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My Aunty, Me And My Uncle

Hi friends. My story is a bit twisted. Let me introduce the characters, Me-a little fat boy(20 years) my mother-village and old fashioned type who still know nothing of sex other than something done by a husband resulting in a son. I am the only son. The incident so happened that like usual my mom used to play with me her silly village games like hide and seek, stone game etc. That day the game was hide and seek and I was tying her eyes when my leg unknowingly touched her ass. It felt very soft. Of course it was so from the begin but I had considered her only as my mom and I suppose I thought her as hard skin but this was soft than any one I had touched(that was all I had done with anyone )and so now I felt an evil in me develop. I was glad she couldn't see me at that time.

I told her lets play a new game. She asked me what it was, I replied that I had seen the nursery teachers playing a game by putting pieces of fruits in their mouths, but not allowing them to eat but only suck with their eyes tied and then they had to identify it. She agreed I stood in front of her and slowly unzipped my pants and began to rub my small man to and fro then told her to open her mouth wide open. She did so unsuspecting and I slowly inserted my man to her mouth and pushed slowly. Within secs of her hot lips touch, I grew I pushed slowly to and fro.

She unsuspectingly was blowing her own son. I slowly pulled the strings of her maxi and viewed her boobs; I could hold no longer and ejaculated in her mouth. Now the devil withdrawn I began to worry, as she jumped up but to my surprise instead of saying you bastard she said foul I stood wide mouthed. What I asked like a stupid. She said you told only fruits not liquids. Such was my mother she did not even recognize my penis (fortunate for me or I would've hit the streets) I was sure now she had not seen my fathers thing and she was been banged in the night with all possible light blocked. Am I to be blamed that I began to further plan to touch and feel her.

For days, I planned to get the perfect plan. I even searched the net stories for inspiration I wanted to get rough but I knew my mother was a fool but to virtuous, she might die or even tired before having sex with someone else other than her husband and never with her son. So I decided the one best worked –sympathy. I gathered all my courage watching the blue films. I was ready to make my thrill.

On a sexy day, I stayed home with an excuse of not well. Then went to the terrace and waited. As I saw mom near the stairs I moved and weep out loud. She came running I wore a loon key and misplaced it a little, so that she could see my underwear but she did not even look there but came fast to me asking what had happened. I told her it was cramp (dad was a gym worker before and he used to have a lot of cramps and mother used to massage it hard till the swelling goes) so she asked me where it was. I said I could not show it to her and to call dad (who was out for the day) I began to weep in pain Now she began to panic. She began to console me that it was all right for she was my mom.

Then at last, as if no choice I told her to bring some oil, which she brought in rec speed, Then I told her to take my underwear off and I looked aside. She must've thought it was of shy, but I did not want my mom to see my evil smiling face as she began to take off my underwear. My man at once jumped out as if summoned Though it was small it was thick. I told her to see my thing full of veins due to the pain. She originally felt sad and massaged it I said to move the bulge only two options remained one was to suck off the poison the other I would say if this failed. She hesitated and I repeated my agony weep. She bend down to suck while I watched her bottoms hoping to grab it fast. Then I told her to suck facing me. Now I watched her round breast protected by a piece of cloth. I knew if she sucked me for a while, I would ejaculate. So I stopped her saying it wasn't working.

My penis was now bigger than before as my mothers soft hot lips kissed the magic. She seemed worried. I told her that the second option was to place something heavy on it She looked around and found none I told her there wasn't time to fetch anything (fearing she might bring the grind stone) and we had to stop it soon since we have softened it and I told her the easy way-to sit on me This time she did not argue and as she placed her soft ass on me I led out a weep enough to be heard in Mumbai. She was startled I said I was allergic to nylon so she had to shift her dress a little, she slowly lifted her dress a little I soon unknowingly lay down and watched her panties she had worn a white one with colorful daisies. She sat on my man and I told her to rub it with her ass and she did so I felt her vagina on me I bit my lips I could hold no more it was time for count Dracula.

I told her to rise once more and sit slowly I watched her hole open from the see-thru material suddenly as she was on her hind legs I sat up and pulled off her panties, pushing her down. She fell with a bang Before she could realize what had happened I had entered her as her legs was spread-eagle on my shoulder the hole was open and I went in without a thrust. She began to realize it when my hand opened her dress and tore off her bra, grabbing her firm breast and began to suck. She began to push me but I held hard and I began to rub her hard and fuck her violently. She shout out loud saying I was her son and this was thettu (wrong), but I gave no ears and held her hard. I teased her nipples with my tongue and the pressure began to show. She was trying her best to avoid me and she succeeded in kicking me off. She began to run but I caught her and pulled her down.

Now her sweet bottoms faced me as she continued her struggle. I managed to push up her dress up revealing her kundi (bottoms) I opened her ass to view the asshole and pushed it deep. She gave a roar as it plunged in and I continued to rise and push me then turned her around and separating her thighs with great difficulty entered her pussy. Then suddenly a figure came up It was my uncle I saw he was followed by nine others. He was awed to see his sister and her son in such a format. I stood unknowingly what to do with my dick in my mother’s pussy Uncle came forward and my mother began to weep. I thought he was going to hit me; instead, he opened his pants and thrust his long john deep in her throat. My mom was surprised. By then all others rushed in and began to tear off her and their clothes.

Within secs, all were huge bulges. Uncle continued fucking her in her mouth while two of them grabbed her boobs each, two gave their throbs to her protesting hands, other two pressed their johns on her thighs, one went under to plunge to her bottoms, the remaining 2 did not know what to do but they did not want to be left behind. They sat near her feet and put their penis between her leg fingers and began to pump hard. So the one fuck changed to 11. My mom's surprise and resistance began to fade. No wonder because all her points were been rubbed and she had never felt such a feeling, though her mind said it was wrong she could not deny the pleasure she received from 11 people at the same time.

The two were rubbing, kissing, and licking her boobs while one plunged his finger to her anus and others all over her body she could do nothing but come all over her cunt. Then the two my mother was jacking and my uncle came all over her face. She licked my uncle dry. Then others came one by one and she sucked and swallowed all of them. Then it was my turn. She smiled and kissed me hard and said to fuck her first in her ass I was surprised but I gladly fucked her ass and pressed her breasts and nipples Then she told me to fuck her straight. Others while began to regain Uncle was first and he began to lick her ass then entered it Others again began to take positions. She shout out to us to explode at the same time and we did I exploded in her and I thought it would never end, Uncle in her ass others in her mouth, thigh, stomach, and breast. She was full of cum, but the party did not end. I don't know how much times we all exploded and fucked her changing places. So my first fuck changed our life. My mom thanked me a lot for showing her this world.

We all get together at times My mom has changed. She watches x films sitting on my lap and I fuck her ass. She doesn't ever say enough. Sometimes I wonder if I had done the right thing.
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