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My Amma's Coconuts Part 5

For some time she had kept making crying noises in her throat. But now she stopped. She was constantly gazing at me through a corner of her eye. Her cheeks were still tear-stained, but the tears were quickly drying. She had stopped struggling now. The two figures lying so lip-locked on the cot were not moving at all.

Finally, Vasu lifted his head, ending the long kiss.
He looked at her. She looked at him and for a brief moment their eyes were locked like their lips had been. Next, he started kissing her face again. One, two, three...the kisses fell. They did not stop but kept falling. She kept throwing her head gently to this side and that, gently moaning complainingly.
Oh, how he was kissing her face!

"Sar, enough..." she said after some time. "Hari might wake up any time."
But he would not stop. He planted a noisy kiss on her lips and whispered, "Let us do it very quietly."
"We will do it tomorrow...please..." she whispered to him, entreatingly, submissively, "after Hari has gone to school...I will come to your room."
"No," he breathed, "I want you now."
"Aiyo, sar..."

He went on kissing her, kissing her, kissing her...
He gathered her soft, fat lower lip between his teeth and pulled at it so hard that she shut her eyes tightly and moaned in pain. He caught hold of her shoulders and gently sucked her delicious, sexy lower lip for a some time. Then, he left her lips and slowly slid down a little so that his face was over her bosom.

"Aiyo!" she exclaimed and quickly crossed her arms over her over-sized boobs. He brushed away her arms impatiently and his eyes feasted on her big, round tits packed tightly in her dirty, white blouse. All that scuffle had made her sweat heavily. She was not wearing a bra under her blouse and she was not in the habit of wearing one. And since her blouse was totally wet because of her sweat, it had now become almost completely transparent and a lot of her skin could be seen through it. Her dark nipples were clearly visible even to me from where I lay. The nipples were erect and looked like they could pierce the thin material of her blouse. She tried to cover her tits once more but Vasu would not let her. She once again tried to tell him that it was enough for one night, but he had suddenly grown deaf. He gently poked his nose between her huge boobs. The neckline of her blouse was so low that it presented a generous view of the deep, dark cleavage between her huge tits.

"Aiyo! Sar...aiyo," she said and looked at him as he dug his nose deeper and deeper, as if to fathom the depth of her soft cleavage. His palms cupped her lofty boobs from either sides and fondled them lovingly. His thumbs circled her jutting nipples.

"Aiyo, sar...," she exclaimed. She looked in my direction a couple of times. Clearly, she was perturbed at the thought of her son waking up suddenly and seeing them in this position. I longed to assure her that her son was not going to wake up tonight. I watched as she tried in vain to remove his hands from her tits, as she tried in vain to push him off her body. The old man was in a world of his own. Oh my god! Almost all of his face had now disappeared between her enormous boobs and it looked like her blouse would tear.

But moment later, Vasu resurfaced, his face red. He looked at the two tits in wonder again and kissed them lovingly.
Next, his hands began to fumble with the hooks of her blouse.
My mother quickly caught hold of his hands and gently shook her head from side to side, looking at him beseechingly.
"Please," he said.

Still shaking her head, she said, "No, sar...please...let us do it later..."
"Just let me open your blouse," he begged, "and then I will go."
"Sar...Hari...Sar, let us go into the kitchen."
Vasu brushed away her hands very impatiently and undid the first hook.

My mother understood that it was futile to stop Vasu. And now she watched as he kept on undoing one hook after the other. Her blouse was very tight and her huge tits seemed only too eager to get out. The thin material of her blouse was straining as each hook was undone. When there were a couple of more hooks left Vasu paused to run his palms in wide circles over the exposed portions of her huge boobs. Then he undid one more hook. He looked into her eyes. She too looked at him. And at that time something like a cloud seemed to come over her eyes. They became so dark, as if she had just applied kanmashi on them.
He looked at her. Her enormous tits were almost free now; just one hook was holding everything together. Her nipples were still hidden. The exposed portion of her grand tits were sticking out of the now ridiculously low neckline of her blouse like about-to-burst balloons. He leaned over her and dug his teeth on those balloons.

