to kiss all over her. I pressed her boobs over her nightie. Then I slowly pulled up her nightie till her waist. Her thighs was milky and shining. My rod become more hard to see her thighs. I caressed both her thighs and kissed on thighs. She took my head from her thighs and lead to her pussy. Her pussy was clean shaved, so that I can see it clearly. I sucked her pussy. It was wet. Then I opened her pussy lips. I smooched her clitoris. Now she was going to heaven. She began to moan. Aaaaaa suck it, pleeease kuttaaaa. Don't stop aaa owwww. I then pulled up her nightie some more. I saw her erected nipples. It was brownish colour. I sucked it very passionately. That time my hand was not resting. I put my finger in her pussy. Pulled in and out. Her cunt juice came out thro' my finger. Now she reached in seventh heaven. While I was sucking her nipples, she caressed my rod on over my pant. She then rolled over me. Her head gone some down. She unzipped my pant. My rod jumped out side. It was trying to escape from inside. She whispered "wow, how beauty it is. Your brother's is very small than you". She caressed my rod slowly with her smooth hands. Then she kissed on the mushroom head of my rod. She sucked it slowly. Then she put my rod in her mouth inch by inch. Soon it fully become in her mouth. She began to move her head up and down. Same time she played with my balls. I got more pleasure that never got before. She also was enjoying. I was about to cum. I tried to take my rod from her mouth. But she didn't leave it. She whispered "give me your hot juice, I'm thirsty, give me, quick".

I pumped all my hot juice in her mouth. She swallowed it fully and sucked my rod upto last drop. We laid huggingly for about half an hour. She then told me "your juice is very tasty. My pussy also want it. Please get up and give your juice for my pussy also. I replied "no, no..that I will not do. It will become problem." She understood what I meant. She says "no problem kuttaaa... I have used copper-T.

So I will not get pregnant for minimum 3 years. Come on, hurry up". She stood up and removed her nightie fully through her head. Now she is fully naked. I was seeing a lady fully naked for first time. Then she started to remove my dress. She pulled down my pant. When it was about to remove we heard calling bell sound. We suddenly stood up and I put my pants back and went to check who is outside. When I came out of bed room, Bhabi closed the bed room door. I opened the front door.

My brother was standing in front of the door with some house holds in his hand. I maximum tried not to show any guilty in my face. I helped him to get in the house holds. He asked me "where is Bhabi". I replied "she is there in her bed room, may be sleeping". That time Bhabi came out of her room wearing churidaar as nothing happened. When my brother gone inside to change dress, Bhabi whispered in my ear "don't tell to your brother or any body any thing, we shall continue our game next week, I shall call you when your brother is not in station".
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