"Aiyo...sar..." she said, gently stroking her fingers where he bit her.
He now decided to undo the last hook.
But the last hook seemed to be stuck. The old man's fingers fumbled with it for a while. Then he looked at her. She glanced in my direction furtively. Then she gently brought her hands up and, lifting her head to have a closer look, she undid the last hook.

Oh me god! Oh my god! My mother's huge, round tits! Bare!
They were bigger than I had ever imagined. Vasu cradled them lovingly between his palms, as if they were some fat newborns. Her two coconuts seemed to be greatly relieved to be out of that tight blouse. As he looked at them, at their sheer bulk, the old man's eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets. He was finding it hard to believe that he was actually holding her lovely tits in his hands, and they were bare, and he could do whatever he wanted to with them. He was looking at them in total disbelief. His mouth was slightly open as he looked. I saw him gulp a couple of times.
"Aiyo, sar..." said my mother. She covered her eyes with a corner of her sari.

Because of their enormous size and their weight, her surprisingly firm tits were tilted to the sides so that a lot of their bulk rested upon her upper arms. Her nipples made slanting angles to her torso. Still, even in a reclining position, her massive tits were somewhat retaining their rotundity and firmness. The old man gathered her heavy tits together between his palms so that their tops rose up and the nipples pointed straight up. He was still pop-eyed. He was finding it hard to believe that he was actually holding her tits. He just kept looking at them in sheer disbelief. After a while he lowered his head and placed a kiss on each nipple. My mother peeped at him from under her sari. Next he started licking her nipples and they soon became so hard and erect that they tickled his tongue. I was myself taken aback when I saw how tall her nipples had become as he licked her.
He took one standing nipple between his teeth and threw back his head, lifting the nipple and a portion of the boob with it up. He did not let go until she had cried out in pain.

"Aiyo...sar..." she said, "what are you doing...?"
The old man now ran a trembling palm all over one tit, as if to get an idea about its actual size, squeezing it a couple of times. He caught her nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pinched it hard. He tugged at her nipple, so hard that she had to catch hold of his arm.
"Sar..." she begged.

He smiled at her. He could not stop now. He had just started to have fun. He grabbed her well-rounded boobs in his large palms and started squeezing them. She lay still with her face turned towards the window. Occasionally an "Aiyo" would escape her lips when he squeezed roughly. He kept on exerting more and more pressure, kneading her tits like dough. He had lusted for her tits for a long time and now he wanted to play with them to his heart's content. And he played with them like a possessed man. Kneading them, pinching them, biting them, even slapping them. She kept on begging him to stop. But he paid no heed to her.
He now once again cradled her hulking, well-rounded boobs between his palms and started shaking them from side to side gently. It was a wonder to see something so big shaking. No, they were not shaking.

They were just wobbling from side to side. Her two tits were sandwiched so tightly between his palms that they were raised up, their crowns - the nipples - touching an unbelievable height. And the way he was holding and shaking them, it almost looked as if he was doing a balancing act in a circus. As he shook them, he watched her nipples draw circles in the air. He gently brought his head down and greedily caught one nipple between his lips. He started sucking the nipple. And she moaned, a sexy moan. He sucked hard, taking control of both her nipples, sucking them in turns, making her moan more and more.
In between, he placed his face between her boobs and shook them, so that they slapped against his chin. He dug his teeth into her boob and bit her hard.

Then, he continued sucking her rigid nipples, continuously moving from nipple to nipple as he sucked. And how she was moaning! I noticed that she would gather a portion of her fat lower lip between her teeth and push it out gently as she moaned. Vasu was having a good time. He had dreamt of this moment so many times.
"Look, how they are shaking," he said to her as he shook her tits. She uncovered her eyes briefly to gaze at them.
"Aiyo, sar, what are you doing...?" she whispered in an embarrassment-filled voice.

Pressing her tits together, Vasu brought her nipples so close to each other that they touched. Holding them thus, he sucked both her nipples together for a while. This was a sight to see. She peeped at him from under her sari. Next, he once again started kneading her huge tits, using all the strength that he had in his fingers.
"Aiyo, sar...melle..melle," she breathed. "Slowly, sar...slowly."

He did not care if he was hurting her. He kept on squeezing her abundant boobs, as if wanted to make them rounder and softer.
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